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Does Goodwill Take Printers – Complete Guide

Looking to upgrade and get one of those versatile all-in-one printers for your office? That’s great but you’ll still have to figure out what will happen to the old printer.

Surely, you’re aware of the damaging effects electronic waste has on the environment when thrown into landfills. This means it is vital to consider other desirable options like donating.

But does Goodwill take printers? Donations made to non-profit organizations help communities and individuals live a better life in one way or the other.

Therefore, it will do some good and you’ll have spared the environment from toxic waste potentially contaminating the soil, water and even the air. This guide will uncover whether Goodwill accepts printers and other places to donate.

Can you donate printers to Goodwill?

Even when you have a good enough printer that works pretty well, you may wish to replace it with a better and more functional model. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. However, a new printer means the older one might not have much use to you. This is where donating comes into play.

Goodwill is one of the well-known charity organizations that has been helping thousands of people in need. It’s also where you might want to donate your printer.

This begs the question’ does Goodwill take printers? If you’ve made the habit of donating some of your unwanted items to charity, you definitely know some items are not accepted. It’s up to you to identify the items that are welcome at these organizations and those that are not.

Well lucky for you, Goodwill actually accepts printers. You can take your old printer to one of the many Goodwill stores located in different parts of the country. Instead of it being thrown into a landfill, your printer will find a new home with someone who needs it the most.

Printers Goodwill May Accept Printers Goodwill May Not Accept
Inkjet printers Broken or non-functional printers
Laser printers Outdated printers
All-in-one printers Printers missing essential parts
Photo printers Large or heavy printers
Portable printers
Thermal printers
Large format printers

Other places to donate your used printer

A printer is one of the most useful tools in any office. In fact, you may discover that in a typical office its used on a daily basis to produce hundreds of documents.

If you no longer need your old printer, there’s a great chance someone else somewhere will appreciate its functionality. Many of the charity organizations will without a doubt welcome your old printer. Soon enough it should land in the hands of a new owner. Below are a few of the organizations that take used printers.

The Salvation Army

With roots going as far as 1865, the Salvation Army prides itself on its work in feeding and housing the poor. It’s a non-profit organization that’s renowned in the United States and other parts of the world. As a way to support their causes, Salvation Army does take donations.

These include a range of items like clothes, furniture and so on. Aside from that, they also accept printers that are still working. Walk into a Salvation army thrift store and leave your donation whenever possible.

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is an organization that’s focused on helping youths in developing countries to get access to digital services. They ship different types of equipment to computer labs built in participating developing countries.

If your old printer is still working well and you’ve got it replaced with a new one, this may be the perfect opportunity to donate to WCE. There are drop off locations in a couple of the major cities in the United States including but not limited to Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Boston, and Silicon Valley.

eBay Giving Works

Besides its reputation as an online auction giant, eBay is also very much involved in refurbishing, selling and recycling old or unwanted electronic devices.

All kinds of electronic gadgets are accepted apart from only a few. They’ll have no problem taking your used printer. Just make sure you find an eBay store nearby and drop off the device. It will be sold, and a percentage of the proceeds sent to a charity organization of your choice. In that case, you’ll have done your part in saving the planet and helping the needy in society.


This is a foundation centered on recycling and refurbishing electronics through various companies across the globe. E-Stewards is partnered with certified companies that effectively recycle and refurbish many types of electronics including unwanted printers. If you’re done with your old printer, this would be the perfect place for it. Go to the e-stewards website to identify the drop off locations near you.


When your printer is extremely old and broken down, recycling it would be the right alternative. Staples, a popular office supply chain, has been recycling all sorts of hardware including printers for some time now. It doesn’t matter where you bought the printer or its brand. They will accept the device and recycle it for free.

The best part is that Staples uses the services of certified recyclers. So, you can rest easy with the knowledge that it will be handled in a proper and environmentally friendly way. Call ahead and request a shipping box for the printer. They also offer pick-up services for people with lots of gadgets to recycle.

Final Thoughts

Altruistic people will think of donating their unwanted items and letting others that are in need have something they can use. Goodwill is just one among the many organizations that accept printers as part of their donation programs.

In return, the device has a new lease on life and its kept out of the landfills where it would potentially cause pollution. If the printer has already reached the end of its usefulness, you’ll absolutely come across several electronic-waste recycling programs accessible in your locality.


What items does Goodwill accept in Florida?

Goodwill Florida accepts furniture in good condition, toys, books, clothing, shoes, printers and so much more.

Is everything used in Goodwill?

The majority of the items in Goodwill are gently used. That said, they don’t take worn-out, torn, damaged or dirty items.


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