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How to use Dyson Recycle Program – Eco Guide

Dyson is a company known for its innovative designs and technology. The company has a long history of creating stylish products. One of their most popular products is the Dyson vacuum cleaner. The Dyson vacuum is known for its powerful suction and ability to clean hard-to-reach areas.

How to use Dyson Recycle Program

In addition to vacuum cleaners, Dyson manufactures other products like air purifiers and hair dryers. The company is always looking for ways to improve its products and make them more sustainable. One way Dyson is doing this is through its recycling program. Hence in this post, we’ll discuss everything about Dyson Recycle Program!

Dyson Recycle Program

Dyson is known for its innovative products and its commitment to sustainability. The Dyson Recycle Program is one example of their efforts to reduce waste and promote recycling. The program allows customers to recycle their used Dyson products and receive a discount on new Dyson products.

The program is available in select countries, and Dyson plans to expand the program to more countries in the future.

How The Dyson Recycle Program Works

The Dyson Recycle Program allows people to recycle their old Dyson products and get a reward for new ones. This program is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The process is simple:

  • Customers can bring their old products to a Dyson store or ship them for free.
  • Once the products are received, the company will recycle them and give customers a discount code to use on their next purchase.

The program is a great way to reduce waste and save money on your next Dyson purchase. So if you want to upgrade your old Dyson vacuum, take advantage of this program.

What You Can Recycle With The Dyson Recycle Program

The Dyson recycling program recycles old Dyson products and components:

  • Dyson vacuum cleaners
  • Hair dryers, and other products.

The company recycles all its products for free and will even pay for the shipping. All you have to do is go to their website and print out a shipping label. Once the form is submitted, Dyson will send you a shipping label, and then you have to package up your old Dyson product and send it back to the company.

Alternatively, bring your old appliances to their store within 28 days you purchase your new Dyson machine, show the receipt or order confirmation email, and it can be recycled free of charge.

How To Prepare Your Dyson Products For Recycling

Dyson products are durable, but eventually, they will need to be recycled. Below are some tips:

  1. Remove all attachments and accessories from your Dyson product.
  2. Empty any remaining debris from the product.
  3. Rinse out any dirt or debris from the product.
  4. Disassemble the product into its parts.
  5. Place all of the parts into a recycle bin or bag.
  6. Bring the recycle bin or bag to your local recycling center.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Dyson products are properly recycled and that they don’t end up in a landfill.

How To Recycle Your Dyson Products

  • First, you need to find your nearest recycling center. You can do this by visiting the Dyson website and entering your location. Once you see a nearby recycling center, you can take your Dyson products there.
  • Dyson products contain various materials, so it is crucial to recycle them properly. The company accepts any Dyson product, regardless of how old it is. Once a product is received, the company dismantles and sorts the parts; the metal, plastic, and electronic components go to different recycling facilities.

Hence, Dyson has recycled over 6 million products since the program started. This ensures old Dyson products are well-disposed. It also helps to decrease the waste that goes into landfills and helps to create new products. If you have an old Dyson product, consider recycling it through the program.

How Dyson Recycle Program Is Making A Difference

The Dyson recycling program is making a difference by collecting and recycling old and used Dyson products.

1. Reduce Waste: In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the need to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills and incinerators. The Dyson Recycle Program is making a difference by encouraging people to recycle their used Dyson products.

The program offers a free recycling kit, a shipping label, and instructions to recycle your Dyson products. It is a positive impact on the environment.

2. Conserve Resources: The Dyson Recycle Program helps in conserving resources. The program collects old or damaged Dyson products and recycles them into new products. It saves the resources needed to produce new products from scratch.

However, this program has recycled over 1,000 tonnes of material since its inception and saved over 3,000 tonnes of resources. It is free and open to all Dyson customers in the United States.

3. Saves Money: The Dyson Recycle Program also helps people save money. It allows people to recycle their old Dyson products and get a discount. For instance, if you recycle your old Dyson vacuum cleaners, you can receive a discount on a new Dyson vacuum. This is helpful because it allows people to upgrade their old products without spending much money.


The Dyson Recycle Program is a great way to recycle your old Dyson products. It is free and has discounts attached. The program also helps to keep the environment clean.


Who is eligible for the Dyson Recycle Program?

All customers who purchase a qualifying Dyson product are eligible for the Dyson Recycle Program.

What if I don’t have my original receipt for the Recycling Program?

If you do not have your original receipt, you can print a copy of your receipt and bring it to the recycling center.

How do I find my nearest Dyson Recycle Station?

To find your nearest Dyson recycle station, visit the Dyson website and enter your postal code. You will then see a list of recycling stations near you.

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