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How to Reuse Roomba Bags – Is it Worth it

The Roomba vacuum cleaner is perhaps one of the most exceptional and unique vacuum cleaners we have come across.

Can You Reuse Roomba bags guide

Though a bit pricey, the Roomba vacuum cleaner will leave your space squeaky clean.

And the best part is that it cleans itself.

But while the Roomba vacuum cleaner does a superb job, one question we get asked a lot is whether Roomba bags are reusable. Read on for a more detailed answer to this question.

a brief overview

Reusing Roomba bags is possible, but it all depends on how you use them.

While most people will get rid of them once they are full, some people have found a unique way to get out the dirt trapped in the bags without ruining them.

We have read of people sticking the hose of a different vacuum cleaner into the bag to clean it.

Though this requires a bit of experience and careful work, you should be able to reuse a Roomba bag after cleaning the inside.

The Roomba vacuum cleaner is a tad expensive.

While it obviously makes your cleaning job easy, you also need to ensure that the unit is properly cared for.

Even though our goal with today’s post is to answer some questions about Roomba bags, it’s always a brilliant move to find out whether the bag is reusable before even attempting to reuse it.

How to Reuse Roomba bags properly

There are different versions of the Roomba vacuum cleaners available on the market.

And guess what, each of these cleaning devices comes with a robust bag with plenty of space to house dirt.

While the bags might appear small at first, they have a big storage space.

Here is all you need to know about Roomba cleaning bags.

Is the Roomba I7 Plus cleaning bag reusable?

The Roomba i7 Plus is among the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market.

While many people may not be aware that you can reuse the bags, you can actually clean the bag using a normal vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle.

The nozzle makes it easy to vacuum all the dirt trapped in the bag, leaving you with a clean bag you can reuse.

How to make your Roomba bags reusable

Reusing Roomba bags isn’t rocket science.

By adhering to some due diligence, you should be able to reuse Roomba bags a couple of times.

Once you notice that the Roomba bag is full, you can do the following:

  • Carefully remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner
  • Take it outside
  • Finally, use a shop vacuum with a slim nozzle to suck out the dirt from the back. It’s honestly that easy.

By taking this approach highlighted above, you won’t need to cut the bag open or make any adjustments that will affect the normal functioning of the bag.

All you need to do is suck the dirt out of the bag and you’re good to go.

Is it safe to reuse Roomba bags?

This might sound like a pretty dumb question, but the reality is most people are looking to save as much money as they can.

For this set of people, being able to reuse their Roomba bags is a big deal.

Although Roomba bags don’t cost a fortune, being able to save a couple of bucks monthly will give you financial discipline.

That said, reusing Roomba bags can be quite tricky, depending on a few factors.

Here are a few things you want to have at the back of your mind when deciding whether to reuse Roomba bags or replace them:

  • The kind of dirt you vacuum
  • How often you tend to clean the bags
  • Cleaning the filter is pretty important
  • How often you use the vacuum
  • Is your vacuum cleaner good enough that it won’t ruin the bags

Roomba bags might appear durable, but they will eventually wear out after a while.

If you’re using a different vacuum to get rid of the dirt in the bag, be careful not to damage the filter.

The filter is actually what allows clean air to filter into your home and keeps the dirt collected in one place.


Can you recycle a Roomba bag?

In addition to being reusable, another question that often pops up when talking about Roomba bags is whether they are recyclable.

While Roomba bags are recyclable, it’s important to add that not all of the bags are recyclable.

Typically, the plastic handles that come with Roomba bags can be taken apart for recycling.

Also, if you’re a sucker for recycling and want to protect our environment, you can do your own bit by investing in recyclable Roomba bags.

There are a few companies out there manufacturing recyclable Roomba bags.

You can patronize them to keep the environment safe.

Are Roomba bags expensive?

If you’re honestly serious about saving some extra cash, then you need to understand the pricing.

Unlike what most people think, Roomba bags are not expensive at all.

Most of the best Roomba bags we have come across cost between $3 or less per bag.

And since you can use the bag through multiple cycles, you might only use 20 to 30 bags the whole year, which is pretty fair.

Should you buy reusable Roomba Bags?

If you’re incredibly interested in reusing your Roomba bags, there is honestly nothing wrong with investing in reusable Roomba bags.

So instead of trying to reuse a bag that isn’t designed to be reusable, you can simply buy reusable ones instead.

Most of the reusable Roomba bags we have come across typically have a zipper.

They are a brilliant option for people who would like to save some extra money on Roomba bags.

Although these bags will wear out over time, it’s great to know that they support multiple uses.

In addition, they last longer than the bags that come with your vacuum.


While reusing your Roomba bags isn’t a bad decision, please ensure you don’t use them forever.

Any time you get the chance to replace them, always take it.

Also, keep in mind that Roomba bags are easily damaged from overuse.

And should that be the case, you might still find dirt around your home even after a thorough cleaning by your device.

If you need to reuse Roomba bags, please only do so three or four times before replacing them.

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