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Does Goodwill Take Hangers – Eco Guide

Goodwill is a charity organization that works to provide job training, employment opportunities and the elimination of poverty for adults, youth and children in the United States. They work to provide people with a hand up so that they can become responsible members of society.

Since Goodwill does not have access to an infinite amount of space, they are forced to make difficult decisions about what items are the most valuable to keep and sell in their thrift stores.

This leaves the question, does Goodwill take hangers?

Can you donate hangers to Goodwill?

When decluttering your closet, you will likely have some hangers and clothes hanger accessories that you no longer need. Hangers are a valuable part of any collection, they help organize your clothing and serve a purpose.

However, Goodwill may not want to take any hangers. Majority of the Goodwill stores and locations do not accept clothes hangers. This is because hangers are usually a challenge to recycle and many organizations prefer to focus their efforts on clothing and other items that can be used by others.

The truth is Goodwill focuses on items that they can sell with ease in thrift stores. Unfortunately, hangers are one of those items that are difficult to sell at a retail level.

Here is what they do accept and what they don’t:

Acceptable Hangers Unacceptable Hangers
Plastic hangers Wire hangers
Wooden hangers Broken hangers
Padded hangers Metal hangers with sharp edges

Most thrift stores do not even carry hangers as part of their inventory. So if you are looking for a donation location or thrift store, this may not be the best place to donate items that would be difficult to sell.

Where else can I donate hangers?

Most of the time, you either have too many hangers or not enough. Now when there are so many pesky hangers taking up space in your closet, you’ll want to get rid of them and only keep what you need.

In that case, you may want to look for a donation location where you can donate your hangers.

Throwing them in the trash isn’t an option since they end up in landfills and take up space. Let’s see where you can donate clothes hangers.

Buy Nothing Group on Facebook

Facebook has become a great resource for connecting with people who are also interested in donating items. It’s called Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook, and numerous groups are designed to help you donate things at a local level.

This is an online community dedicated to helping people reuse and recycle their stuff. It’s a great way to connect with neighbours, friends and strangers who are interested in sharing their knowledge and their wish lists with others.

Someone in the group will surely need some hangers.


FreeCycle is also a great way to get rid of unwanted things. You’ll find people and groups on this site that will be interested in donating items that they no longer need. This is a completely free site that connects people and allows them to post things they want to give away to people who are interested in getting them for free.

Just post your ad and wait for someone to get in touch.

You’ll no doubt find someone who will be happy to take your hangers off of your hands.


Craigslist is another great place to advertise items that you want to give away or even sell.

This site is well known for connecting people to buy and sell items within certain areas. Just create a title and description for your item, take some pictures and post your ad.

It is completely free to post so it’s worth a shot if you have some hangers that you no longer need. Within no time, you’ll find someone who is looking for something like the hangers that you have.

You can give them out for free or make a little money from selling them.

Donate them to a local dry cleaner

Your dry cleaners may be a great place to donate your hangers if they need hangers for their business. If you get new clothes hangers at the dry cleaners, then this is a great option for you.

The next time you drop off your clothes to be cleaned, find out if they are interested in receiving your unwanted clothes hangers. The dry cleaners can use these items that aren’t wanted any longer to hang and organize the clothing items that they just cleaned.

It’s a perfect solution to get rid of unwanted items.

Give them away to friends and family

If you have some extra hangers and you don’t know what to do with them, then why not give them away to friends and family? While you’ll never get rid of every single hanger in your house, it is a good way to keep some at hand just in case you have an event or need some extras.

Aside from that, they will be useful if the next person who comes over is looking for some extra hangers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

Clothes hangers are great tools to have in your closet so you can organize your clothes and maintain order. But some people don’t need them and prefer to donate them to local charities or Goodwill.

This is a great option for clothes hangers that you don’t need any longer. Just keep in mind that not all of the Goodwill stores and locations will accept them. Goodwill tries to focus their efforts on items it can sell easily, so hangers are not one of those items. Instead, look for places where you can donate your clothes hangers.

You’ll be surprised by the support community that exists online to help you get rid of your unwanted items.


What can I do with extra hangers?

You can keep them in your closet, on your nightstand and in various other places to use when you need a couple of extra hangers. You can also sell them from time to time.

How do I get rid of my clothes hangers?

If you no longer need the clothes hangers but don’t want to throw them away, then try donating your clothes hangers for free. Numerous places accept clothes hangers.


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