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How Is Yankee Candle Glass Recyclable – Easy Guide

Candles are an essential part of many households. We need them to make our homes smell nice, to create a cozy atmosphere and as emergency lighting. However, there are environmental concerns associated with their use. Is the glass of your favorite Yankee candle recyclable?

There is increasing concern over the amount of waste being generated, with candle glass being a relatively small and easy to recycle product. Rather than being recycled, most is landfilled where it will eventually be broken down into small pieces and released back into the environment. In that case, let’s establish whether it’s possible to recycle Yankee candle glass.

Can you recycle Yankee candle glass?

Most of the candles that we purchase nowadays come in glass jars. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that glass is a great material for storing and presenting products. Also, glass is not a reactive substance and so it is less damaging to the environment than alternatives like plastic. However, it is also recyclable. This means you can actually recycle your Yankee candle glass. This can be done by visiting your local recycling center or asking them to collect it for you.

Additionally, these glass jars qualify for curbside recycling. The glass is made from an extremely durable and tough substance, which means it can be used again and again. It is also more environmentally friendly than many other glass products that end up in landfills. You just have to remove all of the wax from the jar, the wick and label. In other words, the glass jar should be completely empty before recycling it.

This can be done by washing out the jar and letting it dry. You then have to use a knife to pry the wax out of the jar. This leaves you with glass that can be used again and again in new products after proper recycling. There are also other glass products that qualify for recycling and most communities have programs designed to collect them in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

How to recycle Yankee candle glass jars

If you are planning on recycling your glass candle jars, there are a few things to bear in mind. Most importantly you need to remove the wax and wicks. This can be done by using boiling water and using a knife to carefully pry them out.

Other steps that you should take include washing the jar thoroughly to remove all dust, oil or debris. Remember that glass candle jars with wax residue are not suitable for recycling. When you are sure that the jar is completely clean and empty, let it air dry. It should also be noted that no matter what type of candle you choose, it is best to remove the label prior to recycling.

Your local recycling center can help you with the recycling process of your Yankee candle glass jars. They will be happy to help you and ensure that you are doing everything correctly, giving you the best chance of recycling them properly. If your jar is all clean and empty, it should qualify for curbside recycling as well.

Does Yankee Candle take back glass jars?

While it’s one of the most popular and loved candle companies, Yankee Candle doesn’t currently have a recycling program in place. For that reason, they don’t take back (or buy back) their glass jars. In fact, customers are required to recycle the glass jars by themselves.

They can either choose to recycle them curbside or visit a nearby recycling center. This means that once you have used your jar, you will have to wash it out and remove the wax before disposing of it in the correct manner.

Keep in mind that using these candles will also create a large amount of wax residue, which needs to be washed away thoroughly before recycling the jar. However, other candle companies do buy back their empty glass jars and some even provide free return shipping labels for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Though it may seem like a waste, there are some environmental benefits associated with the use of Yankee candle glass. This includes being able to recycle the jars and being able to reduce the amount of waste that is dumped into landfills. If you are still worried about sustainability issues, then consider other alternatives to the typical Yankee candle. These products may be more expensive but they will also make a difference in the future.


What can i do with old Yankee candle jars?

The simple answer is to reuse them. This is probably the most environmentally friendly method of dealing with old jars. You can use the old jar for storing food or household items.

It can also be used for garden plants, inside and outside your home. Some people even re-purpose the glass as vases, lamps or other household decorations.

What bin do candle jars go in?

Candle jars made of glass should be put in the clear glass recycling bin.


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