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Lowes Recycle Program – Whats Accepted Guide

Are you fed up throwing away items that could be recycled, or you’re not particularly sure how you can dispose of them properly?

Well, look no further than Lowe’s recycling program.

For many years now, Lowe’s has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and recycling of waste, and through their recycling program, the company has been able to champion the course of recycling.

In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about Lowe’s recycling program.

We will look at a brief overview of the recycling program, how it works, and how you can participate.

Let’s cut to the chase and get to the exciting part of this guide.

What is Lowe’s recycling program about?

Lowe’s is a leading home improvement retailer.

The company has a comprehensive recycling program aimed at helping customers recycle and dispose of items in an environmentally friendly way.

Thanks to Lowes’s recycling program, customers can bring in items like cell phones, rechargeable batteries, plastic bags, and more for recycling.

And the best part is that they don’t charge anything for this.

In an attempt to broaden its recycling program, Lowe’s now accepts specific appliances and electronic devices into its recycling program.

More so, Lowe’s allows customers to purchase a haul-away service when they shop for new appliances and electronic devices from Lowe’s.

With this option, Lowe’s will help customers dispose of old appliances or electronic devices in an environmentally friendly way.

To deliver on its promises, the company partners with leading recycling companies to recycle items like plastic films, wood pellets, cardboard, and more used in the company’s daily operations.

Just so you know, Lowe’s recycling program is aimed at reducing waste while promoting sustainability.

Incentives for participating in Lowe’s recycling program?

Currently, there are only a few incentives Lowe’s offersto those participating in their recycling program.

For instance, if you bring a battery or CFL in for recycling, you’ll typically get a discount coupon which you can use in-store.

What Items does Lowe’s accept for recycling?

Wondering what sort of items Lowe’s accepts into its recycling program?

Well, we have come up with a comprehensive list of items accepted by Lowe’s for recycling.

Here, check them out:

  • Light bulbs
  • Cell phones
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Printer cartridges
  • Plastic bags
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs.

If you have any of these items and want them recycled, please take them to Lowe’s for recycling.

The company will gladly take them from you.

How does Lowe’s recycling program work?

As we mentioned right from the get-go, Lowe’s has one of the most robust recycling programs we have come across.

For those interested in knowing how Lowe’s recycling program works, here is all you need to know:

  • Check the list of accepted items: Before you take any items to a recycling center, you need to do due diligence by ensuring the item you’re about to take for recycling is on the accepted list. For instance, Lowe’s doesn’t currently accept paint into its recycling program.
  • Put your items together: After figuring out that your items are accepted into Lowe’s restructuring program, you need to collect all the items and ensure they are clean and dry.
  • Take your items to Lowe’s recycling center: With your items cleaned, dried, and put together, you can now take them to a designated Lowe’s recycling center. If you’re not sure where you can find one in your city, a simple Google search should provide you with the answer you’re looking for. Simply search for Lowe’s recycling center near me, and you’ll be surprised at the number of recycling centers close to you.

How to find Lowe’s recycling centers

Since Lowe’s has a comprehensive recycling program, finding a Lowe’s recycling center isn’t hard.

As a matter of fact, the company has recycling centers at many of its stores.

If you want to find a recycling center near you, feel free to visit Lowe’s official website and use the store locator tool.

All you need to do here is enter your zip code, and you’ll be presented with a list of stores close to you that accept items for recycling.

Frequently asked questions

Does Lowe’s accept paint for recycling?

While Lowe’s accepts tons of items for recycling, they currently aren’t accepting paint through their recycling program.

So if you have paint you’d like recycled, we suggest you contact other recycling programs that accept paint.

Does Lowe’s have a limit on items you can bring for recycling?

As of right now, there is no threshold on the number of items you can bring for recycling.

If this changes in the future, we will be more than happy to update you.

What happens to items you take for recycling at Lowe’s?

Do you want to know what Lowe’s does with items brought in for recycling?

Well, the answer is simple.

Lowe’s partners with third-party recycling companies to process items and ensure they are recycled properly.


Have you always wanted to recycle old items you no longer need, and you’re wondering where to start?

Well, you won’t be wrong to check out Lowe’s recycling program.

Lowe’s recycling program is open to customers and non-customer.

And so long as the items you want to recycle fit into the profile of items accepted by the company, you should be able to drop them off at any recycling center close to you.

And just so you know, Lowe’s has a broad list of items it accepts into its recycling program.

While their incentives may not be as mouthwatering as those offered by other recycling programs, it’s exciting to know that Lowe’s offers incentives, including discount coupons for items like batteries brought in for recycling.

Also, since the company has a comprehensive restructuring program, finding a restructuring center close to you wouldn’t be difficult.

We hope you have found today’s post helpful.



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