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Does Goodwill Take Towels – Update Guide

Many have been emailing us in regards to if Goodwill takes old towels. Some people are currently in spring cleaning and decluttering as of the writing of this guide.

It’s a time to get rid of unwanted items and let them find a new home. Without realizing it, you might have piles of old towels that have absolutely no use in your household.

Instinctively, you’ll probably think of tossing them into the trash, but if you are reading this article then you care about the environment. Towels are very useful in so many ways.

For starters, there isn’t a home anywhere in the country that doesn’t require towels. Secondly, they don’t come cheap especially when quality is a concern.

It may not have exactly crossed your mind, but you can find quite a few non-profit organizations that accept gently used towels as donations. Is Goodwill one of these charities?

Can you donate towels to Goodwill?

For many years, Goodwill has been the go-to charity organization when you want to make awesome donations.

The non-profit through its various works is able to help vulnerable people in the communities to find jobs and earn an earnest living.

Goodwill’s mission revolves around the notion that every donation counts and would go a long way to change someone’s life. Typically, Goodwill has an elaborate list of various items that are accepted for donations.

This is a reasonable thing to do because some of the donated things are sold and the proceeds are used to fund the organization’s work.

Goodwill is known to accept clean and stain-free towels. Make sure they have minimal use and are not worn out or torn. In case for some reason, you can’t donate your old towels to Goodwill consider other options.

For instance, torn or stained ones can be recycled at a textile recycling center. Throwing them into the garbage bin is not really good for the environment and would have lifelong repercussions.

Other places you can donate towels

It’s noble to put things you no longer need to good use. Not everything has to be tossed out once it’s outlived.

This is what makes donating such a great thing. There are other charities, other than Goodwill, that will gladly welcome a couple of unwanted towels.

Check below for an informative outline of other places to donate towels.

Animal Shelters

Every day an abandoned dog is rescued and taken to an animal shelter. You will find hundreds of animals in these shelters.

As a result, there is an enormous need for towels. They are required for use when the furry friends give birth, undergo surgery or simply to create a comfy space for them to lay on.

Furthermore, these organizations don’t care about the towels being in good condition. They will just take any clean, usable, old towels no questions asked.

Set aside a bit of time to search for local animal shelters and go through their list of items. If towels are on the donations list, collect and clean your old ones before donating.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is one of the oldest Christian-based charity organizations. Through its various programs, the organization is able to help thousands of people and families across the country.

They have homeless shelters that may require extra towels and other items such as blankets and sheets. Google Salvation Army drop-off locations near your area or schedule a pick-up on their website if you’ve got many items you wish to donate.

Homeless Shelters

Check out the local homeless shelters and inquire whether they might need some towels. You surely know that towels are an essential item for individuals or families struggling and trying to make ends meet.

They will undoubtedly appreciate having a few clean towels to use. Most homeless shelters have several drop-off locations for their donations.

You can get this information on the official websites or contact them directly.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Wondering where to donate your old towels? Look no further than the Vietnam Veterans of America.

This charitable organization takes a variety of household items including gently used towels.

They champion a few services for veterans of all ages and their families like proper housing, improved medical treatment and PTSD counselling. Any donations made help them to carry out their work effectively.

Women’s shelters

Women’s shelters offer a safe haven for vulnerable women affected by homelessness, domestic violence, sexual violence and any kind of abuse. The organizations need essential items like bedding and towels in order to operate properly.

Call a local women’s shelter and find out whether they may want a few towels. These could go a long way in supporting the women and ensuring they have a comfortable stay. Only barely used and clean towels to the charities.


Want to get in the good graces of your local mechanics? They are always in need of clean towels in case of automotive spills like oil, petrol, diesel, coolant and even so much as laying on the ground. If you know any other industries that could use old towels then this would be the perfect way to give them a second life.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes we forget just how lucky and privileged we are to be able to afford essential commodities such as towels.

If you look around, you’re sure to encounter several individuals who are trying to get back on their feet and things like clean towels seem like a luxury.

For that reason, don’t throw away your old towels whenever you replace them.

If they’re still in good condition, donate to an animal shelter, homeless shelter or a local women’s shelter.


Where is the best place to donate towels?

There are plenty of places to donate towels such as animal shelters, churches, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans of America and many more.

You can also recycle worn-out towels at TerraCycle or the American Textile Recycling Service.

What can I do with old towels?

The best thing you can do with old towels that are still usable is to donate them to non-profit organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

How many years should you keep towels?

Generally, it’s recommended to replace towels every two years.

That said, there is nothing wrong with keeping them for longer if they are still in pristine condition.


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