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Does Goodwill Take Underwear – Updated Guide

Are you wondering does Goodwill take underwear? In the realm of charity, a donation may be something that is given freely and with good intentions.

However, even if a good deed is done out of pure kindness it may not always be accepted.

People are sometimes charitable to the best of their ability but when it comes to who will ultimately benefit from the said charitable activity, certain stipulations may need to be made. Depending on the circumstance, a particular piece of clothing may or may not be accepted by the charity.

For example, a simple pair of underwear may not be something that a charitable organization is willing to take.

Needless to say, it can depend on whether or not they have a particular use for such an item.

Can you donate underwear to Goodwill?

Charity is a noble thing but sometimes a donation does not work out. It is not difficult to donate a specific item but what if the item you intend to donate does not fit within a particular charity’s guidelines? In this regard, Goodwill doesn’t take underwear. Undergarments are one of the most personal items that people own. They’re in contact with the skin and not something that people want to share.

Goodwill is one of many charities that may accept specific items but won’t take every given item. Certain clarity in policy is important because if a charity cannot use an item it should not be considered in the first place when donating items.

In this case, Goodwill sells donated items in its thrift stores across the country. Used undies cannot be part of its business model so very few charities are willing to accept them.

For more clarification here is what is accepted and not accepted with Goodwill donations:

Accepted Not Accepted
Briefs Underwear with holes or tears
Boxers Underwear with stains
Boxer briefs Underwear with a strong odor
Tanga Worn or used shapewear
Boyshorts Thongs or G-strings

Furthermore, the organization has to conform to the health and sanitation standards that are enforced by the government. If you’re considering donating underwear to a charitable organization, there are more valid options than Goodwill.

Where else can I donate underwear?

In the US alone, the textile industry is responsible for approximately 17 million tons of waste per year. Only 2.5 million tons are recycled, according to EPA. This has resulted in a growing concern for the betterment of our environment. The best thing that communities can do is to continue donating and recycling as much single-use material as they can.

When it comes to donating underwear, instead of bringing your used underwear to Goodwill, other organizations accept such an item. They include;


This is a lingerie store that also recycles undies, bras and socks. They will take your undergarments regardless of the condition they are in. They will even accept used underwear and make them into something new through their recycling process.

Likewise, if you have other clothing items that you no longer need, you can donate them to the organization so that they can be repurposed into something useful. You’ll even get discount points for donating.


USAgain is an organization that recycles used clothing into other items like rags or used as insulation material.

They have drop-off boxes positioned in various places across the nation where you can donate your used clothing including undies. Go to their website to find out the nearest drop-off point.

Planet Aid

Planet Aid is another organization that recycles your used undies into rags that they use to make carpets, insulation and rugs.

The organization has drop-off boxes in all 50 states to that you can donate your undies. The point of all this is to show you that there are more ways than just Goodwill for you to donate underwear which can be used for the betterment of the environment.

Second Life by Parade

Through a partnership with TerraCycle, the bra and underwear brand Parade created a recycling program for undergarments. They will recycle your old undies into other items such as dog toys, car covers and carpets. Aside from the environmental benefits that you can get from donating your old undies, you get to make something new out of them.

Visit the Parade website to request a biodegradable bag and a prepaid shipping label. Fill the bag with your panties and mail it to the address that was provided.

Final Thoughts

In short, underwear is a very personal item that people are hesitant to share. In addition to this, it is also an item that many charitable organizations will not accept precisely because of its nature. However, it may be possible to recycle your panties into another product.

Other organizations are more than willing to take your undies. You just need to know where to take them in your locality.


Can I donate underwear?

Yes, you can donate underwear to recycling programs. These programs might not take the items from you directly, but if you send them in a box, they will recycle them.

Goodwill doesn’t accept underwear?

Don’t be disappointed if Goodwill does not accept your old undies. Other organizations do, including the ones listed above.


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