How to Recycle Old Underwear – Updated Guide

If you’re anything like me, you have a drawer filled with old underwear that you don’t know what to do with. As stats have shown the textile industry is the most wasteful of all the industries and if there are ways to recycle your old undies then it saves them from going into landfill.

It’s no doubt that this underwear can be put to good use or recycled, even though many people get funny about recycling old underwear we have to face the issue head on and have some solutions to make a greener future.

Here are a few ideas on how you can recycle your old underwear today.


It’s very easy to donate your underwear such as bras, bras with underwire, and swimming clothes can be donated to charities like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, however not every location takes underwear.

So the other alternative is to find donation bins at the supermarket or donate on the local council’s website, If you’re not sure, just go to any wet market or pawn shop and ask for help.

If you know people in need then you can ask them directly if they need underwear and they may just accept it, it never hurts to ask.

Check on charity organizations

There are many known and little-known charity organizations that collect old clothes. These organizations will compare your old clothes with those they already have in their collection and the ones they need.

You can call or easily visit the organization’s website where they will give you further details on how to donate.

Some of these organizations include Free the Girls, I support the girls, The Bra Recyclers and many others.

Sell your underwear online

Some online stores such as Try Depop, Poshmark, eBay, or ThredUp accept this business.

They are some of the most common ways to sell your old underwear and they will pay for your old clothes.

You can start by listing a price and if the buyer is interested, he or she will contact you via email and ask you more details about the clothes.

After that, you will ship the product and they will pay you via credit cards or online banking.


You also have another alternative of being creative with this by re-purposing it and make it into a unique piece of art. If you are not the creative person to do anything with old underwear then ask some of your friends and family members who maybe artists that require different materials.

Some of the ways you can do this is by cutting it into a colorful dress; use it for an interior project or a craft, or as a holder for your rings and necklaces.

Sell to second-hand stores

These are the clothing stores that can be found in every city and They sell used clothing at cheaper prices than those at department stores.

If you’re in a hurry or simply do not want to go through the process of selling to other online stores or charity organizations, this could be a good alternative, however we recommend reaching out to the stores to see if they do in fact accept old underwear.


This method is similar to re-purpose it, In this case, you need to use old fabrics and turn it into something new such as purses, bags and other accessories.

There are tutorial videos on YouTube that can help you with this method. Being creative and thrifty works both ways to find a new purpose for something that has reached its used by date.

Use a brand’s return and recycle policy

If you used a brand’s return and recycle policy, they will take responsibility for this task and some brands even give you in-store rewards and credit for your effort, but there are conditions that apply to make this work.

If you have underwear from any known brands which include lingerie brands then they may accept your returns for a small reward in store credit but be sure to ask before you bring in your old undies to save any unwanted awkwardness.

Textile recycling organizations

There are many Textile and recycling organizations that will graciously take your undies at no cost to you. They have ways of recycling and reusing fabrics to make new fabrics.

Its best to see whats near you in your city and find a drop off point.


How do I get rid of used underwear?

There are some ways you can do this, First, donate to those charities and organizations that accept used clothing.

You can also sell it online if you prefer the latter one or you can re-purpose it by making it into something new by cutting them into a dress or any other creative work.

Finally, you can sell to second-hand stores if all else fails.

Where to recycle underwear near me?

There are countless places to recycle your underwear near you.

You are supposed to make sure you search online for charities that accept donated underwear or online platforms where you can sell your underwear.

What can I do with my old underwear and socks?

There are many things you can do with the underwear and socks to recycle.

Some of these things includes donating to a charity, selling them online or getting creative with the garments to re-purpose them.


At the end of the day, you have to make sure that you do not throw away your old worn-out underwear irresponsibly.

Recycle it in a proper way for others. You can also be creative with some of your old worn-out clothes and make them into something new or unique.

Re-purposing old garments is always a good alternative if you’re looking for ways to be creative with them rather than throwing them away.

So get those unused clothes and start recycling