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Does Goodwill Take Throw Pillows – Updated

Does Goodwill by any chance take throw pillows? This may be the question on your mind when you’ve got lots of pillows you’re no longer using or need. Without a doubt, pillows are essential in every household because they’re a source of comfort and help us sleep better. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy sleep cycle when you’re not laying your head on a good pillow.

That’s why you’ll often find people with dozens of throw pillows that they don’t use anymore. In due time all these items become a hindrance and just take up valuable space in the storage.

Throwing them away would be a huge waste. Donating them, on the other hand, seems like a remarkable alternative. The issue remains not having a proper idea of what’s accepted and what’s not. Stay put to learn more!

Can you donate throw pillows to Goodwill?

For many people, a cluttered home is not attractive or even tranquil. When you spend so much time in your house, it’s only fair that you make it a haven for you and your loved ones. This is the reason why you’ll see owners trying to minimize the items in their homes and possibly save up on some space. So where do the unwanted things go?

Well, you can donate them. This is a good idea not only because of the positive impact it will have on the environment but also in minimizing the amount of clutter.

Goodwill like most non-profit organizations has strict regulations in terms of what they take and don’t take. Goodwill accepts only decorative pillows and throw pillows. Therefore, they will most likely welcome all those extra throw pillows you’ve got lying around in storage. Sleeping pillows aren’t accepted because they tend to harbor bed bugs and would be a health risk as a result.

The donated throw pillows shouldn’t have any stains. Its also recommended that you clean the items first before taking them to a Goodwill drop-off location. Pillows with signs of wear and tear would be disposed of.

In that case, ensure your donation is at least in good condition so that it’s put to use.

Throw Pillows Goodwill May Accept Throw Pillows Goodwill May Not Accept
Clean, gently-used throw pillows with no stains or tears Throw pillows that are heavily stained or torn
Pillows with removable, washable covers Pillows with non-removable or non-washable covers
Pillows that are in good condition and free of odors Pillows that have a strong smell or are moldy/mildewed
Decorative throw pillows in good condition Throw pillows that are outdated or in poor condition

Other places you can donate pillows

Decorative and throw pillows are widely accepted at Goodwill locations. Sleeping pillows, on the other hand, are not. If you have an assortment of pillows that you wish to donate, we’ve listed several other options. Let’s see where else you can donate unwanted pillows.

Animal Shelters

As an animal lover, you’re obviously aware that pillows are quite essential when it comes to the comfort of our furry friends. Many of abandoned or abused pets are often sent to animal shelters. Here the animals are nursed back to health and taken care of before they eventually end up in a loving home. Your unwanted pillows would be of great help to these animal shelters.

They accept many kinds of donations including throw pillows and sleeping pillows. The items will then be used as pet beds and to create a comfy and less stressed surrounding for the animals. Find a local shelter and inquire whether they’re in need of some pillows.

Homeless shelters

Times are tough and as a result, so many people can’t afford to live comfortably. Possibly thousands of people are sleeping hungry and don’t even have a place to call home. Homeless shelters were built with the intention of helping such people. They offer a comfortable place to sleep and some of the necessities needed to live a somewhat normal life.

If you’ve got several pillows at home that nobody uses, donate them to the local homeless shelter and let someone struggling to make ends meet have proper sleep or even just comfort. Take the time to call the homeless shelters in your locality and find out what’s accepted.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a well-known charity organization that has been around for as long as we can remember. The organization helps people in need through various works. For instance, they have homeless shelters and also provide rehabilitation care for alcohol and drug addicts.

Similar to the other charities, Salvation Army accepts donations of many items, and some are sold at thrift stores to raise funds. They will likely take your throw pillows if the items are in great condition and don’t have stains or signs of wear and tear. Reach out to the nearest Salvation Army location and ask them whether they’re accepting pillows.

American Textile Recycling Service

As mentioned, many non-profit organizations don’t take damaged items. This is because they’re left with the responsibility of disposing of the items in a proper and environmentally friendly manner.

In case your pillows are mostly torn or covered in stains, recycling is surely an ideal way to get rid of them. The American Textile Recycling Service comes in handy when it comes to recycling all kinds of textile products. They collect and recycle unwanted pillows, clothing items and other textiles. Instead of donating an item that’s in bad shape, recycle it through this program.

Final Thoughts

While Goodwill accepts only throw pillows and decorative pillows, you’ll find other places that will take them gladly. Animal shelters, homeless shelters and the Salvation Army are some of the available options.


What does Goodwill accept Bay Area?

Goodwill Bay Area takes lots of things such as shoes and accessories, small household appliances, books, furniture, clothing, throw pillows, decorative pillows and so much more.

Do you wash items from Goodwill?

Most of the Goodwill donations are already cleaned. That said, it’s still wise to wash them once again at home.


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