How To Recycle Brita Filters – Updated Guide

Do you know how to recycle your Brita filters?

You might be throwing away a little bit of waste each day.

In order to help the environment and save some money, you can recycle your Brita filters.

In this brief, we’re going to discuss some of the greatest ways you can recycle Brita filters.

Brita filters are manufactured by Brita and are included in the water bottle to filter water as you drink it.

These water filters are designed with a carbon block to reduce chlorine taste and odor from water and give you better tasting water.

However, these filters are often disposed and they take time to decompose which poses an environmental concern.

The solution to this is to recycle them.

Are Brita Water Filters Recyclable?

Most users usually have this question especially because Brita filters are type 5 plastic and most companies don’t recycle these types of plastics.

Additionally, these filters come with a lot of contaminants which is the reason why most companies don’t recycle them.

Luckily, there are some creative ways you can recycle your Brita filters.

The company producing these filters collaborates with TerraCycle to recycle the waste.

Recycle Brita Filters: Step by Step Guide

Now you know that the only way to recycle Brita Filters is to collaborate with the producing company.

So here is a step-by-step guide to recycle Brita Filters.

Dry the filters for up to 6 days

It’s clear that the Brita Filters are wet and the only way to reduce the weight is to dry them.

It’s also necessary because you will have to clean the filters with water.

Keep them in an airy place for about 5 days for the filters to dry.

Do not try to hand dry the filters because it’s not safe.

Clean dirt from the filters

The second thing to do is to use a clean and dry fabric to wipe the surface of the dry filters.

This will remove all the mud and dust and eventually prevent its contaminants from being an issue during recycling.

Don’t use a damp fabric because it can make the filter wet again.

Use a Plastic bag to store the filter

The next move is to put the dry filters in a plastic bag.

It’s wise to put these filters in different plastic bags when recycling more than one to prevent the contaminants from spilling from one to the other.

Tie the mouth of each plastic bag tightly.

Collaborate with TerraCycle and send the filters to them

As I had earlier indicated, the Brita filter manufacturers have collaborated with TerraCycle for a filters recycling program.

Users that recycle their filters with TerraCycle have a chance of getting rewards from Brita.

You will be required to:

  1. Sign up to Brita and head to the Brita’s Recycling webpage and fill the details
  2. Pack the filters into the shipping Box
  3. For people with the Brita account, you will get a shipping label
  4. Now ship the filters with UPS-UPS will send the filters to TerraCycle for recycling


Are Brita Filters Biodegradable?

Brita Filters are useful but they are not biodegradable.

You will only have to recycle these filters with TerraCycle’s recycling program.

This is mainly because these products come from a plastic material known as polypropylene which is graded as type 5 plastic.

Do companies recycle Brita filters?

No, there are few options available for you if you want to recycle Brita filters.

The most effective method is to collaborate with TerraCycle to ship the filters back to them for a chance to win a reward with Brita.

How many contaminants do Brita filters remove?

Brita Filters can remove up to 30 different contaminants including cloudy soil, benzene, asbestos and THMs.


Brita Filters are useful but the fact that they are made of plastic makes them pretty tough to decompose.

The best option available is recycling them.

You can learn more about this recycling program by visiting TerraCycle.