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Does Goodwill Take Treadmills – Here’s Whats Accepted

Keeping fit is one of the most important things in life. You’re healthy, more energetic as well as look and feel young.

In the modern world where people run on hectic schedules, it helps to have your own treadmill at home. This means you can keep up with your fitness goals without visiting the gym. With the help of a fitness instructor or a few online tutorials, you’ll be able to exercise in the comfort of your home.

With that being said, there may come a time when you no longer need the treadmill.

Perhaps you don’t want to work out from home anymore or you’ve put a stop to your fitness journey. What will happen to the treadmill that’s now collecting massive amounts of dust in the garage?

Many have been wondering if Goodwill takes old barely used treadmills. Treadmills can be expensive and hard to sell through conventional channels like the Facebook marketplace and Craigslist because there is simply so much available second hand, in fact, people practically give it away for free.

If you are caring about the environment and don’t want to see a perfectly good treadmill dumped in a landfill then there are a few ways you can give it a second life. There are of course charitable channels like Goodwill that accept exercise machines and especially treadmills.

This guide covers whether Goodwill accepts treadmill donations and any other available options.

Can you donate treadmills to Goodwill?

For many people, Goodwill often comes to mind whenever they wish to donate something. It’s a reputable charity organization with donation centers throughout the country.

This makes it easy to drop off donations since there are lots of local Goodwill donation centers. Nonetheless, Goodwill doesn’t always accept everything that is donated to them.

If you check their website, you’ll see a list of all the items that are accepted and another of those that aren’t. Of course, they have reasons why certain donations are not acceptable.

For instance, Goodwill doesn’t usually accept bulky or heavy items due to the effort required to move them as well as storage needs  On that note, you’d want to know whether Goodwill takes treadmills.

It’s not exactly convenient to be stuck with a large treadmill that’s occupying the little space you’ve got in the garage. If you don’t have any use for it, donating it seems reasonable.

Unfortunately, Goodwill does not accept treadmills or any other bulky exercise equipment. You will have to look for another place to donate this item.

Other places to donate a used treadmill

We have established that Goodwill doesn’t take treadmills.

However, it’s not the end of it and doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of the exercise equipment.

There are other options when it comes to donating your old treadmill.

So don’t throw it in the dumpster or abandon the treadmill out on the backyard.

Below are places to donate treadmills.

Salvation Army

Quality treadmills cost a fortune and even when you don’t need it anymore, you can still donate them to a good cause.

You just have to look around and find a reliable charity organization. The Salvation Army is one of the suitable charities that welcome many donations including treadmills.

Donate your old treadmill to the Salvation Army and let someone who needs it the most use it. That said, make sure the exercise equipment is spotless clean and working well.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is another non-profit organization with a focus on eradicating homelessness.

They build and restore homes for disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Habitat for Humanity centres exists in different states across America where people can drop off their donations during business hours.

While the charity mostly accepts household commodities and building materials, things like treadmills are also welcome depending on the location.

Check with your local branch for guidance on whether or not they take treadmills.

AMVETS National Service Foundation

AMVETS is an organization meant to support veterans as they deal with various difficulties and life after serving.

To support their causes, AMVETS accepts donations of all kinds. They also take exercise equipment including treadmills.

Reach out to a nearby AMVETS center so that you’re able to schedule a pick-up for the bulky equipment.

Fitness 4 Charity

The truth is many people would like to meet their fitness goals but can’t really afford to pay for gym services or buy exercise equipment. Fitness 4 Charity is an incredible non-profit that helps such people.

In that case, you can donate your used treadmill to the organization and let someone else use it. The machine should be perfectly functional without glitches.

It’s no use donating a treadmill that doesn’t work anymore because it won’t be accepted.

Donate it to your local Local Gym or YMCA

Is your local gym in need of extra exercise equipment? If affirmative, don’t hesitate to donate your used treadmill to them and allow more people to exercise comfortably.

They may also redistribute it to others who need it so that it’s not thrown away into a landfill. As long as the treadmill is still functioning well and doesn’t have a lot of scuffs, they’ll gladly accept it.

Keep in mind, broken down or extremely old equipment may not be accepted.

Call a junk pick-up service

The last straw is if it’s broken and it’s not good for anyone then If your treadmill and charities have declined to take taking it Call a junk pick-up service to haul it away for recycling.

The company will remove the old machine from your home and take it to a local recycling center. I


While used treadmills are not welcome at Goodwill, a couple of other charities will take it in a heartbeat.

Treadmills should not be dumped in landfills because they contain toxic materials that contaminate the environment.

Donating it ensures it’s put to good use.


What can you do with an old treadmill?

Donate it to a local gym, Salvation Army, AMVETS or Fitness 4 Charity.

How do you move a used treadmill?

Call a hauling service and they will do the rest.

Moving a heavy treadmill on your own might cause injury and there is also a chance it will get damaged.

How many years should a treadmill last?

Experts say that on average a treadmill should last at least ten years.


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