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How to Replace A Recycle Bin Montreal

As residents of Montreal, we all play a critical role in making our city more sustainable and eco-friendly. One of the primary ways we contribute to this effort is through recycling.

However, what happens when our trusty recycling bin gets damaged, lost, or stolen? Here’s where I recommend understanding how to replace your recycle bin in Montreal.

TL;DR: Replacing your recycle bin in Montreal is a straightforward process that involves contacting the City of Montreal or your local borough’s office, stating the issue, and requesting a replacement.

It’s essential to understand the regulations and proper use of recycling bins to ensure smooth operation and contribution to the city’s recycling effort.

Why Replace Your Recycle Bin?

Recycling bins are our first line of defense in a city-wide effort to manage waste effectively. They are sturdy, designed to withstand various weather conditions, and come in a standard blue color that makes them easily identifiable.

However, sometimes these bins can become damaged due to weather, misuse, or even get lost or stolen. This is when you need to consider a replacement. If your recycling bin isn’t in good shape, it can’t effectively store and protect your recyclables, thereby defeating the purpose of recycling in the first place.

Note: It’s essential not to use other types of bins or containers for your recyclables. The recycling collection service in Montreal only recognizes the standard blue bins.

Contact Your Local Borough

The first step to replace your recycle bin in Montreal is to contact your local borough office. Each borough in Montreal has its provisions and processes for replacing recycling bins. You can find the contact information for your local borough on the City of Montreal’s official website.

When you get in touch with your borough office, explain the issue—whether your bin is damaged, lost, or stolen—and request a replacement. Remember to provide your exact address, as the delivery and replacement of bins are typically tied to your residential address.

Follow The Given Instructions

After contacting your borough office, they will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. This may involve filling out a form or simply waiting for a replacement to be delivered to your address.

Note: In some boroughs, if your bin is merely damaged, they may attempt to repair it instead of replacing it entirely.

Understand and Respect Bin Regulations

While you’re in the process of replacing your recycle bin, it’s a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the City of Montreal’s bin regulations. Here are some key points I recommend keeping in mind:

  • Recyclables should be placed in the bin loose, not in plastic bags.
  • Not all materials are recyclable. Check the City of Montreal’s website for a detailed list.
  • Bins should be placed at the curb no earlier than the night before collection and no later than 8:00 AM on collection day.
  • Ensure the bin’s lid is closed to prevent materials from blowing away.

Consider Additional Bins

If you find that one recycling bin isn’t enough for your household, you may want to consider getting additional bins. Contact your borough office to inquire about the process and any potential costs involved.

Replacement Cost and Potential Fees

As you navigate the process to replace your recycle bin in Montreal, one critical aspect to consider is the potential cost. While the City of Montreal generally replaces damaged or lost bins for free, certain situations might incur a fee.

For instance, if your bin was damaged due to negligence or misuse, or if it’s lost or stolen repeatedly, you might have to pay a replacement fee. The exact amount will depend on your specific borough’s regulations.

I strongly recommend checking with your local borough office to understand the potential charges. This will ensure you’re not caught off guard by unexpected fees.

Importance of Bin Size and Placement

Bin size and placement matter significantly when it comes to proper recycling practices. Montreal recycling bins come in two standard sizes – 120 liters and 240 liters. Choosing the right size can make a difference in accommodating your weekly recycling volume.

Placement of the bin is equally important. While placing your bin on the sidewalk for collection, ensure it’s accessible and does not obstruct pedestrian traffic. Position your bin with the wheels and handle towards your property and the lid opening towards the street for easy access by collection crews.

Note: Do not overfill your bin. An overflowing bin is hard to empty and may lead to spillage, scattering of items, or even attracting pests.

Reporting to the Police

In case your recycle bin has been stolen, besides reporting it to your borough office, you might want to consider reporting it to your local police station. While this may seem like an unnecessary step for a recycling bin, it could potentially help in deterring repeated thefts in your neighborhood.

Handling Recyclables During Replacement

While you’re waiting for your replacement bin, you might wonder how to handle your recyclables. Do not resort to using regular garbage bins or bags for your recyclables. Instead, store your recyclables in a temporary container such as a cardboard box.

As soon as you receive your replacement bin, transfer the stored recyclables to it for the next scheduled collection day. Always remember, proper separation and disposal of recyclables are vital in maintaining the effectiveness of Montreal’s recycling program.

Encouraging Proper Use and Recycling Habits

As you embark on the journey to replace your recycle bin, it’s a great time to reflect upon and encourage proper recycling habits within your household. Remember, the longevity of your recycle bin is closely tied to how it’s used.

I recommend following these habits to enhance the lifecycle of your recycle bin:

  • Do not overfill the bin.
  • Properly rinse containers before recycling to avoid attracting pests.
  • Do not use your recycling bin as a storage container or garbage bin.
  • Educate your household on what items are recyclable and what are not.


Replacing your recycle bin in Montreal is a straightforward and essential task that all residents should be familiar with. It’s a key part of our contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable Montreal.

Always remember to treat your bin with care and respect the recycling guidelines provided by the city.

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact your local borough office for any further information or clarification. They are there to help and ensure that the recycling process is as smooth and effective as possible for everyone.


What should I do if my recycle bin is damaged?

Contact your local borough office and inform them about the damage. They will guide you through the process of repairing or replacing the bin.

What if my recycle bin is stolen?

Report the theft to your local borough office and they will assist you in getting a replacement bin.

Can I get an additional recycle bin?

Yes, you can get additional bins if one is not sufficient. Contact your local borough office to inquire about the process.

What items can I put in my recycle bin?

Only certain items are accepted in the recycle bin. Check the City of Montreal’s website for a detailed list of acceptable items.

Where should I place my recycle bin for collection?

Place your bin at the curb no earlier than the night before collection and no later than 8:00 AM on collection day. Ensure the bin’s lid is closed.


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