What To Do with an Old Nook Tablet – Quick Guide 2022

If you’ve upgraded to a shiny new iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HDX, the question of what you should do with your old nook tablet probably has already come up.

Dropping it off at the goodwill store is one option, but in this digital age there are tons of other things that can be done with an older tablet.

The nook tablet is a pretty decent computer that is a little more powerful and was designed to do more than a regular tablet.

However, these devices no longer serve any purpose to Barnes & Noble since they have changed their entire hardware strategy to match the Apple and Amazon models.

The only problem for some people is that there is a large base of users who are still using these devices and do not want to upgrade or pay a premium price for the newer versions.

As such, it begs the question of what you can do with an old nook tablet.

What to do with an old nook tablet

The very first thing to realize is that despite being discontinued, these devices are still being supported.

Since the Nook Tablet used an Android operating system, it can be updated by installing custom ROMs.

These update have the same effect as a software update, so they will keep your tablet running smoothly and are typically faster than the manufacturer programs.

This means there is still plenty of life left in a good old nook tablet.

Let’s explore some of the possibilities:

A media player

If you have an old nook tablet that is still functioning, then it can be used as a much more powerful media center.

You can install video and music streaming apps from the Google Play Store, but if you prefer something a little more hands-on then check out XBMC or Plex for Android.

It will be able to play movies and TV shows purchased on Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more.

You can also use it to play music on Spotify, Pandora and tons of other sources.

If you have your own audio files, waste no time in converting them to mp3 format so they can be shared with friends and family.

The other great thing about media center software is that you don’t have to worry about storage space since everything is stored locally.

You no longer have the issue of running out of space on your nook tablet, so you can use it as a central hub for all your music and video files.

Don’t let any nook tablet go to waste by using it as an ad-hoc media device!

A digital photo frame

Another fantastic use for your old nook tablet is to turn it into a photo frame.

This can be done using a custom Android program that has been designed to act exactly as a photo frame.

There are several programs available, but they all have the same idea: choose a photo, select some music if you want and let the nook tablet do the rest.

In order to get started, you will need to download one of these apps and then setup a folder on the SD card where it can store pictures.

As there are literally thousands of different photo frame apps available, the best way to find one is to search the Google Play Store for some notable ones.

Give these apps a try and see which one works best for you – there is no shortage of free programs that offer a ton of great features.

Display all those memorable family photos that you want to keep forever, while showing your friends and family some cool pictures from your travels, or favorite social network.

A kid’s tablet

If you have a young child, then consider using your old nook tablet as an educational tool.

Thankfully, there are tons of apps available in the Google Play Store that has been created specifically for children to learn from.

There are apps that teach young kids their letters and numbers, while also having some fun along the way.

You can read stories, flip flop the alphabet, or play games to reinforce what they have learned at school.

There are also apps out there for kids who want to learn about animals, geography, history and math – something for everyone.

These apps are designed for both younger kids to use with their parents supervision, as well as older children who know how to get around on their own.

Let your little one learn and grow from every experience – happier, smarter and more successful for it.

A game console

Like the media player for adults, there are also a number of game console emulators that can be installed on your nook tablet.

This is great if you have fond memories of old handheld games like Nintendo, or even had an Atari system as a kid.

It’s also possible to use your nook tablet as a home console, giving it the ability to play any ROMs you have.

Use your nook tablet for retro fun or join in on some of the many modern titles that are available for mobile devices these days.

It’s not just older games that are playable either – there is plenty of new stuff out there to try.

An alarm clock

You can also use an old model nook tablet as an alarm clock if you have an app that is capable of waking up the device at a set time.

You can easily do this by installing an app like Alarm Clock Xtreme, which is one of the many clock and alarm programs available in the Google Play Store.

The possibilities really are endless with an old nook tablet.

These devices are capable of many different things and finding out what works best for you could be a very rewarding experience.

The good news is that most of these apps offer some degree of customization, so you can set it up to sound like birds chirping or birds tweeting in the middle of the night.

You won’t ever wake up late again! And you’ll get a good night sleep, which is good for your physical and mental health.

Car entertainment system

If you’re no longer using your old nook tablet, this may be the right time to convert it into a car entertainment system.

Use Bluetooth to connect it to your car audio system and as a result, listen to music wirelessly.

This has many advantages, as you can listen to your favorite music and not have to use up valuable headroom on the car radio.

