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HP Recycle Program – What is a Planet Partner?

At some point, you may have used a HP product that is covered under a limited warranty.

But how does HP offer their customers the opportunity to recycle their products and help the world’s environmental health?

The HP Recycling Program offers eligible customers in the United States (and Canada) an opportunity to recycle used IT products, including desktops and laptops, printers, displays, mobile computing devices and accessories.

The program allows for electronic recycling of IT gear in an environmentally responsible way by using responsible recyclers who handle the electronics responsibly.

What is the HP Recycle Program about?

E-waste is quickly approaching the most common type of waste generated in developed countries and it’s no wonder that planned obsolescence is at the top of many tech companies bottom line to squeeze out as much profit as possible. And it’s all because of unrepairability of yesterday’s top tech products that have become today’s old e-waste, from skimping on manufacturing costs to creating poor quality products that won’t last till the end of the warranty period.

Should it be any wonder as to why they world is choking on the mounting garbage? The good news is that many people have woken up to recycling electronics. HP is committed to respecting the environment and reducing their impact on the earth through efficient reuse, recycling and responsible disposal of e-waste.

The program aims to provide an eco-friendly way to dispose of used IT products from companies and individuals. The HP Recycling Program has a fair process that covers all your needs in disposing of unwanted or used PCs, printers, displays, scanners, mobile computing devices and accessories.

HP understands that the environment is a top priority for many people around the world. Partnering with recyclers helps save natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding landfill disposal practices.

The program offers various options for recycling not only to reduce the amount of e-waste going into landfills but also to consolidate electronics for efficient recycling and reuse.

How Easy It is to Recycle Your HP products

Whether it’s a laptop, desktop computer, old toner cartridges, printer, scan or mobile computing device, the HP Recycling Program allows for electronic recycling of IT gear in an environmentally responsible way by using responsible recyclers who handle the electronics responsibly.

The program offers various electronic recycling options including free take-back programs and mail-back programs and provides a simple, cost-effective way to recycle used IT products with no out-of-pocket expense.

With that being said, there are three ways you can recycle your electronics and other IT-related waste with HP.

  • Drop off at a retailer – If you have purchased an HP product that is now outdated, consider taking it to an HP retailer and drop it off. HP added thousands of retailers across the United States and Canada to its take-back program. These retailers include Staples, Office Depot recycle program, Best Buy and more.
  • Mail-back programs – If there isn’t a close by store, you can ship your computer or other electronics directly to HP using the pre-paid shipping label included in the box of your product or by creating a free account with www.hp. This process is relatively simple and easy to do. Once you ship your electronic equipment, HP will ship it on to a recycling plant equipped to handle its destruction and processing in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Work with a non-profit recycling organization – Search the internet for non-profits that recycle electronics in an environmentally friendly way and work directly with them. Choose a company that provides free, eco-friendly electronics recycling to individuals and companies.

List of the products accepted into the HP Planet Partners program:

Product Category Accepted Not Accepted
Printers Inkjet and LaserJet printers Fax machines, scanners, and multi-function printers
Ink & Toner Cartridges Original HP ink & toner cartridges Refilled, remanufactured, or non-HP cartridges
Computing Devices HP desktop and laptop computers Monitors, keyboards, mice, and other accessories
Mobile Devices HP smartphones and tablets None


Why you should recycle

The HP Planet Partners Recycling Program is a fantastic way to dispose of your unwanted and/or obsolete electronics without any cost. As an environmentally conscious organization, HP has partnered with various companies and groups around the country that accept electronic waste for recycling.

This program allows for individuals to take their used electronics directly to their local retailers or mail the products to HP and there is no cost to you or your company. All the electronics will be destroyed in an environmentally friendly way and turned into new raw materials.

Digital devices are a great resource for recycling since they contain precious metals, such as gold and silver, as well as hazardous chemicals for recycling through recycling programs.

The HP Recycling Program allows for e-waste disposal that is efficient, environmentally conscious and responsible for the resources needed to dispose of them.

What are the incentives?

Yes, the HP Planet Partners program offers rewards and incentives for participating in the program. By properly recycling eligible HP products through the program, customers can contribute to a more sustainable future and receive various benefits, such as exclusive offers and discounts on HP products,

Final Thoughts

Since HP is one of the leading computer and printer manufacturers in the US, they wanted to do their part in getting rid of electronic waste and offer their customers a recycling program.

This program is called HP Planet Partners and aims to give their customers an easy, cost-effective way to get rid of their old computers, printers, toner cartridges and other computer related waste.

HP Planet Partners is a free program that gives customers at least three ways to recycle their electronics such as through mail-back programs and drop off programs.

If you purchase an HP product, it will come with a pre-paid label for you to mail it in or you can bring it back to a retail store for recycling.


How do you dispose of a HP laptop?

If you have an HP laptop, you can simply bring it to an HP retailer or mail it to the company.

The retailer will take the laptop and dispose of it in a recycling plant.

How do I recycle an HP computer?

There are various ways to recycle HP computers.

Vendors such as Best Buy, Office Depot, HP retailers and many more accept old computers and other electronics for recycling.


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