What To Do with an Old Coffee Maker – Updated Guide

As an avid coffee drinker, you know that your morning routine just isn’t complete without the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through your kitchen.

But with today’s high quality beans and contraptions, is there really any point in continuing to use an old, inefficient machine?

It might be time to upgrade.

But, do you have an idea of what to do with an old coffee maker once its sun sets?

There are all sorts of uses for an old, broken down coffee maker.

This means you don’t have to throw it away just yet.

Even as you welcome a brand new coffee machine into your home, you can still able to get the most out of an old one.

We got notable ideas up our sleeves on what to do with that old coffee machine lingering in your kitchen cabinet.

What to do with an old coffee maker?

You just bought the latest and greatest coffee maker, or perhaps a new model was released.

You’ve got a brand new super caffeinated machine that offers all the bells and whistles to make you look like you’re set for life.

But what if you want to keep your old coffee maker around for a while even if it’s not for the sole purpose of using it?

This means you can’t just leave it out in the cabinet to collect dust, but rather find alternative uses for this nifty piece of equipment.

In fact, there are a handful of things that you can do with an old coffee machine that will help you get the most out of this expensive appliance.

Turn it into a planter

If you have an old coffee machine that doesn’t work anymore and is past its prime, then it’s sensible to use it as a planter or flower pot.

One of the easiest things to do with an old coffee maker is to turn it into a unique planter.

You will be able to craft a lovely table centerpiece that adds a pop of greenery in your living area.

All you need is a few basic materials and supplies found at your local home improvement stores.

You can decorate this with any flowers that you have, or you can pick up some flowers and plants from your local florist.

Hang it up on the wall and be done with it.

Alternatively, you can place it on your table and watch the flowers grow and bloom through the glass container.

Of course, you can also decorate your coffee maker planter with a few ornaments to bring out its true potential.

We suggest that you try this with a cute little gnome that you can find at your local gardening store.

This will create an eye-catching plant pot that makes a great statement piece in any home.

Make a lamp

Use that old coffee machine to make another super cool lighting fixture for your entire home.

An aged coffee machine makes for a brilliant floor lamp that goes well with any room in your home.

Look up some DIY tutorials online.

You can even find a wide variety of these lamps online because it seems like the new craze is making old things into something different.

If you already know how to purchase electrical supplies and install them in your home, then this is the best project for you.

In that case, contact an electrician that can help you with anything that you need to do to install your old coffee maker into a complex lighting fixture.

Donate it

Sometimes you have a coffee machine that’s still functioning but you want to upgrade and get a new one.

If that’s the case, then it’s best to pass it on to someone else who will find more practical uses for your old coffee maker.

Even if you don’t know the people personally, at least you can send it to the right hands and let them make good use of something that is still in good condition.

Goodwill donation centers are always looking for various items for their customers, so your old coffee maker will no doubt be put to good use.

You can also donate it to a thrift shop that accepts donations from people like you who want to get rid of items.

There are all kinds of charities around the country that collect old stuff in order to help out those who need assistance in a place where they are struggling.

It would surely benefit someone in more ways that you could ever think of.

Recent studies actually show drinking coffee reduces the risk of early death.

So in a way you’ll be saving lives.

Return to the store where you bought it

This applies to the people who bought their coffee maker at a local store.

Although there is a chance that you got your coffee maker from a big box store that might not accept returns or exchanges, you can always go back to the store where you bought it in order to find out what its policy is regarding old coffee machines.

Just go back to the store, explain your situation and ask them if they would be able to do something about your old coffee maker.

Some local stores will take back the coffee machine and recycle it for you.

There are mandatory laws in a few states that require retail stores to take back certain appliances for the purposes of recycling.

Though, this doesn’t mean all stores accept back old appliances.

So, call them or walk in and find out what their policy is in handling such things.

Return to the manufacturer for recycling

This is perhaps the best thing to do with an old coffee machine.

A lot of manufacturers have recycling programs that accept old appliances.

Check the brand name and look up their website.

You will be able to find out if they have a recycling program where you can take your unwanted coffee machine in.

These manufacturers take back old appliances so they can be recycled and used to make new products.

