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Does Goodwill take National Geographic Magazines?

Imagine you’re standing before a shelf laden with National Geographic magazines. The yellow-bordered covers are like windows into diverse cultures, mesmerizing landscapes, and the world’s most enigmatic creatures. For many of us, National Geographic magazines have been a source of inspiration, education, and a catalyst for curiosity.

If you’re one of those individuals who’ve amassed a collection over the years, you might be wondering, “Does Goodwill take National Geographic magazines?”

An Inside Look at Goodwill

Founded in 1902, Goodwill is a non-profit organization driven by a mission to enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families. They achieve this by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Goodwill accepts a wide range of items for donation, from clothing and household goods to books and electronics. However, they have certain restrictions based on safety, quality, and local demand. The donations they receive are sold in their retail stores, with proceeds going towards job training, employment placement services, and other community programs.

The Intrinsic Worth of National Geographic Magazines

National Geographic magazines are more than just a collection of glossy pages. They are a repository of knowledge, capturing the world’s history, cultures, and wonders through compelling narratives and stunning photography. They appeal not only to travel enthusiasts and nature lovers, but also to educators, researchers, and collectors.

Some may choose to donate their National Geographic magazines out of a desire to declutter, while others see it as a way of passing on the joy of discovery to others.

Unraveling Goodwill’s Acceptance Policy

Goodwill’s donation acceptance policy is guided by a few key factors: the condition of the item, its demand, and its marketability. Items in poor condition or those that may pose safety risks are generally not accepted. Similarly, items that may not sell well in their stores may be declined.

Regional variations may also come into play. Different Goodwill locations might have varying acceptance policies, based on local preferences and demands.

Delving into Goodwill’s Stance on National Geographic Magazines

Unfortunately, there’s no official, universally applicable statement from Goodwill about accepting National Geographic magazines. Some stores may welcome them, while others may not. It’s always a good idea to check with your local Goodwill store before planning your donation.

Anecdotal evidence suggests mixed experiences. Some individuals report their donations of National Geographic magazines being accepted without issue, while others have been politely turned away.

Table of National Geographic Magazines Acceptance

Type of National Geographic Magazine Accepted by Goodwill
Recent editions (within the last 5 years) Varies by location
Older editions (more than 5 years) Varies by location
Special editions or collectible issues Varies by location
National Geographic Kids editions Varies by location
National Geographic Traveler editions Varies by location
Poor condition (torn pages, missing covers, etc.) Generally not accepted

Please note: This table represents a general guideline and the acceptance of National Geographic magazines at Goodwill can vary by location and other factors. Always check with your local Goodwill store before planning your donation.

Exploring Alternatives for Donating National Geographic Magazines

If your local Goodwill store doesn’t accept National Geographic magazines, don’t lose heart. There are other places you could consider. Other non-profit organizations, online platforms, and forums might be interested in your collection.

You could also think about donating to local libraries, schools, or community centers. These places often appreciate such resources for their educational value and appeal.


In summary, whether Goodwill accepts National Geographic magazines can vary by location and other factors. It’s always best to check first. If Goodwill isn’t an option, there are numerous other ways to ensure your collection finds a new home where it will be valued and appreciated.


How do I get rid of old National Geographic magazines?

You can donate them to local libraries, schools, or non-profit organizations. Alternatively, you can sell or exchange them on online platforms and forums.

Are old National Geographic magazines worth anything?

While most old National Geographic magazines might not hold significant monetary value, they are prized for their educational and cultural value, especially for collectors and enthusiasts.

Can National Geographic magazines be donated?

Yes, National Geographic magazines can be donated to a variety of places, including non-profit organizations, libraries, schools, and community centers.


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