What To Do with Old Dentures – Updated Guide 2022

About 41 million Americans are estimated to have dentures, and a quarter of them might need replacements, according to Statista.

But what happens to your old dentures after they’ve been replaced?

Do you have an idea of what to do with old dentures?

The truth is unlike some other household items, dentures are not biodegradable.

Instead, they are made of several different types of materials and can cause serious harm to the environment if disposed improperly.

It is therefore important to know how you should dispose of or recycle your old dentures.

With that being said, it’s also possible to repurpose instead of discarding them.

Repurposing your old dentures is not only sustainable but could have a great impact on the lives of others around you.

This guide will share with you the best ways to do this.

What to do with Old Dentures

In the same way that your old clothes are turned into fashionable items for resale, there are also several other ways you can repurpose your old dentures.

So, what can you do with old dentures?

Check out the following ideas.

Donate to a local school

Schools look for donations from time to time, especially when funding sources are low.

If your local schools are looking for any kind of dentures, you can be the one to provide them with some.

Dentures that may be a little too damaged for you to use can still be used by someone else and help children learn about how the mouth works and how teeth are important in chewing food.

Check with the schools in your area whether it’s a local elementary, junior high or high school and see how they may be able to use your unwanted dentures.

Inquire whether they may be in need of some dentures for their science, medical or health classes.

You can also call any local dentistry school and see if they may be in need of anything.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should boil your dentures before giving them away so they don’t cause any harm to anyone who may use them.

This is because you never know what kind of diseases the previous owner has been exposed to and therefore its best not to take any chances.

Donate to dentist or orthodontist offices

If you have a good relationship with your dentist, he or she may be able to use your unwanted dentures as a teaching tool for the students in training.

Your old dentures could be used by your dentist to teach future dental professionals how to create crowns, make bridges or even how to do root canals.

Also, dentists and orthodontists often require dentures in their businesses to use as models for future patients as well.

They often use them to demonstrate concepts and procedures to patients.

They try to make their work as realistic as possible and an old denture can be a great medium for that.

In that case, donate your dentures to an orthodontist or dentist office.

They will often put them to use for their students to practice on, or for patients who are going through braces.

An old denture can be taken apart and used by the student to help them get an idea of what it is like having braces.

This way, you ensure that your old dentures are not going to waste when you can instead use them to help improve the lives of other people around you.

Send your old dentures to Japan

Currently, Americans don’t have a reliable recycling program for dentures.

That said, there is an association in Japan referred to as Japan Denture Recycling Association.

They specialize in recycling all kinds of dentures, and have extended their services worldwide.

If you are interested in sending your old dentures to Japan for recycling, contact this group and they will be glad to help you.

After all, it is a free service that they provide for anyone who wishes to use it.

People in the United States can mail their dentures to Japan Denture Recycling Association.

For those in Japan, there are denture donation boxes in designated spots across the country.

They will pick them up and do the recycling process on their end.

Before mailing them to JDRA, disinfect them and package them carefully.

Research clearly shows dentures carry bacteria that can cause various grave illnesses including respiratory infections such as Pneumonia.

To make sure that your dentures get to the right people, it is best to foam them in a box and then wrap them up with bubble wrap.

This way, JDRA can be sure that the dentures get to their office safely.

Proceeds from the recycling will go to help support UNICEF projects and several other charities.

Use for arts and crafts projects

If you have a lot of dentures lying around at home, you can use them for arts and crafts projects.

Many parents who are looking for a project for their kids instead of getting them a toy will turn to arts and crafts as an alternative.

In that case, use your old dentures to make really interesting items ranging from jewelry to toys.

You could also sell the finished pieces in craft fairs and art shows where people would be able to purchase these items.

Just remember to boil your dentures before using them for this purpose as you do not want to risk a kid getting ill from using something that may carry some kind of infection.

It’s a necessary precaution.

Once you are done making the crafts, these will be washed and then dried for storage or for sale.

Turn into Halloween décor

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means old dentures can be put to use as décor for this holiday.

There are tons of ideas when it comes to how you can use old dentures as décor for Halloween.

