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Does Goodwill Take Old Textbooks – Whats Needed Guide

You may have noticed that your old textbooks seem to have piled up overnight and are now occupying the much-needed space on the shelf. Well, it’s time to get rid of some of these textbooks.

Does Goodwill Take Old Textbooks

While you no longer have any use for them, there is someone who needs them. Instead of allowing the precious knowledge within these books to go to waste, there is always the option for donation.

It’s the best alternative you can think of and you´ll find many charity organizations willing to take the textbooks in. Read on to uncover whether Goodwill takes old textbooks.

Can you donate old textbooks to Goodwill?

If you´ve been to college, you know a good portion of money is spent on purchasing different books used for learning. Within those years before you eventually graduate, it’s inevitable to collect a mountain of textbooks.

Most of them are tossed aside once you´ve already passed the class and moved forward. So, what really happens to these old and forgotten textbooks? The truth is they just pile up and collect dust on the shelves or storage boxes.

With that said, you can turn things around and actually put your old textbooks to good use. Give away the books to a non-profit such as Goodwill and help a needy person live a better life. In fact, Goodwill readily takes old textbooks on various subjects. These are sold at low prices in their thrift stores and the revenue is used to support their programs.

There will always be a student somewhere who is looking for affordable textbooks. Donating old books to Goodwill might help them achieve their academic ambitions. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Ensure donated textbooks are in decent shape. Don´t give away books that are completely old or torn apart. Also, check first with your local Goodwill store to confirm that they´re actually taking books. Depending on the location, certain textbooks won´t be accepted.

Other places to donate old textbooks

It’s gratifying to find a new loving home for the books that have been lying around in your home. For one thing, you can finally reorganize your shelf. Secondly, another person will find them useful. Below are popular places to donate your used textbooks.

Local libraries

Oftentimes, the local libraries suffer a shortage of books and could do with a few donations. Perhaps they don’t have enough textbooks on certain college courses. In that case, your donation would go a long way in ensuring the students have material for their studies. Contact your local library and ask whether they might have a need for several used textbooks.

The Salvation Army

Established in 1865, the Salvation Army has been a helping hand for those suffering in the communities. The organization has several programs aimed at tackling different issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, drug addiction and so much more.

The donations received are sold at thrift stores and the money put into the various programs. Therefore, the Salvation Army will most likely accept old textbooks. Just make sure the books aren´t torn.


Without a doubt, your local prison might need several used books. Learning doesn’t ever stop and even when behind bars, convicts still need books as a source of information. Aside from that, it serves as their connection to the outside world.

If you don´t want your old textbooks, it may be a good idea to give them away to a local prison.

They will be thankful and at least have something to acquire knowledge from. Due to strict rules, call the prison first and ask for specific requirements.


Another place that will put old textbooks to good use is the schools. There can never be enough books in such a setting. Therefore, there is a chance one of the local schools will want the old books for use in the classrooms and school library.

Local thrift stores

Clothes and other household items aren’t the only things accepted at your local thrift stores. As a matter of fact, thrift stores tend to take many different items and sell them at reasonably priced rates.

If you´ve got some used textbooks in good condition, they´ll happily take them.

Final Thoughts

Aside from donating, you can also recycle completely worn-out and battered books. Nobody will want to read torn and beat-up books. In that case, recycle them and save the environment from unnecessary waste. You can also sell your textbooks to get them off your hands and get a good chunk of change in return.


Where is the best place to donate used books?

There are many places to donate used books, including local libraries, thrift stores, schools, and charitable organizations. Some popular options include Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Better World Books. Choose a location that aligns with your values and supports a cause you care about.

What items does Goodwill not accept in California?

Goodwill in California does not accept items such as mattresses, large appliances, hazardous materials, firearms, ammunition, or any items that are broken, damaged, or in need of repair. It’s best to check their website or contact your local Goodwill for a comprehensive list of unacceptable donations.

Can I donate books to my local library?

Yes, most local libraries accept book donations. However, it’s a good idea to call ahead and inquire about their donation policies, as some libraries may have restrictions on the types of books they accept, such as outdated textbooks or books in poor condition.

Where can I donate old textbooks in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, you can donate old textbooks to various charitable organizations, such as Brotherhood of St. Laurence, The Salvation Army, and Savers. Alternatively, you can also consider donating to local schools or universities, but be sure to contact them first to check their donation policies.

Where can I donate old textbooks in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can donate old textbooks to organizations like the National Library Board, The Salvation Army, or Pass-It-On. Additionally, you may also consider donating to schools, community centers, or other local initiatives. Always check their donation guidelines before dropping off your books.

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