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Does Salvation Army take TVs – Updated Guide 2024

If you have some old electronics, you may wonder ‘does Salvation Army take TVs?’ The Salvation Army is a Christian non-profit ministry in the United States that is the largest non-governmental social services provider in the country, with more than two million volunteers and 13 cents from every donated dollar being put to work in service to those who are suffering from poverty.

The organization is also one of the oldest and largest charities in America. Salvation Army does accept donations of electronics, but there are certain rules that you have to follow to donate your TV.

Can you donate TVs to Salvation Army?

Nowadays, it’s common to replace old TVs with new ones. Sometimes you just want the latest set with some of the best features and you may have your old one sitting in the attic or the basement. If you want to donate your TV, you just need to know whether Salvation Army takes TVs.

The answer is yes, they will take it. If you want to donate your TV to a good cause, then make sure it is working and in decent condition. When it’s broken or missing parts, don’t expect Salvation Army to accept it.

Additionally, only flat-screen TVs are accepted. It should also not have been in use for more than five years. Remember, these items are mostly sold at the thrift store as a way to raise funds for the non-profit organization. To make sure that your TV will be accepted by Salvation Army, you may contact a local branch and ask the staff. They’ll elaborate more on the specifics.

Here is the list of TV’s they typically accept and do not accept:

Accepted Not Accepted
Flat screen TVs (LED, LCD, Plasma) Tube/CRT TVs
Smart TVs Projection TVs
4K/Ultra HD TVs Broken or damaged TVs
OLED TVs Non-working TVs

Even though they will accept your TV, there are some instances where they do not take it. One would be if you have a TV that has mould or mildew. Additionally, if you have televisions that are extremely large such as a projection type of television, Salvation Army will not take them. Large televisions are quite bulky to move.

Where else can you donate TVs?

Other charities will take your TV, so don’t worry about it. We are going to give you options on where to donate your TV.


Goodwill is another popular charity that can help you with your problems by donating your TV. The organization was established by Thomas Paine in the year 1902 and is now operating in all states of the US. If you have a TV that you want to donate to Goodwill, then you can bring it down to the store.

There are more than 1,000 stores across the country, so finding one should not be a problem for most people. They will sell it at an affordable price in their thrift stores and use the proceeds to support their charitable services.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that also accepts donations of electronic items. As the name suggests, Habitat for Humanity focuses on building houses for those who need them. They have built more than 100,000 houses in three decades since they were established. They accept almost anything including working TV sets.

In addition to new TVs and those that are still in good condition, they also accept flat-screen TVs that are no longer being used by the owners.


Craigslist is a popular online classified site where sellers and buyers of goods can connect. One of the things that you can sell on Craigslist is your old TV. You can post an advertisement on the website and have people contact you about buying it. However, if it’s broken or looks like it’s not working, does not expect to get much for it.

The good news is that you will get cash for your old electronics, so there’s no need to feel sad because you’re giving away your TV set.

Best Buy

The Best Buy recycling program is a convenient place to donate any electronics that you no longer need. E-waste is a big problem in the United States and the world at large. When people turn in their old electronics to Best Buy, they are mostly recycled or refurbished.

Recycling electronics is better for the environment. You will be saving the planet from harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to humans and wildlife. There are many ways that you can recycle your electronics, but Best Buy’s program is perhaps one of the best.

Local hospital

If you’re in the mood to help out a local hospital, why not bring them your old TV? Some hospitals are short on cash and may need a working TV. While it won’t do other things like give much-needed medical care, it can provide comfort to patients who want to watch the news or the weather.

If you have an old TV sitting around and don’t want it anymore, then donate it to someone who can put it to good use. The hospital can also use it as part of its displays.

Homeless shelter

If you want to help out in a way that is more personal and closer to home, you can always donate your old TV to a homeless shelter.

You will be helping out the needy who are suffering from poverty and homelessness by donating your TV. It will come in handy as a form of entertainment and for watching the news.

Final Thoughts

Donating your old TV to a local charity can help out those in need. Salvation Army and other organizations will use the proceeds to help the poor and those in need. You can help out people who are less fortunate than you. Electronic items are the best kind of donations because they can be recycled or refurbished to save the environment.

You can also sell your old TV and make some money for cash. Remember, donating things is a way to give back to the community and others around you.


Where can I donate my old TV?

Most people look for second-hand stores, thrift stores, or yard sales to donate their TVs. However, donating your old TV to Salvation Army is the best choice.

Why can’t I donate my old TV?

Most electronic items are not accepted by local charities. If the charity cannot accept your old TV because it’s broken or in bad shape, then you’re better off recycling it.


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