They do this by stripping off the parts of an appliance like a coffee maker and then separating it down into its raw components.

This allows manufacturers to turn these old appliances into new raw materials that they can use for other purposes.

At the same time, they will be preserving the planet as studies have shown.

Call in advance to see if your manufacturer accepts old appliances like a coffee maker and be prepared to explain the situation.

Most companies will have a drop box or a recycling program in place where you can take back the appliance.

Sell it

If you have an unwanted coffee maker that’s still in good condition and still works, then you can try selling it to someone else on craigslist or at a garage sale.

Find someone who wants it that will use it for a few more years.

There are people who might want to buy your used coffee machine because they don’t have the budget to afford a new one.

Although this sounds like the most practical route out, some people just prefer getting something new over something old and don’t mind paying for it.

However, you’re appliance might still fetch a decent price.

You can go to a website that connects sellers to buyers who are in the market for used stuff.

Some people don’t want anything too old or new and will be willing to purchase your coffee machine at a good price.

Gift it to someone

There are people in your life who will appreciate an old coffee machine as a gift.

If you have someone in your family that loves to brew their own coffee, then they will love getting their hands on a coffee machine to brew the best beverages inside their house.

We suggest that you give it to people who will continue using it and make good use of it since this is the reason why you want to get rid of it anyway.

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a co-worker, there are occasions when you will want to give it as a gift.

Find someone who would love to have it as a gift and make sure they will utilize it in the right way.

Remember, most people appreciate simple, thoughtful and heartfelt gestures and there is even a study to prove it.

Create a coffee pot terrarium

If you want to impress someone with your DIY skills then you could try making a coffee pot terrarium.

Crafts like this can be sold online so why not make something unique that people will love to buy?

You can do this by taking a large glass jar and place your old coffee maker inside the jar.

Pour some soil and fertilizer around the machine in order to create a small landscape inside the jar.

Then, you can top it up with some small stones and decorative stuff from your local home improvement store.

Wait for a few days and watch your terrarium grow! This is actually an amazing idea for people that keep small animals such as lizards and spiders as pets.

The terrarium will look like a beautiful miniature garden and serve as a healthy habitat for different types of small animals.

Get the services of a junk removal company

If your coffee machine has a plug or circuit board, it’s considered to be e-waste (electronic-waste).

Currently, the world is experiencing a surge in the amount of e-waste and its accumulating at a fast rate.

Every year, more and more stuff is being thrown into landfills and eventually, the earth will reach a breaking point.

If you don’t want to contribute to this problem, then it’s a good idea to get the services of a junk removal company.

These companies handle all kinds of waste, including e-waste like your old coffee machine.

They will show up when you tell them and take away the unwanted appliances for recycling.

This is certainly the most economical way to get rid of a coffee machine that no longer works.

It may even give you peace of mind knowing that your old coffee machine will be recycled for the right purposes.

Final Thoughts

There are options to dispose of your old coffee machine once and for all.

It just needs a little bit of brainstorming and some creativity.

No matter what option you choose, you can still have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

All you have to do is find what suits your lifestyle the best.

There are tips that could help you make the right decision, but ultimately, it’s up to you to pick which method works best for your personal situation.

So, have fun with all your old appliances in the back of your cabinets and give them new purposes by selling it or giving them as a special gift to someone you know.

If you want to go for the easiest method, make sure that you reach out to a reputable junk removal company that will take away the aged appliance for recycling purposes.


What is the average life of a coffee maker?

Coffee makers can last for a very long time.

Some people in the past have had the coffee maker run for decades.

These machines can last up to 5 years if they are maintained properly and serviced on a regular basis.

So, before you make the decision of disposing your old coffee maker, research how long it has been in service and how far you can go with it before it breaks down or requires some major repairs.

What can i do with an old coffee maker?

There are a lot of interesting ways to reuse and recycle your old coffee maker.

You can even sell it to someone and make some bucks out of it.

One way you can use your beloved appliance is by creating a unique terrarium in the shape of a coffee pot from an old coffee maker.

This is just one of the many creative uses for your old coffee maker.