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AutoZone Oil Recycle Program – With Store Credit?

Every year approximately 19 million gallons of used motor oil are discarded by American drivers who get an average of 18-20 miles per gallon, a statistic that begs the question, “What happens to all this oil?” The AutoZone Oil Recycling Program is committed to preserving our natural resources.

It keeps gallons of used oil from landfills and instead reuses it as a raw material to make asphalt and other paving material.

Used oil as well as Batteries are collected at AutoZone stores, where it is sent to a nationwide network of processors who recycle used oil – producing a totally new product for the marketplace.

This recycling program has been so successful that it has saved more than 30 million gallons of oil from landfills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 14,000 metric tons!

What is the AutoZone oil recycling program about?

AutoZone’s oil recycling program is based on the simple concept of providing the service to its customers at no cost. Its designed to give people a convenient way to recycle their used motor oil.

Improper disposal of used oil can have devastating effects on the environment and the quality of our natural resources. It is the company’s commitment to preserving our natural resources that make AutoZone’s oil recycling program so successful.

People who do their own oil changes may not know what to do with the used oil once its job is done.

That’s where AutoZone comes in! The company has stores across the country where you can take the used oil for recycling. You just have to find an AutoZone store near you and bring the used oil in with you.

An AutoZone associate will take it from there.

Typically, the oil is collected and taken to a processing plant where it is cleaned and filtered.

Additionally, some of this used oil will be refined into diesel fuel or other “drop-in” motor oil products that consumers can use directly in their vehicles with no engine modification required.

AutoZone does not accept waste oil; it only accepts clean, used motor oil for recycling through its program.

Is the AutoZone oil recycling program free?

Yes, the AutoZone oil recycling program is free. Customers can take their used oil to any of the participating AutoZone stores for free recycling.

Instead of dumping it in a landfill where the oil may cause pollution and harm the environment, AutoZone’s program allows you to recycle the used oil at no extra costs to you.

From there, the company’s networks of processors take the used oil and turn it into a totally new product for the marketplace.

AutoZone provides this service for free to help customers make the right choice when it comes to motor oil disposal. It is easy to forget about the used oil that is lying around your garage.

However, it is extremely harmful to the environment if it is simply thrown away. AutoZone makes it easy for you to do the right thing and turn your used motor oil into other products.

This way you are helping preserve our natural resources, as well as helping keep pollution out of landfills. With hundreds of locations across the country, AutoZone’s network of stores and processors provides a convenient way for people to recycle their used motor oil.

How is the used oil recycled?

Used motor oil is taken from the AutoZone stores and processed at a nationwide network of processing facilities.

The used oil is cleaned, filtered, and then sent to a diesel fuel production plant where it is refined and put back into consumer use. The supply for these processors comes from a variety of sources, but the majority comes from used motor oil that is collected by AutoZone stores.

After it’s recycled, the oil is used in different ways.

This includes the following;

  • Turned into a variety of fluid products such as transmission fluid and lubricant for gears.
  • Used as an additive in asphalt, concrete, and other paving materials.
  • Used to produce industrial fuel for delivery trucks.
  • Used a source of energy or fuel for the industrial power plants
  • Processed into a variety of products like pet food, soap, glue and asphalt filler.

As you can see, oil doesn’t have to be a waste.

You can use it to help preserve our natural resources and make products that will be useful.

AutoZone stores across the country provide you with the opportunity to do this for free.

Why you should recycle used oil

The benefits of AutoZone’s oil recycling program are clear.

If every driver took their used oil to an AutoZone store, millions of gallons of used oil would never make it to a landfill where it could cause pollution and harm the environment.

Oil is a natural resource and this means its reuse is a smart and responsible way to preserve our natural resources and good for the environment.

The AutoZone oil recycling program uses used oil to make paving products like asphalt, which are used in new construction projects. Recycled motor oil reduces the number of new materials that need to be mined and manufactured to make paving materials.

AutoZone’s recycling program also plays a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the production of climate-altering carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

If you are a driver who does their own oil change, or if you work at a business that does, remember to bring your old motor oil to any AutoZone location.

Final Thoughts

Oil is a natural resource and one that can be recycled to create products like paving materials and industrial fuel.

This reduces the need to mine and refine new petroleum products.

Recycled motor oil also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of new petroleum that needs to be refined for the use of these products.

As an environmentally conscious company, AutoZone is proud of its oil recycling program.


How do I dispose of used oil near me?

AutoZone offers the convenient service of taking your used motor oil to your local store. They have over 6,000 stores across the United States so you should find one relatively close to you.

Simply take your used motor oil into an AutoZone store and they’ll recycle it for you.

Can you dump motor oil down the drain?

Motor oil is an unsightly substance and something that you would want to avoid having to take care of. Therefore, putting motor oil down the drain would be an extremely unwise decision.

Used motor oil contains chemicals that could cause blockages in the pipes if poured down a drain. Additionally, if used motor oil gets into our water supply, it could pollute rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.

An excellent way to dispose of your used motor oil is by taking it to an AutoZone store.


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