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Does Salvation Army Deliver Furniture – Reusing Smartly

The Salvation Army is a charity organization and thrift store with the goal of providing relief to those who have fallen into financial hardships. But you don’t have to be struggling to enjoy what the Salvation Army offers to the public.

Does Salvation Army deliver furniture

For example, maybe you need a new sofa for a party or an extra table for an event then you can find a piece of furniture for cheap for temporary use.

But, does Salvation Army deliver furniture? This is one of the most common questions customers ask when they have a question that they need answered, and the short answer is no.

Furniture can be bulky and heavy. In most instances, you can’t just put it in your car and drive it somewhere. You will need to find a truck or van to be able to transport the furniture items. On that note, let’s answer the question…

Does Salvation Army deliver furniture?

Unfortunately, Salvation Army does not deliver items. While they do have a pickup service in place, there isn’t a delivery service available for furniture items.

In that case, customers have to pick up the items themselves. You can refer to their website to find the closest location near you. If you cannot go out and pick up the item yourself, then consider organising a friend or family member to help you pick it up for you.

Alternatively, find a delivery service if you need to move any furniture to you’re home then hire someone with a van or truck.

Finding commercial moving companies that provide delivery services via the internet or by calling around locally.

Pro tip: Make sure that you ask whether they charge by weight or by item number as well as how much they charge per mile away from their store.

What is the Salvation Army furniture collection made of?

Some of these furniture items include couches, dining tables, cabinets, chairs, desks and more and the majority of the time the furniture has ben used and on some rare occasions you can find amazing like-new pieces for really cheap.

They typically don’t sell broken or damaged items however you could find a few things that may slip through the cracks like chairs or dining tables.  But rest assured that all their furniture is in good condition to be sold and this is all made possible with their trained intake team who vets the donations.

The Salvo staff never take any rubbish items and in some places, they have introduced harsh penalties to people who donate broken items for the sake of removing their trash.

What is the best day to shop at Salvation Army?

Typically, there is an influx of items at thrift stores on weekends. Most people drop of their donations on the weekend. That is why you will find a wide range of items on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Its a no-brainer for thrifters and flippers, people who sell good items they find in the salvation army to find the best items available before others can find it. So if you don’t want to be caught out missing out on the great deals and bargains then you should schedule a visit on a weekend when the new donation drops occur.

What we love about shopping at the salvation army is the kind people working there, you don’t have to go down prepared with your own delivery guy in tow and feel pressured, you just pay for the item on the spot and ask the staff that you will organise a pick up for another day and they are usually very understanding about this.

Final Thoughts

Salvation Army has served thousands of people over the years for being a cheap way to shop for high-quality furniture items, that’s if you know how the system works. However, due to the fact that they don’t offer a delivery service, you will need to pick up the items yourself or hire a delivery service to do it for you.

If you are in need of furniture items and don’t have the time or means to pick them up yourself, consider hiring a professional company that provides furniture delivery services. They will bring your furniture item right up to your front door so you can start using it right away.


Does Salvation Army sell sofas?

Yes, Salvation Army does sell sofas. You can purchase a sofa from them if you wish to. You will be able to find the sofas in their furniture section.

Does Salvation Army deliver furniture?

They don’t offer a delivery service for furniture items however if you can find someone with a fan or utility vehicle then you can negotiate a price and organise delivery. If you are on a budget then we wouldn’t typically recommend these commercial moving companies or hiring out a van.

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