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Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags – Complete Guide

As one of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart is committed to reducing waste and recycling more. Plastic is a massive environmental problem, as it takes centuries to decompose and is a major contributor to ocean pollution.

If you are conscious about the environment and would like to reduce your carbon footprint, you may be wondering whether Walmart recycles plastic bags. Hundreds of people shop at the retailer every day, and plastic bags are used for nearly every purchase.

So what happens to all these plastic bags once you have used them at Walmart? Does the company recycle them? If so, what happens to recycled plastic bags?

Does Walmart recycle plastic bags?

In recent times, there has been increased awareness of the impact of plastic on the environment. The number of plastic bags that are thrown away every year is tremendous.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, billions of plastic bags are thrown away each year. In the US alone, an estimated 12.7 billion plastic bags are used each year.

To make matters worse, only 1 out of 5 plastic bags is recycled. The rest end up in landfills or as litter in the streets and in the oceans. This is a major environmental concern as discarded plastic contributes to air and water pollution as well as to marine biodiversity loss.

The plastic bags that are used by customers at Walmart stores are no exception. It is estimated that over 100 million plastic bags are given out in US stores alone, every year. Some of them end up as litter, rather than being recycled.

In fact, there’s a good chance that even if you’re a conscious shopper and bring your own shopping bags to Walmart, you still end up using their plastic bags for some of your items.

How does Walmart use recycled plastic bags?

Fortunately, Walmart is dedicated to reducing the amount of waste it produces. Walmart actually recycles plastic bags, making not only the plastic more environmentally-friendly, but also reducing their own environmental impact.

Walmart is committed to reducing the amount of waste it produces by utilizing reusable bags and recycling all possible wastes. The company’s goal is to reduce the amount of waste that they put out in landfills by 35%, and they are on track to achieve this goal.

All the Walmart stores have dedicated recycling bins where you can drop-off your plastic bags and bottles. Therefore, if you have a bunch of plastic bags in your home and would like to place them in the appropriate recycling bins, you can do so.

Why leave these bags polluting landfills when you can safely put them in the bins at Walmart, and reduce their impact on the environment? They will be recycled in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Does Walmart have to recycle bins in their stores?

Oftentimes, customers demand that businesses take responsibility of recycling their waste. Walmart’s customers expect the company to recycle plastic bags. Luckily, the store has taken initiatives in providing recycling bins for its customers to dispose of their plastic bags and bottles even if they’re from other retailers.

As you walk into Walmart, your first priority is probably to select the household items that you need. However, once you’re done shopping, don’t forget to dispose of your plastic bags in the dedicated recycling bin that the store has!

These bins are a prominent part of the store and are usually located at the entrance for convenience and easy access. Its placement at the entrance ensures that customers have no excuse of not knowing about it.

How does Walmart’s plastic bag recycling program work?

Walmart’s plastic bag recycling program allows customers to recycle their clean and dry plastic bags, as well as other types of plastic film packaging, at designated recycling bins in Walmart stores. The collected plastic is then processed and used to create new products.

With such a recycling program, Walmart is making a meaningful difference towards reducing plastic pollution – one of the biggest environmental concerns that we face today. Its efforts are more than just admirable, and the company deserves the praise it has received for its recycling initiative.

Additionally, any customer who’s concerned about the environment can also do their part to reduce plastic pollution. Each year, over 1 million whales and dolphins die because of marine littering. Plastic bags are one of the major culprits of this mass-killing of marine life. If you can bring your plastic bags to Walmart that would be an excellent step forward in resolving this issue.

What does Walmart do with plastic bags?

Walmart collects all plastic bags generated from its stores, and reuses them for a variety of other products. Sometimes companies put these recycled plastic bags back onto shelves for consumers to use, or are made into new items such as carpet padding. These recycled products can be sold for profit or given away free of charge.

By recycling plastic bags, Walmart not only reduces its own environmental impact but also its impact on the environment at large.

This is because plastic bags make up a significant portion of ocean litter. Plastic bags and other forms of marine debris are ingested by wildlife and then released back into the environment. This process can lead to death for many marine animals.

Therefore, by reducing the number of plastic bags that end up as litter in our oceans, we’re helping to save many animals from dying a painful death.

Does Walmart accept all types of plastic bags for recycling?

In addition to the plastic bags that are collected at Walmart, the company also collects other type of plastic and recycles them. For instance, they take plastic bottles for recycling. The recycled plastic goes through a specific process before it is put back onto any products.

This process keeps the recycled material from being thrown away as waste.

Final Thoughts

Walmart has taken commendable action in reducing its own environmental impact by recycling all possible waste. Not only does it help the environment, but it helps the company save money, as well. Discarded plastic bags can create a significant amount of land and water pollution.

Rather than simply throwing these bags away and allowing them to pollute our landfills, Walmart recycles them to make new products that can be sold or given away free of charge.


Does Walmart have a recycling bin?

Yes. As you enter Walmart, there will be a recycle bin at the point of sale area where you can drop off your plastic bags and bottles.

Where can I take the plastic items to?

Plastic bags and bottles can be dropped off at any Walmart store, not just the one that you purchased them from. However, if you want to keep your trips to a minimum, simply look for stores close to your home. You will also find them in front of each store.


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