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Can You Reuse Keurig Cups – 4 Alternative Uses

If you’re like most people, you certainly love how easy it is to prepare your morning coffee with a Keurig machine. What becomes those plastic K-cups after you’ve finished using them, though? Can you reuse Keurig cups, or are they meant to be thrown away? You can find all the answers to these questions in this article.

What Are Keurig Cups?

Keurig cups are single-serve coffee cups designed for use with Keurig coffee machines. The machine brews a premeasured quantity of coffee grounds directly into the cups. It makes it easy to have a fresh, personalized cup of coffee.

The cups are made of plastic, ceramic, or paper and come in different shapes, colors, and designs. They are typically single-use items with regular and specialty coffees in many Keurig cup flavors.

Keurig cups are a practical way to enjoy a hot coffee. They are recyclable; because the company offers a recycling program for used K-cups, which reduces waste. In general, Keurig cups are an excellent option for people looking for a simple way to enjoy delicious, fresh coffee.

Can You Reuse Keurig Cups?

Sometimes, sometimes depending on the brand, you may reuse Keurig Cups to brew another coffee. But generally, Keurig cups are single-use only, and reusing may release harmful chemicals into your coffee, which you would not want to drink.

However we have a list of 6 amazing ideas on how you can reuse Keurig cups, so get ready for some inspiration!

6 Creative Ways To Repurpose Keurig Cups

In recent years, the Keurig coffee maker has gained popularity among homeowners, and disposable Keurig coffee cups have also gained popularity among coffee consumers. However, you can reuse and repurpose Keurig cups in many ways. They are as follows:

1. Use K-Cups as planters: One way to reuse Keurig cups is to grow small plants or herbs. You only need to insert a few drainage holes at the bottom of the cup before adding potting soil. It is a fantastic idea to decorate your home with some plants.

2. As Storage Containers: You can use Keurig cups as storage containers for small objects like beads, buttons, paper clips, and other small office supplies. They are easily identifiable with a Sharpie and are airtight.

3. Craft Supplies: Another way to repurpose Keurig cups is to use them as craft supplies. You can decorate the cups with paint, markers, or stickers. You can also use them to create jewelry and other little crafts.

4. Molds for bath bombs: K-Cups work well as molds for bath bombs. They are the perfect size and shape to create small, round bath bombs. Fill the K-Cup with the required components and push it firmly into a mold. Then, Once the bath bomb is firm, remove it and enjoy!

The fact that K-Cups may be used repeatedly as bath bomb molds is also another fantastic feature. If you want to create your preferred DIY bath bomb mixture, you can do so and save the products for later use. K-Cups are easy to store and clean, so keep them on hand for future use.

5. Kids’ Wind Gauge: You can repurpose K-cups to create a kid-friendly wind gauge. The only materials required are a K-cup, a hot glue gun, a wooden dowel, some twine, and a little weight. Below are guidelines to create a wind gauge with Keurig Cups:

  • Make two halves of the K-cup using a sharp knife.
  • Next, make a small hole in the middle of the K-cup bottom to thread the string through. Then, tie a weight to one end of the string and attach it to the dowel.
  • And lastly, hang the wind gauge outside and watch the string spin in the wind.

6. 3D Animals: You can create 3D animals out of K-cups. All you need are; K-cups, a hot glue gun, and a few other materials. A guide for this project is available online. The project is enjoyable for both children and adults. There are no restrictions on the types of animals you can create. It is fantastic and you can even give the creatures as presents or gifts.

These are just a handful of the best ways to reuse and repurpose Keurig cups; there are many more. Therefore, the next time you have a Keurig cup that you’re about to discard, consider any of these uses.


As a result, you can reuse Keurig cups but not brew more coffee. This is because the cups are single-use, and if reused for additional coffee, the grounds will begin to accumulate and ruin the flavor.

However, you can wash the cups and reuse them for creative purposes like growing or planting herbs, keeping little objects, etc. If you want to drink more coffee, it is best to get new cups

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Keurig Cups made out of?

Keurig cups are made of polypropylene, #5 plastic. They are recyclable in most places in the United States.

What would happen if I reuse Keurig cups to brew another coffee?

If you reuse a Keurig cup to brew another coffee, you will most likely brew a cup of weak coffee.

Is it okay to use Keurig Cups in Nescafe Dolce Gusto?

No, it is not okay. Dolce Gusto is compatible with its capsules only.


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