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What is Scrap Water Heater Price – Updated Guide

A water heater is an important piece of equipment in any home. However, when it’s no longer useful or you’ve got a replacement, scrapping it may be a good idea.

You’ll need to rely on the scrap water heater price to help you determine what will be a fair offer for your old one. The prices of various metals are ever fluctuating due to the worldwide demand and supply.

Also, many scrap water heater price dealers offer different prices, depending on the type of metal they’re getting.

How much is a scrap water heater worth?

Prices for scrap water heaters depend on what types of metals they contain. The most common are copper and aluminum. Both are worth a lot of money as they are in high demand.

Some water heaters have steel and brass parts in them, which can mean a fair price for scrap or junk. Other metals you’re likely to find in these appliances include stainless steel and zinc.

Most people would want to sell their old water heater for scrap metal, but it’s not easy to determine what you can get for your metal these days.

You’ll need to research the scrap water heater price and compare that with the asking price on your local market.

Now when it comes to the amount of money a scrap water heater is worth, it will depend on whether you’re willing to take the time to separate the different components or have it delivered whole to the scrap yard.

Additionally, the weight of the metallic parts will also affect the final cost, but keep in mind that some metals are more valuable than others.

For instance, a water heater with Brass and Copper parts can fetch a higher price compared to those with steel and aluminum.

What materials are recycled?

Water heaters contain a variety of materials that are used after it has been scrapped.

Part/Material Percentage by Weight Recyclable Price Range per kg in Scrap
Tank 50-60% Yes $0.50-$1.50
Burner 5-10% Yes $0.50-$1.50
Insulation 5-10% No N/A
Thermostat 1-5% Yes $0.50-$1.50
Anode Rod 1-5% Yes $0.50-$1.50
Drain Valve 1-5% Yes $0.50-$1.50
T&P Valve 1-5% Yes $0.50-$1.50
Steel 30-40% Yes $0.50-$1.50
Copper 10-15% Yes $4.00-$5.00
Plastic 5-10% Yes $0.50-$1.00
Brass 5-10% Yes $1.00-$2.50

These include copper and brass, which are the favorite of scrap metal collectors.

If you have a water heater that uses primarily copper and brass components, you can add to your income by taking it to a scrap metal dealer for recycling.

The dealer will pay you for every pound he is getting from your used water heater. Other metals that can be recycled from water heaters are Nichrome (an alloy of Nickel and Chromium), aluminum, and stainless steel.

The demand for these is also high due to their durability and affordability and all these metals are ideal as raw materials for making different products.

So you can earn more money by selling these metals after you have scrapped the water heater.

How to repurpose a scrap water heater

Aside from taking your unwanted water heater to a scrap yard, you may also use it for some other projects. There are lots of materials in a water heater that you can repurpose.

Some of the ways you can repurpose a water heater include:

Shape it into flower pots

As a gardener, you can shape your old water heater into flower pots and you’ll be able to use the metal container in which the water was heated for growing plants.

It’s a great idea for a garden bed and If you’re looking for an alternative to soil, you can use the tank as a container for growing mushrooms.

It’s easy to do that as long as you drill holes around the tank and add drainage holes as well.

Make an outdoor fire pit

If you want a different kind of fire pit for your outdoor, use a water heater that you no longer need.

Not only that it will add value to your outdoors, but it will also be an eye-catching centerpiece, and another idea is to make a fireplace from an old water heater.

All you have to do is shape the tank into a basic structure of a house and insert some bricks into the inside to serve as the base of the fireplace.

A cool Grill

Who says a water heater is good just for heating water? You can also use it to do some other things.

Can you guess what else you can use your old water heater for? It’s as simple as making a grill by placing the tank on top a table or a bench.

Final Thoughts

With the right scrapping guide, you can scrap your water heater without any problems. However, it’s best to consult a scrap dealer or local junkyard and ask for the proper price for the items.

They’ll take care of all the hassle for you and make sure you don’t get cheated from your hard-earned money.


Is there Copper in the water heater?

Yes, there is copper in the water heater, However, depending on the type of water heater, only a small amount of copper is present.

The rest of the components are made using a different metal.

What can I recycle from a water heater?

The components of a water heater can be recycled into different things.

These include copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and so on.

How much is a junk or scrap water heater worth?

Depending on the materials of your old water heater, it will vary how much you can get for it.

Most scrap metal dealers offer close to the same price for different metals since they are always in demand, making them more valuable.

Some of them will also offer you a higher price for items that contain copper and brass.


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