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Does Goodwill Take Suitcases – Donation Guide

When you think about giving back to the community, one name that often stands out is Goodwill Industries. With a mission aimed at enhancing the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families, Goodwill empowers people through work and employment advancement.

Their donation-driven retail stores are filled with a variety of items, ranging from clothing to electronics, all donated by generous individuals.

Understanding Goodwill’s Donation Policy

Understanding Goodwill’s donation process is the first step to ensuring your items go to good use. The nonprofit organization maintains specific guidelines for donations to ensure that every item donated can be used effectively in their programs or sold in their stores.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help Goodwill in its mission of creating job opportunities and providing essential resources to those in need. The organization typically accepts a wide range of items including clothing, furniture, electronics, and household items. But, what about suitcases?

Suitcases and Goodwill

Suitcases are more than just luggage; they can be valuable assets in various scenarios. Goodwill indeed accepts suitcases, given they meet certain criteria. They should be in good working condition, devoid of significant damage, and clean. Factors such as the presence of all necessary components like handles and wheels are also considered.

Donated suitcases can serve a variety of purposes. They could be used in Goodwill’s employment and vocational training programs, providing individuals with practical resources. They might also support homeless individuals or domestic abuse survivors, giving them a means to safely and privately transport their belongings. In times of natural disasters, donated suitcases can aid in relief efforts.

When donating a suitcase, ensure it is clean and empty. If it comes with additional accessories, such as a lock or key, include them with your donation. These small steps make a big difference in the donation process and the utility of your suitcase.

Suitcases Goodwill Accepts and Doesn’t Accept

Suitcase Type Accepted Not Accepted
Carry-On Yes No if damaged or missing parts
Checked Yes No if damaged or missing parts
Hardshell Yes No if damaged or missing parts
Softshell Yes No if damaged or missing parts
Wheeled Yes No if damaged or missing wheels
Non-wheeled Yes No if damaged
Duffle Bags Yes No if damaged or missing straps
Briefcases Yes No if damaged or missing handles

Please note that acceptance can vary based on the specific Goodwill location and their individual guidelines. Always check with your local Goodwill donation center to ensure your suitcase can be accepted.

Steps to Donate a Suitcase to Goodwill

Ready to donate your suitcase? Begin by assessing its condition. If it’s in good shape but could use a bit of cleaning or minor repairs, take the time to spruce it up. Locate your nearest Goodwill donation center using their online locator tool.

When you’re ready to drop off your donation, check the center’s donation hours and guidelines. Some locations may have specific drop-off procedures. Upon donating, be sure to obtain a donation receipt. This not only allows you to keep a record of your generous act but also serves as a document for tax deductions.

Alternatives for Donating or Repurposing Suitcases

If for some reason you can’t donate your suitcase to Goodwill, there are plenty of other options. Local shelters, charities, community organizations, and churches often accept suitcases. If your suitcase is not in a condition to be donated, consider repurposing it.

An old suitcase can be transformed into a unique storage solution or become the center of a DIY project, offering a fun way to upcycle and reuse.


In conclusion, Goodwill does accept suitcases provided they meet the organization’s criteria. By donating your suitcase, you contribute to the various initiatives Goodwill undertakes, from vocational training to disaster relief. So next time you find an unused suitcase lying around, consider donating or repurposing it and make a difference in someone’s life.


Can I donate my old suitcase?

Yes, you can donate your old suitcase as long as it’s in good condition, clean, and has all its necessary components.

What does Goodwill accept in Texas?

Goodwill in Texas accepts a wide range of items, including clothes, furniture, electronics, and suitcases, provided they are in good condition and meet the organization’s donation guidelines.

What can I do with unwanted suitcases?

Unwanted suitcases can be donated to organizations like Goodwill, local shelters, or community organizations. Alternatively, they can be repurposed into creative storage solutions or DIY projects.


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