How to Recycle Old Socks – Top Ideas Guide

If you are looking for ways on How to recycle old socks then we have all the info you need to get started today. Like many people, they accumulate a stockpile of old and mismatched socks and wonder if its worth keeping or throwing away.

Maybe you have been wondering if you can recycle old socks, in our guide we have all the answers to your questions.

We will also use the opportunity to highlight why recycling old socks is such a big deal.

Why is recycling your old socks such a big deal?

Every year, North Americans account for 10 million tonnes of clothing, which is no longer needed.

These clothes are sent to landfills. According to statistics, the average person discards nearly 37 kilograms of textiles per year, and only 14.7% is recycled.

What this means is that nearly 95% of clothing which could have been recycled or reused, finds its way to landfills.

But with the continued awareness of the importance of recycling, more and more people are beginning to repurpose old clothes, including socks.

So instead of sending your old socks to be used in landfills, you can sell them online if they are still in great condition.

Top ways to recycle old socks

Recycling your old socks is just as easy as recycling any piece of clothing.

And to make things easy for you, we have put together some of the top ways for recycling old socks.

Here, check them out.

Use a recycling program

Looking for a way to dispose of your old socks? Well, recycling them may be one of the best options on this list.

By recycling your old socks, you’ll ensure they don’t in landfills.

Thankfully, many cities in the US offer recycling programs for used textiles.

And guess what, you don’t have pay and you should be able to take your old socks, clothes and other textiles for free.

Amazing companies like the American Textile Recycling Services have a unique program for recycling old clothes.

Reach out to them if you ever need to recycle your old socks. The process is easy.

Plus, they provide drop-off bins you can use to send in your old clothes.

The Council for Textile Recycling is another brilliant organization helping to recycle old clothes.

The non-profit allows people to either donate or recycle their old clothing, household textiles, accessories, and more.

They operate in the US, Canada, and other countries.

In some locations within the US, you can use Select Recycling.

This company even offers home pickup services.

So feel free to send your old stockings to them and they will be happy to have them recycled.

Let us also add that companies like Terracycle, offer to pay to have your old items recycled.

With companies like this, you can make some extra bucks while having your socks recycled.

While these options will suffice, a simple search over the internet using the phrase “textile recycling companies near me” will provide you with tons of options for recycling your old socks.

Repair your old socks

Maybe the reason you are no longer using your old socks is that they are worn out, overstretched, or torn.

Thankfully, you can still recycle them, and a brilliant way to go about it is to have them repaired.

Repairing your old socks will go a long way to extending their lifespan.

Repairing old socks is a brilliant option for people wondering what to do with their old socks.

Sure, it might take you some time, especially if you have a lot of old socks, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great your socks will look after a few hours of sewing.

If you ever notice a hole in your socks, it’s best to have it fixed before it stretches out, becoming larger and too fragile to fix.

And in case you don’t know how to go about it, you can take advantage of the tons of helpful tutorials online.

Explore your creative juices

For a super fun approach to repurposing your old socks, we strongly recommend making unique accessories out of them.

And good enough, there are lots of brilliant craft ideas for diverting your old socks from the waste stream.

With some bit of skill and ingenuity, you can turn your old socks into amazing accessories like DIY heat pans, decorative pen pots, pencil cases, and even koozies.

Donate your old socks

There is absolutely no reason to have your old socks lying around in your home and taking so much space.

Instead of just leaving them like that, you can donate them to people who need them.

But before you donate your old socks, go through your stockpile and pick the ones that are still in great condition.

These are the ones you’ll be donating.

If you send in old worn-out stockings that cannot be reused by people who need them, they may end up being incinerated or sent to landfills.

To donate your old socks, you can send them to local charities, homeless shelters, or other organizations accepting donations.

Can I Upcycle Your Old Socks?

If you are creative you can go about making something out of your old socks by upcycling them into cute cushions, rugs, blankets, or even a funny Christmas sweater.


How can I donate my old socks?

Do you have a stockpile of old socks you no longer use?

Well, donating them to local charities is a brilliant way to donate your old socks.

And in case you don’t know how to go about it, you can simply perform a search on the internet for non-profits close to you accepting donations for used clothes.

You’ll be surprised at the number of organizations requesting donations of used items.

Can I sell off my old socks?

If your old socks are still in great condition, you can sell them off, instead of having them just sitting around in your home.

By selling your old socks, you’ll be able to make some extra bucks you can use for other pressing needs.

But before you make the move, ensure you select the ones that are in great condition.

What exactly can I do with ruined socks?

It’s very possible to have your old ruined socks repurposed.

They can be converted to dry-erase board cleaners, umbrella covers, dusters, shoe protectors, and more.