You could make denture jack-o’-lanterns, or even a mummy centerpiece for the table.

People can then take pictures with these props for a fun memory.

For spookier décor, get a glass jar and fill it with plain water, Add various food coloring into the liquid to create eerie colored water in the jar.

Now put the dentures into the jar, seal and place it somewhere around the house like on the dining room table.

This will give the whole place an eerie feeling without being too freaky or scary.

If you insist on turning your old dentures into decorations, remember that you need to be careful with them.

Pour a strong cleaner into a bowl, immerse the dentures in there and scrub them until they’re nice and clean.

Give them away to a local artist

Art is described as a form of beauty that is created through skill and talent.

People who are talented in art will often make their living through painting, sculpting or other mediums.

Perhaps your local artist is interested in working on an unconventional project and might require obscure materials such as unwanted dentures.

Many artists are constantly in need of good, used material that they can use to create their art pieces.

Take your old dentures and give them to someone who is an artist in the area.

This person should be able to put them to good use as part of their art project.

See if you can find a local artist on Meetup, or through Google and give them your dentures for their art project.

Of course, it is important that they are sterilized before you give them away to an artist.

Also, inquire first before you give your dentures to them about what sort of material they will be using in their art projects.

Some might not want to take plastic dentures.

Gag gift

If you know someone with a tremendous sense of humor, your unused dentures could be a great gag gift for that person.

This especially applies to older people who don’t really care about dentures.

They may appreciate the humor behind it all.

If you give your dentures to an older person and tell them how old they are, you’re sure to get a good laugh out of it.

You could also give your dentures to the people in your office as a gag gift for someone’s birthday.

They can use them to make a piñata for example and have some good old fun with it.

If you want, you could donate them to a local dentist office and create the perfect Halloween scare for kids who come in for a visit in October.

Giving away your old dentures may seem strange if you’re not used to it, but once you start doing it and sharing with others, you might discover that it’s a great way to get rid of them quickly.

Sell the metal parts inside

Some dentures have precious metals inside including silver and gold.

A number of companies are willing to purchase old dentures so that they can collect these valuable metals.

A good example is a company called Gold Box and Garfield Refining.

They purchase the gold and silver parts of dentures and pay cash on the spot.

The dentures should be in mint condition, have no broken parts and not have any tooth decay.

They should also be thoroughly cleaned beforehand to get rid of any germs or bacteria.

If you’re looking to sell unwanted dentures, visit websites like Gold Box and see if they will buy your old dentures in exchange for cash.

It’s possible to make as much as $90 per tooth on these websites.

Always research the company you’re planning on selling your dentures to.

Make sure they are legit, have good reviews and have been in the business for a while.

This way you can be sure that the company is paying fair prices for the dentures and will not take advantage of you.

If these companies won’t buy your old dentures, there are other companies that will.

You can also try putting an ad online on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

Dispose of

If you’re tired of keeping unwanted dentures around the house and do not want to give them away, consider disposing of them.

Disposing of old dentures properly is important because the materials that may be present in these items can be harmful.

Some dentures are made of plastic and could contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in many plastics used for food packaging.

Therefore, to dispose of these old dentures safely, it is best to take them to your local waste removal company.

The garbage collectors will discard them for you in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of creative ways to hack old dentures and get them used.

If you’re willing to get creative, then it is probably worth the effort to do so.

The best thing about using old dentures as part of your art projects or as gag gifts is that people will always appreciate what you’ve done for them.

If you have dentures lying around your home, perhaps it is time to take advantage of one of these uses for old dentures.

Who knows?

You might just discover a hidden talent within yourself.

After all, art and crafts projects can be a lot of fun and is something that anyone can do.


Can denture teeth be reused?

Yes, dentists often reuse denture teeth when replacing damaged ones.

Dentures are routinely cleaned and disinfected after each use to prevent any infection from spreading.

Can dentures be refitted for another person?

While it’s possible, it’s not something dentists would easily recommend because people have different teeth shapes and sizes.

In fact, refitting dentures would also depend on the quality and material used in manufacturing your dentures.