Can You Recycle Canning lids – Updated Guide

When it comes to canning food, it is not advisable to reuse the lids, even though they can be repurposed for other uses such as storing dry goods and other products.

The glass jars themselves are an excellent alternative to plastic and help minimise waste.

But reusing the lids on some of the jars can be challenging due to the fact that some of the lids are difficult to clean.

Additionally, you need to investigate the components that go into the production of your canning lids.

The one-time use canning lids

These are the most prevalent styles of canning lids that can be purchased in stores nowadays.

You can tell that they are made up of two parts by looking for a strip of sealing compound that runs down the edge of the lid.

Plastisol has been applied in the form of a thin layer or liner underneath the can so that it will expand when the jar is heated.

This waxy chemical is designed to expand and fill any space that may have been formed by air bubbles so that a flawless seal may be created.

You run the danger of destroying the seal, making it so that it no longer bonds correctly or effectively, if you use it more than once.

Because of this, there is a risk that the food will become contaminated with bacteria or residue.

If you did not purchase your new lids and are interested in determining whether or not they have previously been used, you could perform a quick inspection before beginning.

Close inspection of the seal should be performed to check for any discolouration, cracks, or gaps in the seal.

One more thing to think about is the chemicals used in the seal material manufacturing process.

The white seal that can be seen underneath the lids of many products has been shown to contain bisphenol, more frequently referred to as BPA.

This man-made chemical can be found in a wide variety of products, particularly those that are composed of plastic or resin.

It is commonly used to harden plastic and can be found in a wide variety of products, ranging from water bottles to items used for personal hygiene.

Can the lids for canning be recycled?

Yes, the majority of canning lids are recyclable.

Metal lids are generally acceptable for recycling in most programmes, provided they have been thoroughly cleaned and isolated from the jar in question.

If you are unclear, check to see what the rules are for your local institution.

There may be specific guidelines that dictate whether or not the lids should be batched together in a group or left individually in the recycling bin.

It is possible that you will be required to bring them to a site that is specifically designated for their disposal and recycling in certain municipalities.

Other Applications for the Lids of Canning Jars

While it is preferable to reuse or recycle the lids, other things may be done to prevent them from being thrown away when those options are unavailable.

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll realise that these small rings may be used for a wide variety of crafts and projects around the house.

It ranges from entertaining activities to do with the children to home decor to gifts or food items.

The following are a few inventive ideas that can breathe new life into those lids.


Select the fabric or material for the coaster based on your preference.

By tracing the ring onto your template, you can determine the appropriate size to cut out the template for the ring.

Ensure you make it slightly smaller so it may fit inside the ring in a manner that is not too loose or tight.

To verify the backing has been completely sealed, press firmly into the lid using a glue gun or strong adhesive tape.

Egg Holder 

If you want precisely round eggs every time you cook them, a lid ring is a valuable tool to have on hand.

Just place the ring inside the pan, break the egg in the middle of the cover, and continue cooking as you normally would.

Cookie Cutter 

These lid rings can be used for various other purposes around the kitchen besides canning.

Use a clean ring to form the dough if you find yourself without a cookie cutter while you are baking.

This might also work for shaping homemade biscuits or doughnuts.

If you find yourself hunting for a cookie cutter while you are baking, use a clean ring instead.

Picture Magnet

Can you think of a better way to spruce up your refrigerator than with a few photo magnets of canning lids?

You’ll select the photo, image, or design that you want to use for the centre.

Create the circle by tracing the lid’s top, then cut it out.

If you add a thin strip of magnetic tape to the reverse side.

You’ll be able to fill the available area with hundreds of handcrafted items quickly.


A canning lid ring wreath you make is a great way to spruce up any door or wall.

This straightforward activity can be used from 10 to 30 rings.

Also, the number of rounds needed is directly proportional to the size of the wreath you intend to create.

You can paint the lids, adorn them with ribbon or tape, or cover them with fabric if you choose.

Specific individuals can achieve a more antique and rustic appearance by allowing the metal to become rusted.

After you have gathered and arranged all of the lids, pass a thread or heavy-duty ribbon through each of the openings, and then tie the ends of the string or ribbon together.


What is the critical distinction between a canning lid and a canning ring?

The flat tin caps known as “canning lids” are used to seal jars with waxy edges.

The rings are hollow bands made of stainless steel that are used to attach the lids to the jars while the jars are being processed and cooled.

Is it possible to recycle the rings?

Canning jars can have new lids attached using the rings multiple times without risking injury.

However, they are eligible for recycling at the curbside after they have been bent or are no longer usable.