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Nike Recycle Program – How to Participate 2024

Does Nike have a recycling program? Yes, Customers who bring in their old shoes to participate in the program may receive exclusive discounts on Nike products, depending on the current promotions and offers.

So stick around to see if you are eligible.

Nike has focused on creating quality, innovative sporting products for everyday people and athletes. They manufacture a wide range of products, from athletic equipment to basketballs and baseball bats. Aside from that, Nike has a recycling program that encourages consumers to donate their worn-out sneakers or other athletic gear to be recycled and reused.

The Nike Recycle Program is similar to many other recycling programs that have been established by major companies in order to combat the issue of waste and over-consumption.

These recycling programs are becoming more prominent in the industry as the need for environmentally friendly products increases, and many corporations realize they have a responsibility not only to their employees and customers, but also to the planet in which they live.

Nike Reuse-a-shoe Recycle Program

The Reuse-A-Shoe program was first established in the early 1990’s It has been a huge success, with thousands of kilograms of Nike shoes donated every year.

The shoes that are donated through this program are collected at participating stores across the country. There are bins stationed at these stores which are used specifically to collect shoes, and depending on the size of the store, there can be anywhere from 4-8 bins.

This helps to increase the efficiency of the program significantly since people can simply drop off their Nike footwear at retail stores in various locations. When a customer decides they want to donate their old athletic shoe, they simply take it to one of these collection bins.

By participating in the Reuse-a-shoe program you will be rewarded with in-store special promos and discounts, but it’s only for select stores so it’s recommended that you connect the store in your area to see which outlet is participating in the cause.

How can I Participate in the Nike Recycle Program

First, the best way to find out is by calling the Nike store nearest you. If they don’t have a recycling program in place, they will be able to tell you who does have one in your local area.

With that being said, Nike has made it pretty easy for customers to recycle their old shoes.

How do be eligible?

All you’re required to do is drop off the shoes at a participating Nike retail store, but they may decline your donation, here’s the list of the condition of shoes they accept:

Condition Requirement
Clean and Dry Shoes must be clean and free of any dirt or debris
Hazard-Free Shoes must not contain any hazardous materials such as batteries or chemicals
Acceptable Brand Shoes must be athletic shoes, regardless of brand

Note: Most Nike retail stores accept any brand of athletic sneakers for recycling.

How do they recycle old Nike shoes?

All the collected shoes are taken to a specialized recycling facility which is located in Memphis. While there, they undergo a thorough sorting process to determine which materials are reusable and which are not.

After the sorting process, the materials that can be recycled are taken to a manufacturing plant where they’re transformed into new products. The process of recycling athletic shoes at this facility is very simple, and it requires minimal labor on their end as well.

They take the worn-out shoes and combine them with the manufacturing waste. The result is referred to as Nike Grind material.

From there, each shoe is divided into three parts namely the foam midsole, rubber outsole and the fibre upper. The cut parts are put in a grinder, purified and recycled and are made into new Nike products.

Fun fact: Nike Grind Foam is used to make cushioning for basketball and tennis courts. The rubber outsole is turned into tennis nets, play fields and golf tees.

Final Thoughts

While it might not seem like a huge deal, this program helps to reduce the amount of waste that’s thrown away. That’s why it’s important to take your shoes to the Nike store and recycle them. This is something that is beneficial for the environment and has been actively taking place for over two decades now.

The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program is one of the best programs that have been established in recent times, and it has gained widespread popularity because of how successful it has been so far.


What is the Nike Grind Program?

The Nike Grind program is a shoe recycling program that has been around since the early 1990s.

It’s a fairly simple process, and all you have to do is drop off your old pair of Nike shoes at an authorized retail location.

Can I recycle my Nike shoes?

Yes, Just take your used Nike footwear to an authorized retail location and they will take care of the rest.

Remember that this is only valid for any brand of athletic footwear, so you cannot recycle non-athletic shoes through this program.


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