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How to Recycle Bridesmaid Dresses – Updated Guide

In 2018, the Global wedding wear Market size was valued at 58.4 Billion USD.

Reports show that there’s an increasing demand for wedding gowns and tuxedos.

It is predicted that the global wedding dress market will expand at CAGR of 6.8% by 2026.

One thing with the wedding dresses is that they are often dramatic and they usually don’t match any other event such as date nights or dinner parties.

So what happens to these clothes?

The Bridesmaid Dresses for sale also has a big price tag, especially when considering the number of weddings which are being held in a year.

There are many ways to recycle wedding clothes as we will explain in this post.

Also referred to as the recycled wedding dress, this garment can be worn again by other bridesmaids and the flower girls.

You can also have them tailor or have them altered in a way that they look exactly like how you want it.


One of the best things to do with your wedding cloth is to donate it to charity.

Charity organizations offer services to those in need.

They can take the wedding dress and auction them off.

People purchase them and give donations.

If you have a dress that is made up of silk, satin or taffeta, it is a very good source of income for charities.

The charities can as well craft these clothes into wearable pieces.

Sell the clothes online

Online stores also offer services to brides who want to sell their bridesmaid dresses.

Some people are skeptical about selling their wedding dress online, but it is one possibility.

People can either list their bridal gown for sale in an antique or second hand category or on an online store.

Brides can either post photos of the wedding dress itself or ask the store to provide a professional photo of the dress.

Keep it Handy for Halloween

The wedding dress are quite dramatic as they are elaborated with frills, laces and train.

This can be a perfect costume for Halloween.

The brides may want to keep the dress so that they can use it on Halloween or future costume events.

Alter the dress into usable cloth

If you have some DIY tailor skills, then you can alter your dress into a bag or patchwork.

You can also alter it into pillow cases, napkins and table cloths.

Whatever material the wedding gown is made up of, it can be altered.

The bridesmaid dresses are also altered into other items like skirts, jackets and accessories.

Keep it as a souvenir

Keeping the dress in a cupboard or wardrobe is also an option.

Brides can keep it as a souvenir and keep it for future generations to see.

It can bring back memories to brides who wore it and guests who were present at the wedding ceremony.

The brides may also want to use it during special occasions with their husbands.

Gift it away

The bride may also want to give the dress away to someone they love.

This person can be a friend, relative or family member.

This may not be a good idea depending on the reasons why you are giving away the wedding gown.

The bride may use the dress in another wedding ceremony or have it altered into other items.


Should I keep my wedding dress or give it away?

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to keeping the dress.

Each brides should plan on what they want to do with the dress.

The dress can be used in another event such as a special anniversary.

You can also tailor the dress into a different type of garment.

It is your wedding and you have a choice in what you want to do with it.

If you have no ideas on what to do with the gown, small decisions like giving it away will not hurt at all.

What to do with bridesmaid dress?

The bridesmaid dresses are often expensive and quite dramatic.

The dresses have lace, flowers and frills which can be quite heavy.

Therefore, many brides decide to alter the dress into other items such as a dress.

The brides may want to keep the dress intact because it can be used in future weddings or other events.

How to recycle bridal gowns?

There are various ways to recycle your wedding gowns for a good cause.

You can donate the items to charity which will help others in need.

Also, if you have an unusual wedding gown or you have been given a dress that is not your style then you may want to sell it online to benefit your pocket.

Online stores such as ebay offer useful services for brides on how they can sell their wedding dresses.


Bridesmaid dresses are often dramatic and the prices can be quite hefty.

It may be an expensive item, but it can have many uses.

The recycled wedding gown can be used in other events such as Halloween or costume party.

It can also be altered into other wearable items like skirts, jackets and more.


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