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Can You Donate Bras to Salvation Army

The truth is you probably have a bunch of bras that you don’t need anymore. Perhaps you’ve had a baby and are now in need of nursing bras, or maybe you’ve lost weight and don’t need your big girl bras anymore. In that case, can you donate bras to Salvation Army?

Donating items we don’t use anymore is a great way to help out the less fortunate and make room in our own homes. But what if the only thing that’s keeping you from donating those bras is not knowing if they’ll be accepted? The answer may surprise you.

Does Salvation Army take bras?

Salvation Army has been helping displaced people, the hungry, and others in need for more than a century. Its most visible efforts may be those of volunteer bell ringers in red kettles around the holidays, but it has many other efforts and programs for those who need assistance.

According to its website, the organization’s goals include helping people become self-sufficient, supporting disaster victims, and providing aid to the hungry and homeless in times of crisis. One thing Salvation Army does not do?

Stop accepting bras as donations. As a result, you can donate bras to Salvation Army.

Accepted Not Accepted
New or gently used bras (all sizes and styles) Worn or damaged bras
Sports bras Bras with underwire missing or broken
Maternity bras Bras without straps or hooks
Nursing bras Bras with strong odors (e.g. smoke or mildew)

Many organizations with thrift stores accept bras donations because of the value they have for those in need. Bras are expensive, and people have a lot of different bra sizes. Some women can’t afford new bras. When you donate bras to a thrift store, you are helping people who need them.

Your old bras still have a lot of life left in them. With proper care, they’ll last many more years. As long as the bras are clean, don’t have rips or holes and are in good condition, they will be accepted. That said, be sure to call ahead to your local Salvation Army thrift store to ask them directly if they will accept your donation.

Where else can you donate used bras?

Salvation Army isn’t the only place to donate used bras. There are a variety of organizations that accept women’s clothing donations.

They usually have a thrift store or other type of donation centre where the clothes will be cleaned and sold to benefit the organization. Let’s take a look at a few options for donating bras.

Local Women’s shelters

Many women end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. Some are sex trafficking survivors, battered women, or those who have left abusive homes. In addition to offering a safe place to stay, some shelters also offer women’s clothing and other necessities to help their residents get back on their feet.

Women’s shelters take in tons of donations throughout the year, including bras. If you’re looking for an organization that can put your donation to good use, this is a great option. Donate your gently used bras to a women’s shelter nearby.


Goodwill is a very well-known thrift store charity, but very few people know you can donate bras to the organization. Like other organizations, Goodwill accepts bras and other clothing donations, which are then cleaned, sorted, priced and sold to benefit the organization.

If you have used bras that still have a lot of life left in them, consider donating them. You’ll be helping others get the most out of your donation.

I Support the Girls

Aside from distributing hygiene products like tampons and pads to disadvantaged women, I Support the Girls also accepts bra donations. The group focuses on homeless, underserved, and abused women, as well as teenage girls. This means your donated bras could be going directly to them.

These are essential items that almost every woman needs, and your donation may save someone’s life. In a way, you’ll be restoring the dignity of someone that has been victimized by abuse or found themselves in precarious situations.

The Bra Recyclers

The Bra Recyclers can take your used bras and turn them into something useful, like mats for pet beds or other projects. The company also gives 10% of its revenue to breast cancer research organizations and schools, which is a great way to give back.

Gently used bras are welcome and distributed to women who are victims of sexual violence, domestic violence and even those undergoing breast cancer treatments. In that case, you’ll be helping women get through difficult situations by donating your bras.

Free the Girls

Free The Girls is another organization that takes bras in exchange for their innovative crafts. The bras are sent to underprivileged women and girls in the US, as well as overseas, who are also victims of sexual violence.

Not only will your donated bras help some underprivileged women get through a difficult situation, but they’ll also support a charity that does great work. Some of the donated bras are used to help women in the program start second-hand businesses, and support them as they go after their dreams. The program has helped get more than 500 women off the street and into self-sufficient lives.

Final Thoughts

Salvation Army and other organizations are happy to take you gently used bras off your hands, especially since they have so many uses. If you’re looking for a good cause to support, consider donating your bras. They’ll make great donations that have even more value than you think.

There is a woman out there that may need your bra this minute. Who knows how many lives your donation will change? Keep your old bras looking beautiful, and give them to an organization that will use them to bless others.


What clothes shouldn’t you donate?

Salvation Army accepts a variety of clothes donations, but there are some items that they don’t take. They don’t take clothing they can’t resell or that’s damaged or dirty. Only gently used or new bras are accepted.

Where can I donate used bras?

Salvation Army accepts bras and other clothing donations at many of their retail thrift stores, as well as their donation centres. Not only do they accept bras, but they also accept bras that have been worn a few times. These shouldn’t be torn, worn out or stained in any way. You can also donate bras to other organizations that accept gently used clothing for women.


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