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Does Goodwill Take Pillows – Donation Guide 2024

Pillows are an essential item for any bedroom. They provide comfort to the owners and help maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The problem is that pillows, as well as other items, are often thrown away. This is a huge waste of resources and causes pollution. But does Goodwill take pillows?

When you have so many that you’re not using anymore, donating them might come to mind. The problem is not knowing where to donate them or whether they’ll be accepted at all. Read on for more on this!

Can you donate pillows to Goodwill?

For the purposes of saving up on space in our homes, people try to minimize the items that they own. They also try to donate or sell the items that they no longer need to keep a minimal amount of clutter in their homes, which is a good idea.

If you’ve got lots of extra pillows that you wish to get rid of, you may wonder whether Goodwill actually takes pillows. Well, Goodwill accepts strictly decorative and throw pillows only. Pillows used for may be rejected or disposed of.

Type of Pillow Accepted by Goodwill New or Used
Feather Pillows Yes Used or New
Down Pillows Yes Used or New
Memory Foam Pillows Yes Used or New
Latex Pillows Yes Used or New
Polyester Pillows Yes Used or New
Bolster Pillows Yes Used or New
Wedge Pillows Yes Used or New

Even so, there are recommendations put in place regarding the donations. For instance, your donated items should be stain free and clean. Also, the pillows should be in good condition with no signs of wear and tear. This is because they have the responsibility to care for donations and ensure that they get put to good use.

That’s why broken or soiled pillows may not be accepted because of their condition and appearance. No one will want to buy a pillow that smells bad, is stained or has broken zippers. Naturally, Goodwill doesn’t want to waste your pillows because they can’t sell them.

Sleeping pillows are unacceptable donation because they’re more likely to harbor health risks. For example, these might have bed bug infestations which can be transferred to the person sleeping on it. This is why Goodwill doesn’t accept sleeping pillows because they’re more likely to have germs and bacteria that can spread across the household.

What to do with unwanted pillows

While decorative pillows are accepted at most Goodwill locations, sleeping pillows are not. If you can’t donate them to Goodwill, there are other options available. Let’s figure out what to do with your unwanted pillows.

Donate to animal shelters

If you have a pet, you may have more than the recommended amount of pillows in your home. If that’s the case, then consider donating the extra ones to local shelters. There are several pet shelters that accept donations from animal lovers who wish to help out with funding for animals in need.

These pillows may come in handy as pet beds and help abandoned or abused animals feel at home and less stressed in their environment. Donate to animal shelters and help your furry friends!

Sell them on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to sell your unwanted items. From books to furniture, anything can be sold on this website. You just need to post an advertisement with a picture so that interested buyers can contact you. To keep things simpler, you could also decide on a set price or negotiate the price when they see the item themselves. Just make sure you set the price correctly so that you get the amount you want.

Donate to a homeless shelter

There are many people who don’t have homes and might benefit from having a comfortable place to sleep. Homeless shelters provide a place where these people can stay and get basic necessities to maintain their lives.

If you have some extra pillows, then you can donate them and help those who have nothing in the world. Contact your local homeless shelter to learn more about the items they accept. Most homeless shelters take donations, so it’s best to call the agencies you can find for the addresses and contact information for those places.

American Textile Recycling Service

Recycling is a great way to eliminate waste without having to make extreme changes. If you’re wondering what to do with unwanted pillows, consider recycling them through the textile recycling program offered by American Textile Recycling Service.

This is an organization that collects and recycles used clothing items and textiles. This can be a good option if you’ve got a lot of pillows that you wish to get rid of but don’t want to donate them because they might be too dirty or in poor condition.


TerraCycle is another organization that collects used goods and recycles them. The items that they collect are then sent to facilities to be recycled as new products.

If you’re wondering what to do with unwanted pillows, TerraCycle might be the right option for you. Your old pillows will be reused and turned into other useful goods that are needed.

Final Thoughts

Goodwill takes only decorative pillows and throws away sleeping pillows. However, there are other options you can try out.

You can donate these pillows to animal shelters, sell them on Craigslist or even recycle them by either calling American Textile Recycling Service or TerraCycle.


What items does Goodwill not accept?

Goodwill does not accept food and beverages, sleeping pillows, hazardous material, fireworks, firearms, and auto parts among others.

What are the hours of operation for Goodwill?

Goodwill generally opens its doors and is available to the public at 10 am Monday through Saturday. Some stores stay open until 8 pm while others close up around 6-7 pm. Some shops might have irregular hours of operation, so it would be best to check out their website for details about your area before visiting.


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