Some models also have HDMI ports that allow you to connect the device to a TV, so you can watch movies or listen to music while traveling on the road.

The nook tablet will serve as a control point for your music, navigation and other functions.

You can also use it as a video player or you can use it to listen to music from your Bluetooth headphones.

There are many other uses for old nook tablets as well, so take some time to explore the possibilities and find out what is possible.

Dedicated E-reader

E-reading has become very popular over the last few years and one of the best ways to do this is with an e-reader.

The nook tablet will be capable of reading e-books and you can even store a huge library of books on it.

It does not matter what size your bookshelf is, since it doesn’t take up any more space than a book.

E-reading is a great way to read in the dark, on the go or even while traveling – with no environmental impact at all.

There are tons of free e-book online and if that’s not enough download some more from the Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle stores.

There are also many titles available at a very reasonable price, making it easy to purchase literally hundreds of books.

They don’t have to cost a huge amount either – many of them can be purchased for less than $20 each and most of them will only take up a few kilobytes of space on the nook tablet.

Use your old nook tablet as an E-reader by installing one the many free apps that are available on the Google Play Store or the Amazon Store.

Repurpose into a home security camera

If your old nook tablet has not been damaged, then there’s no reason why you can’t turn it into a home security camera.

A lot of people use the front facing camera function to see who is at the door or in the house when they are home, but that’s not all it can do.

You can also use it as a webcam, which allows you to see what’s going on outside your house and capture pictures of what is happening.

This way, you will always be aware of what is going on while you are away from home.

This method also enables you to use the tablet as a nanny cam, baby cam or pet cam.

You can see what’s going on when you’re away and not have to worry about leaving your little one in the hands of a stranger.

You can also this view the tablet’s screen remotely, so if it was stolen or lost then you would be able to track it down.

Sell your nook tablet

If you have an old nook tablet that is just taking up space then it may be time to sell it.

You can use sites like eBay, Amazon or Craigslist to do this.

Calculate how much the item is worth and if you add a little extra for shipping and handling, you should get a good price for it.

Using sites like this is easy and once you have sold your old nook tablet, you can use the proceeds to purchase something else that has value.

It’s a quick, easy and safe way to make some money, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

With that being said, don’t forget to wipe clean or format the device before you sell it.

This means that if the buyer tries to use it, they won’t be able to access any of your information.

A quick factory reset will get rid of all personal data on the device and protect your privacy from the prying eyes of others.

Donate it

There are several organizations that will accept old tablets for donations, such as the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, Electronic Recyclers International and The Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library System.

This has huge advantages for you and for others at the same time.

The organization gets a working device to use and if it is still in good condition, someone in their network will be able to benefit from it.

You get to do a good deed and make someone’s life better at the same time.

The best thing of all is that you don’t have to do anything except send the old nook tablet to them.

You can also consider donating the tablet to a high school or college.

A lot of students need access to technology, but their parents can’t really afford it.

Schools will often pay for e-readers in order for students and faculty members to use them.

However, they need devices that are in good condition.

This is where you come in.


E-waste has been a problem for years and it has only gotten worse over time.

There is a steady stream of old computers, mobile phones and tablets flowing into landfills.

They join other unwanted gadgets in huge heaps that take a long time to decompose.

The best thing you can do with your old nook tablet is to recycle it, so it doesn’t end up in the landfill where it will be used for nothing but filling up space and polluting the planet.

Check for recycling programs across your state and local area and see if you can take advantage of them.

The e-waste should be recycled safely, so think about how you can do that.


There are many ways to re-use your old tablet and it is beneficial for everyone involved.

You can use the money that you get from selling it to purchase something else of value, while someone else will benefit from your old tablet.

If you have a broken tablet, then it might be time to sell it for parts in order to buy a new one.

Think about what you can do with it, so it doesn’t end up taking up space in your house or land in the landfill somewhere.


How do i get rid of my old nook?

Donate it, sell it, or recycle it – there are plenty of options on what to do with your old nook.

You should take the time to think about which is best for you and do your research so that you can choose wisely.

Is Barnes and Noble getting rid of nook?

There have been rumors that Barnes and Noble are getting rid of their nook brand.

However, there is no truth in this – the company is still open for business as usual and they are still selling their devices.

However, there are changes that are being made to the brand.