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Does Goodwill take DVDs?

Embrace the magic of decluttering as you let go of items you no longer need, making room for new experiences and a more organized life. One common item that often takes up space is the humble DVD. With the rise of streaming services, these once-beloved disks now often gather dust on shelves.

Does Goodwill take DVDs

As you sort through your collection, you might be wondering: does Goodwill take DVDs? This article will delve into the ins and outs of donating DVDs to Goodwill, a reputable organization that plays a significant role in the community.

Understanding Goodwill and Its Mission

Goodwill’s Rich History

Founded in 1902 by Reverend Edgar J. Helms, Goodwill is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential through employment, education, and skill-building. With over a century of experience, Goodwill has grown into a powerful force for good in communities around the world.

Goodwill’s Mission and Values

Goodwill’s mission is to enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families. By selling donated items in their stores, Goodwill generates revenue to fund job training, employment placement services, and other vital community programs.

Goodwill’s Community Impact

Goodwill plays an essential role in the community, offering job training and resources to help people find employment. In 2020 alone, Goodwill helped more than 20.6 million people train for careers, enabling them to build better lives for themselves and their families.

What Items Does Goodwill Accept?

General Donation Guidelines

Goodwill happily accepts a wide variety of items, from clothing and accessories to household goods and electronics. These donations are sold in their stores, with the proceeds supporting their mission of helping people achieve personal and financial success.

Highlighting Acceptable Items

Some popular items Goodwill accepts include clothing, shoes, books, small appliances, and of course, media-related donations like CDs and DVDs. By donating your unwanted items, you directly contribute to creating a positive impact on your community.

DVDs: A Welcome Media Donation

Yes, Goodwill does accept DVDs! Donating your DVDs not only declutters your home but also provides entertainment and educational resources to others while supporting Goodwill’s mission.

Table: DVDs Goodwill Accepts and Doesn’t Accept

Goodwill Accepts Goodwill Doesn’t Accept
DVDs in good condition DVDs with severe scratches or damages
DVDs in their original cases DVDs without their original cases
Legally obtained DVDs Pirated or illegally copied DVDs
DVDs with no personal data DVDs containing personal data

Preparing DVDs for Donation

  • Checking the Condition of DVDs – Before donating your DVDs, ensure they are in good condition, free of scratches or damage. This ensures they can be sold and enjoyed by others.
  • Organizing and Packaging DVDs – Sort your DVDs by genre or title and package them securely to prevent damage during transportation. Ensure that each DVD is in its original case with the correct cover art.
  • Removing Personal Information – If you have any DVDs with personal information, be sure to remove or permanently erase the data before donating.

Donating DVDs to Goodwill

  • Finding a Goodwill Donation Center near You – Visit Goodwill’s website to locate a nearby donation center, or use their convenient mobile app to find the closest drop-off location.
  • Donation Drop-off Procedures – Once you’ve found a suitable location, follow their guidelines for dropping off your donations. Remember that your donated items should be clean, in working condition, and free from any hazardous materials.
  • Scheduling Pickups for Larger Donations – If you have a large donation, you may be able to schedule a pickup. Contact your local Goodwill center for more information on this service.

Considerations for Donating DVDs

Sorting Through Your Collection

Take the time to review your DVD collection, considering which titles you’re willing to part with and which hold sentimental value.

Copyright Restrictions and Issues

Be aware of any copyright restrictions when donating DVDs, especially if they were originally intended for private use only. Always ensure that you are donating legally obtained copies.

The Benefits of Donating DVDs

Donating DVDs to Goodwill not only declutters your space but also supports a worthy cause. You’re providing affordable entertainment options for others and supporting Goodwill’s mission to empower individuals through education and employment.

Other Options for Discarding DVDs

  • Selling DVDs Online – If you’re interested in making some cash from your collection, consider selling your DVDs online. Platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Decluttr can be great places to start.
  • Trading or Giving DVDs to Friends or Family – Your DVDs might be just what a friend or family member is looking for. Consider trading them or simply giving them away to someone who will appreciate them.
  • Recycling DVDs Responsibly – If your DVDs are damaged or unsellable, consider recycling them. Some recycling centers accept DVDs and their cases. Remember, responsible disposal is vital to protecting our environment.


Decluttering and donating DVDs not only brings joy and organization to your life, but it also supports the mission of organizations like Goodwill. You’re providing resources for others and contributing to the well-being of your community.

Goodwill’s commitment to helping individuals and communities makes it a great choice for your DVD donations. Plus, your donations are tax-deductible, so you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference and getting a little something back.

Why wait? Start decluttering your DVD collection today and donate your unwanted DVDs to Goodwill. You’ll be making a tangible difference in the lives of many.


What items does Goodwill not accept in California?

Goodwill in California does not accept items such as weapons, hazardous materials, large appliances, mattresses, or any items that have been recalled for safety reasons.

Is Goodwill only in America?

No, Goodwill is an international organization with locations in many countries around the world, including Canada, South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, and more.

What will Goodwill not take in Wisconsin?

Goodwill in Wisconsin does not accept items like large appliances, chemicals, weapons, or any recalled items. Always check with your local Goodwill for specific guidelines.

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