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Does Salvation Army Take Stuffed Animals – New Guide

In every childhood, there is a most cherished toy. Whether it is a plushie, a doll, or something else entirely, every kid has that favourite toy. It’s something you can’t bear to part with, no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in.

That said, kids don’t need that many toys and may have to part with some of their favourites because they have outgrown them or grown tired of them. Is it true that Salvation Army takes stuffed animals? It is a valid question that needs answers. We have your definitive guide to Salvation Army donations right here.

Can you donate stuffed animals to Salvation Army?

For years, Salvation Army has been accepting donations of all sorts, from clothing and picking up furniture as well as toys and books. That said, it may surprise some people to learn that you can donate stuffed animals to the Salvation Army.

Well, it’s true. Salvation Army accepts stuffed animals including teddy bears, dolls, puppets, and other soft toys. These are often given to children or taken to Salvation Army thrift stores to be sold in their retail operations.

You should know, though, that you can only donate your stuffed animals if they are in good or at least fair condition. If they are too damaged to be sold in Salvation Army thrift shops, you will have to throw them away or recycle them.

Here are the types of Stuffed toys that Salvation Army accepts and doesn’t accept:

Accepted Stuffed Toys Not Accepted Stuffed Toys
Soft and cuddly teddy bears Stuffed toys with tears, holes, or missing parts
Plush animals Stuffed toys with heavy stains or odors
Stuffed dolls Electronic stuffed toys
Stuffed characters from popular children’s movies and TV shows Stuffed toys made with materials that are potentially hazardous to children
Stuffed toys in good condition Stuffed toys with small, loose parts that could be a choking hazard
Stuffed toys of different sizes and shapes Stuffed toys that are extremely dirty or heavily soiled

Additionally, the items shouldn’t pose a health hazard to Salvation Army employees or charity workers.

There is no harm in calling, even if you are not sure if your donation is accepted. Whether it is a small toy or a large one, there may be someone who is looking for it. You can always call and ask if your donation of the stuffed animal toy would be helpful to the Salvation Army.

Donating stuffed toys is a wonderful gesture, and it’s a way to make sure that the beloved toy doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Where else can you donate stuffed animals?

If you have some stuffed animals, there are places where you can donate them to make sure that they go to good homes. If your child is no longer interested in playing with the stuffed animals you have, you should consider donating them to a charity.

Many organizations accept donated toys to use in their various programs. Below are a few charitable organizations that welcome donations of stuffed animals and other toys.

Children’s homes

If your child is ready to stop playing with stuffed animals, you should consider donating them to a children’s home. There are many children’s homes that benefit from donations of stuffed animals. The toys provide a sense of comfort and safety for the children.

The kids can use the toys in their play, whether they are games or activities, and will have lots of fun doing so. Such a selfless gesture may be just the thing you need to do to start the New Year off on a good note.

These toys will bring some joy and happiness into the life of another child.


Many parents leave their young children in daycare centres. The kids spend a lot of their time in these institutions, which means that they can go through a lot of toys. They need toys to play with and to use for their activities.

You should think about donating some toys to daycares. The toys will be a treat for the children there and will help them have fun. They will be able to play with the animals and imagine their adventures without feeling lonely or scared.

Local shelters

Local shelters are always in need of donations, especially during the holidays. You can help by donating stuffed animals to local shelters. They will be a pleasant surprise for the kids who are staying at these shelters, and it will give them something to play with.

It will help them forget about their worries and fears as well as provide an escape from their boring lives. Donating toys to charities is a wonderful thing to do because it helps others in need.

Children’s hospitals

It heart-wrenching to know that there are kids who are sick or in need of medical attention. Many children have to undergo long, painful procedures and operations. This can be a stressful time for the kids, especially if they do not receive enough love and care from their parents.

That is why you should donate toys to hospitals for children so that they can forget about their troubles for a while and be happy again. They will be delighted to get a gift from you, and you will be happy to bring some joy into their lives.

Social services

Social services agencies such as social workers and foster care programs need toys for kids who are staying with them. These children have difficult lives, and they do not receive much love or attention overall. You can ease the pain by donating stuffed animals and other toys to them.

This will help them have fun and make the most of the little time they spend at home. Sometimes, that is all they need.

Final Thoughts

If you have stuffed animals you don’t need anymore, Salvation Army will accept them as donations. You should not just put your old stuffed animals in the closet to collect dust or toss them in the trash because there are better things you can do with them.

Donating stuffed toys is a great way to help others and make the world a better place. It’s also a great feeling to know that your old toys are being liked by children who want them but cannot afford them.


Where can I donate stuffed animals in my area?

There are many places where you can donate stuffed animals. You can call Salvation Army and ask if they are accepting donations, or you can go online and search through their website.

The website is filled with information on when they are accepting donations and the services they provide. Children’s hospitals, daycare centres and even local shelters are a few of the places where you can donate your stuffed animals too.

Does Salvation Army accept used stuffed animals?

Salvation Army does accept gently used or new stuffed animals, but they do not allow any toys that are defective or broken in any way.


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