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Does Goodwill Take Tap To Pay – Do They Accept Card?

Back in the day, the phrase ´Tap to Pay´ seemed like rocket science and very few people actually deciphered what it meant. But now payment methods have evolved, and it has a massive impact in the global market.

Many businesses and organizations currently use Tap to Pay for their various transactions. This may prompt you to wonder, does Goodwill take tap to pay?

While Goodwill is a non-profit organization, it’s basically also a resale chain where people find all sorts of affordable second-hand items. If you´re thinking of passing by one of their thrift shops and picking up some household items, you´ll need to see whether they accept Tap to Pay. This write-up explores if customers are allowed to use Tap to Pay at the Goodwill locations.

What is Tap to Pay?

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there was need for a safe and secure way to make payments. Cash as well as debit and credit cards could potentially spread the disease through contact. This is how Tap to Pay became an essential payment method.

Basically, Tap to Pay is a secure and convenient mode of payment where contactless EMV chip cards or NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones are used. NFC stands for near-field communication and it’s a short-range technology in which there is a transfer of information between some devices without the need for any contact. In other words, there is completely no touching. Tap to Pay is not only considered more hygienic, but also faster because transactions are processed within very little time.

Using this technology, customers are able to pay without the need to hand over their cards. This means there is absolutely no contact or a high risk of transferring diseases from one person to the next. This is especially vital as the world continues to battle the Coronavirus pandemic.

Does Goodwill take Tap to Pay?

The Goodwill thrift stores are a great place to purchase any used items such as furniture, books, accessories, clothing, art and so on. They have all kinds of household items, and these come at fully affordable rates. Therefore, if you´re interested in saving a few bucks on your monthly budget, one of the Goodwill resale stores would the ideal place to shop.

When planning a shopping spree at the Goodwill locations, you´ll surely want to be aware of the means of payment accepted. In this case, the focus is on the newest form of making payments.

Does Goodwill take Tap to Pay? Well, Goodwill does take Tap to Pay at most of its locations. Since the organization has thrift stores scattered across the country, you should be allowed to use Tap to Pay when purchasing second-hand household items. It’s quick and pretty much handy.

You´ll find a handful of Goodwill stores that aren’t quite set up to accept this payment type yet. That said, the majority of the locations have already implemented it so that customers can make safe and secure transactions.

If you´re not entirely convinced, contact the Goodwill store in your locality and ask whether Tap to Pay is accepted. Using it for your payments ensures a speedy checkout and adds a high level of security to your shopping experience.

The transaction methods for Tap to Pay

The truth is Tap to Pay has actually come a long way. Initially, it was only possible with the use of contactless cards. However, the technology has advanced and other ways to make Tap to Pay transactions are available.

These are the common ways to use Tap to Pay.

Chip Cards

There are NFC-enabled debit and credit cards that you can use for this type of payment method. They usually have a radio wave symbol at the back indicating contactless payments. In addition, these cards are equipped with an EMV chip that transfers data for processing during the transactions.

Chip cards, also alternatively called contactless cards, are the pioneers of the Tap to Pay method. They´re still widely used.

Mobile Payment Apps

Over 80% of the world population own smartphones. As a result, mobile applications have become extremely popular. People use them to carry out a range of tasks including shopping, organizing, banking and so much more.

Now we have mobile payment apps. Customers who have NFC-enabled smartphones just have to hover their devices over a POS or another contactless device to make a payment. Transaction details are exchanged from the smartphone to the payment terminal.


Wearable payments involve a smartwatch, bracelet or key fob that has already been incorporated with the NFC technology. They use Tap to Pay and are considered an ultimate convenience.

What other forms of payment does Goodwill accept?

Tap to Pay is not the only payment method accepted at the Goodwill thrift stores. As a matter of fact, it might not be set up at some of the smaller stores. Thankfully, Goodwill accepts a few other forms of payment including Apple Pay, Google Pay and some other digital wallets.

In addition to that, they also take major debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Cash is accepted at essentially all the Goodwill stores across the US. That being said, you can´t purchase items at any of the Goodwill locations using a personal check or an American Express card aren’t accepted.

Final Thoughts

Tap to Pay is popular and most shoppers love to use it. Millions of contactless transactions are made on a daily basis due to the convenience and security associated with it. Luckily, Goodwill customers also get to use Tap to Pay for their shopping needs.


Does Goodwill offer Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is now accepted at many of the Goodwill thrift stores.

Can you use tap to pay at Goodwill?

Tap to Pay is one of the different means of payment accepted at Goodwill locations. Some stores may not take this payment method though so make it a point to confirm first. It will prevent unnecessary frustrations.


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