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Does Goodwill Take Electronics – Donation Guide 2024

Many Americans are looking for a way to support charity without spending a lot of money. One option is to donate your old electronics. After all, these items that you no longer need take up storage space and can be difficult to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly manner. However, does Goodwill take electronics?

The answer may surprise you.

Can you donate electronics to Goodwill?

The amount of electronics that we have in our homes and offices has grown substantially over the years. People rely on computers, televisions, phones and other electronics for work, entertainment and communication. The problem is that most of these items become useless in a few years.

We are constantly in the process of upgrading to the latest technology. Eventually, when you upgrade to the latest gadget the old one is forgotten and left to collect dust in your storage room.

If you want to do something good with your old electronics, you can donate them to Goodwill. Goodwill is a clothing, household items and furniture donation center that rely on the generosity of the public to support its cause.

There are many drop-off points around the United States where people can bring their gently used clothing and other household items that they no longer need. Many people assume that Goodwill only accepts clothing donations, but this is not always the case.

Goodwill accepts a number of electronics including:

Gadget/Electronic Accepted Not Accepted
Smartphones Yes
Laptops Yes
Tablets Yes
Smartwatches Yes
Fitness trackers Yes
Digital cameras Yes
Camcorders Yes
Game consoles Yes
Drones Yes
E-readers Yes
Headphones Yes
Speakers Yes
Home theater systems Yes
Streaming devices Yes
Virtual reality headsets Yes
Smart home devices Yes
Wearable technology Yes
Portable chargers Yes
Power banks Yes
Televisions Yes
Blu-ray and DVD players Yes
VCRs Yes
Stereo systems Yes
Radios Yes
Landline phones Yes
Analog cameras Yes
Typewriters Yes
Fax machines Yes
Electric typewriters Yes
Calculators Yes
Electronic keyboards Yes

If you have a large amount of electronics that you want to donate, you can also call your local Goodwill office in advance to request a special pickup. Keep in mind, Goodwill only accepts electronics that are in working condition and won’t take specific items that are broken, or need repair.

Where else can i donate electronics?

There are many places where you can donate electronics. If you are not interested in donating your old electronics to a thrift store or Goodwill, the next step is to consider recycling your electronics. Many electronics companies offer free recycling programs for their products. For example, Apple has an iPhone recycling program where you can ship your old iPhone to them for free and they will recycle it.

You should be able to find a reputable recycler that will collect your electronics and recycle it for free, or you can pay a nominal fee to have them dispose of your electronics in an environmentally safe manner. That said, we have a few more options on where you can donate electronics.

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange accepts donations of any kind, including laptops, desktops, monitors, printers and more. They check working conditions so they can reuse your equipment in developing countries. World Computer Exchange is a non-profit that uses technology to help people in need. If you have computers, laptops or monitors that you would like to donate, contact World Computer Exchange and they will give you details on how to get your donation to them.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Donate your cell phones, tablets, Nook readers mp3 player and accessories to Cell Phones for Soldiers. This charity collects donations to provide prepaid international calling cards to active duty military personnel who have been deployed overseas.

Donated devices are generally sold to a refurbisher or recycled in a responsible manner. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a recognized non-profit organization with details on their website and a presence in various military installations.


Another option for donating electronics is to contact a local non-profit organization that is collecting electronics for recycling purposes. Human-I-T collects used cell phones, computers and laptops and other electronic equipment from residents to recycle them responsibly. Many of the items that are collected by this organization are sent overseas for reuse. To donate your old electronic devices, you can drop them off at the Human-I-T location or mail them in. Alternatively, you can schedule a free pick up for your donation.

Pickup Please

True to its name, Pickup Please will pick up your electronics for you. They are a service that will come to your home or business and collect all of your old electronics for you. Donations are accepted at the Pickup Please website, as well as at a number of retail stores in the U.S where donors can schedule pickups.

They take old TVs, game consoles, computers, tablets, phones and more. To arrange a pickup of your donations you can schedule it online or by calling Pickup Please.

Final Thoughts

Goodwill is one of the organizations that will accept your old electronics, but there are others as well. For example, Cell Phones for Soldiers accept cell phones and many other electronics. If you want to support a good cause and get rid of some extra clutter in your home at the same time, contact these organizations to learn how you can get rid of your old electronics safely.


Does Goodwill take electronics California?

Goodwill is a non-profit organization that operates thrift stores in most states across the country. If you are looking to donate your old electronics, check with your local Goodwill first to see if they will take computers, laptops, TVs and other electronic devices.

Does Goodwill take TVs California?

Yes, Goodwill does take TVs. They accept working flat screen televisions of all sizes. It would be great to include the remote control and other accessories that come with the TV.


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