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Does Goodwill Take Toys – Recommended Guide

The truth is kids often outgrow their old toys. As they reach certain milestones, its inevitable that they’ll develop other interests and some new skills as well.

This means several beloved toys will become a thing of the past. But what exactly happens to all those toys your kid has tossed aside? Do you have them stacked up somewhere in storage containers?

If yes, we’ve got an alternative in mind and it involves giving back. Plenty of charities happily welcome toys which are then resold or distributed to children who need them. That being said, let’s find out whether Goodwill takes toys.

Can you donate toys to Goodwill?

Oftentimes, we see the question ‘does Goodwill take toys’? It’s something worth talking about considering the fact that millions of tons of items end up in landfills every year.

These are bound to have devastating effects on the planet in the long run. Instead of throwing away usable and quality toys, you can decide to donate them and help others in need. Its always best to donate your kids’ toys once they’ve outgrown them because they’re able to learn kindness and empathy.

Goodwill requires no introduction considering it’s among the biggest non-profit organizations in the U.S. They offer help to various groups of vulnerable people including those who are homeless or can’t afford to meet their basic needs. Arguably, when thinking of giving back, a worthy non-profit like Goodwill will come to mind.

The organization is known to accept a range of donations including furniture, clothing, accessories, artwork and so much more. So, what about toys? Can you donate toys to Goodwill? Absolutely!

Goodwill gladly takes toys such as stuffed animals, dolls, teddy bears and other playthings. These are resold at modest rates and the profits used to fund the organization’s work. Goodwill will not accept faulty, dirty, broken or worn-out toys. Basically, the donated items should be resalable.

Toys Goodwill May Accept Toys Goodwill May Not Accept
Clean, gently-used stuffed animals Stuffed animals that are dirty or torn
Dolls (with all clothing/accessories) Dolls that are missing clothing/accessories
Action figures and figurines in good condition Broken or damaged action figures and figurines
Board games and puzzles with all pieces Board games and puzzles with missing pieces
Educational toys and games in working condition Toys or games that are broken or missing parts
Art supplies, including coloring books and crayons Used or opened markers or other art supplies
Bicycles, tricycles and ride-on toys in good condition Battery-powered ride-on toys without chargers or batteries
Lego and other building sets with all pieces Lego and other building sets with missing pieces

Other places to donate toys

Toys are essential in the growth and development of young children. Aside from that, they invoke joy and put smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, some people are unable to purchase expensive toys for their children.

Others can’t afford them at all. Charity organizations take donated toys and either resell them at reasonable prices or rehome them with needy kids. Check below for other places where you can donate used toys.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army rings a bell to so many people because it’s among the most recognizable non-profit organizations in the country. If you’re thinking of a place to donate toys, this would be the one.

They take toy donations throughout the year. The items are then sold, and the proceeds are put toward supporting the organization’s work. One way or the other, your donation will help a needy child in the community. Also, you can opt to deduct the donated items from taxes.

Toys for Tots

Thousands of disadvantaged children in the United States don’t have good toys for their playtime. Toys for Tots is an American-based Marine Corps program aimed at ensuring kids have access to toys.

They distribute toys to children from poor backgrounds who don’t have any. The charity takes gently used toys and stuffed animals year-round.


Kids tend to be dull and disheartened when they’re in the hospital. To cheer them up, hospitals often take in donated toys for the young kids to play with. It’s a way to keep them entertained and take away their sadness. Whether its puzzles, books, small toys and other play items, you’ll definitely make a young patient happy.

The children will love playing with the toys while hospitalized or in the waiting rooms. In that case, call the medical facility first to ask about their particular parameters and other requirements. Most hospitals usually have strict restrictions concerning hygiene and may reject used toys.

Daycare Centers

There can never be enough toys in a daycare center. Many young children spend a good portion of their day in the daycare center and as a result, require plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

Furthermore, the sheer volume of kids in these facilities means its very possible to run out of toys. If your garage is packed with barely used toys your kids have abandoned, reach out to a local daycare center, and inquire whether they’ll accept them.

Children’s homes

Another worthy place to donate toys is the local children’s home. You might not know it right away but you’ll surely bring a smile to a child in need. Usually, they take all kinds of toys because kids of different ages stay in these places.

Older children are especially overlooked. If you’ve got doubts or unanswered questions, contact the specific children’s home and they’ll guide you on the type of toys they’re accepting and where to drop them off. The organization will definitely appreciate lightly used toys.


We tend to forget that children also end up in women’s shelters and homeless shelters. Such locations don’t have many toys that would keep the young kids entertained. In fact, most of the focus is put on necessities.

You’ll find that many shelters will welcome used toys as donations. Contact the shelter to learn about what’s on their wish list.

Final Thoughts

Donations are heartwarming and bring joy to those who receive them. We buy lots of toys for our kids because we love and want them to enjoy playtime. However, when the toys are no longer serving their purpose, its prudent to donate and allow another child to play with them. Whether it’s brand new or gently used, the sheer joy the toys will bring to the recipient is unparalleled.


Is Goodwill taking donations in Florida?

Yes, gently used donated items are accepted. Toys are also accepted.

Do you need to clean toys before donating?

Yes, you’re required to clean toys using warm water and mild soap before taking them to a charity organization.


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