How to Use Lululemon Recycle Program – Eco Guide

Lululemon Recycle Program guide

With the earth slowly choking on our waste, recycling is more important than ever. Lululemon understands the importance of this issue and has launched a program that will help take care of their waste by offering eco-friendly customers a trade-in, … Read more

Patagonia Recycle Program – The Worn Wear Guide

Patagonia Recycle Program guide

Textile waste is the single largest type of waste entering landfills. Patagonia, a leader in sustainable fashion, is trying to reduce that impact by helping people send textiles out of circulation by recycling them. Patagonia’s recycling program is referred to … Read more

HP Recycle Program – What is a Planet Partner?

HP Recycle Program guide

At some point, you may have used a HP product that is covered under a limited warranty. But how does HP offer their customers the opportunity to recycle their products and help the world’s environmental health? The HP Recycling Program … Read more

Best Buy Recycle Program – How to Use it 2023

Best Buy Recycle Program guide

Perhaps, you’ve heard a thing or two about the Best Buy recycle program also known as the Geek Squad Recycling Program. For a long time, the idea of recycling has been closely associated with guilt. If you didn’t recycle, or … Read more

AutoZone Oil Recycle Program – With Store Credit?

AutoZone Oil Recycle Program guide

Every year approximately 19 million gallons of used motor oil are discarded by American drivers who get an average of 18-20 miles per gallon, a statistic that begs the question, “What happens to all this oil?” The AutoZone Oil Recycling … Read more

Bath and Body Works Recycle Program – Updated Guide

Bath and Body Works Recycle Program Guide

Currently, most of the major brands have recycling programs in place. Businesses understand the importance of recycling and are constantly striving to reduce their impact on the environment. If you are a Bath and Body Works user, you’re probably wondering … Read more

Staples Recycle Program – Everything You Must Know

Staples Recycle Program Guide

Staples Recycling is a recycling program that helps Staples stores ensure they only generate one-time-use materials in their products, better conserve natural resources, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money. Through the Staples Recycle Program, Staples team members collect multiple … Read more

Back To MAC Recycling Program – Everything You Need To Know

The MAC Recycling Program

Mac is one of the world’s most famous and successful cosmetic brands, with over 18 billion dollars worth of sales every year. To help further develop its brand, MAC has initiated a recycling program for MAC customers who previously purchased … Read more