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Does Goodwill Take Art – Donation Guide 2023

Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that takes donated goods and recreates them into new products for the public to buy. The whole process of recycling and reselling goods is called donation-based resale or reuse, which is sometimes referred to as second-hand trade or used goods resale (or just secondhand).

So, does Goodwill take art?

When trying to determine whether art is “good” enough for a donation, you have to think about why you are donating the product. If you are looking for tax deduction purposes, then it’s a good idea to donate the highest quality art that will still be considered valuable.

Can you donate art to Goodwill?

In the United States, the store takes donations from individuals and businesses that can be sold in their stores. The organization’s goal is to give people a chance to earn a living wage by providing training and job placement services—and they even provide transportation for those who don’t have access to public transportation. But the guidelines on what they can accept vary depending on the location.

Art is typically an expression of creativity, heritage, or culture and has long been considered a hot object to sell. Art, when given over time to institutions and nonprofits that support cultural or humanitarian causes, can be both a valuable asset and an important part of our everyday lives.

It’s hard to imagine a world without art, so it’s probably not so surprising that many artworks have been taken in by charities for the public to buy.

But then you’ll wonder, does Goodwill take art? Yes, art pieces are accepted at Goodwill. Art is a popular item to donate to Goodwill because it’s easy to transport and can be sold quickly.

Here is a short list of what is accepted and not accepted:

Accepted Art Not Accepted Art
Paintings Hazardous materials
Sculptures Illegal items
Drawings Explosives
Photographs Drugs
Prints Firearms
Vintage posters Pornography
Stained glass Stolen items

When choosing the best things to donate, try not to donate something you need right away or something that won’t sell. When you are trying to decide if you should donate your art, think about what compromises you would have to make if you donated the piece.

If the piece is worth more than you’re willing, then it’s a better option not to donate it. However, it won’t hurt to let another person appreciate it. Goodwill stores will take pieces in any form or shape as long as they’re not damaged.

Where else can you donate art?

While not all art pieces are suitable for Goodwill, this doesn’t mean you can’t donate art to other nonprofits that accept donations. These are some of the notable recommendations;

Art Works for Cancer Foundation

This foundation collects and brings artwork to patients undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals located in Ontario. Patients in the clinical units can enjoy the pieces while they go through rigorous treatments.

Art Works for Cancer Foundation accepts many types of artwork, including paintings, sculptures and photographic works. You don’t even have to be a professional artist to donate your art. That said, they mainly take designs that have still life or would invoke feelings of hope, joy and peace.

The end goal of this foundation is to bring patients a little bit of happiness while they’re going through a rough time.


Not all artwork is appreciated. So, made4aid was born to give people who are passionate about art a chance to share that passion with others. Made4aid is an association of artists and art lovers who donate their work for use in auctions. If you’re passionate about the arts, charity or both, then this might be an organization you want to look into.

You not only get to make a difference in someone else’s life but also become recognized as a contributor to your community.

Collectibles with causes

This organization encourages people to take part in a collective project by donating collectibles. If you have collectible items that you no longer need and want them to go to good use, then this is the place for you. They take paintings, photographs and other forms of art that are bound to impact someone.

Art is often a reflection of the feelings of the artist. When you donate art to an organization that is a reflection of yourself, you can make a difference in someone else’s life and yours.

Local art gallery

You can always donate art to a local art gallery. While this isn’t technically donating to charity or a nonprofit organization, it’s still a good way to share your art with the public. You never know what will happen when you put your artwork out there. It could be the beginning of something great for you.

Your local art gallery has different opportunities for artists and patrons, so take advantage of them!

Final Thoughts

Does Goodwill take art? Yes, they do! Goodwill takes most types of artwork provided that the piece is not damaged and it’s something they can sell.

It’s always best to donate pieces that you do not need for. So, if you’re considering donating your art to Goodwill, think about where it will fit in their collection.


What does Goodwill accept in Boston?

Same as any other Goodwill location, they accept furniture, clothing, books and other household items. The organization is unable to accept used mattresses and box springs from patrons or their donors.

Is it a good idea to donate art?

Yes, it is the right thing to do. Donating art is an excellent way to pass something valuable down to your family or someone else that needs it. If you’re not sure if your piece will be accepted, then you can check their website.


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