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What To Do with Old Comic Books

Comic books: those graphic narratives that have given life to superheroes, villains, and countless other characters. For some, these colorful booklets represent a trip down memory lane, while for others, they might just be accumulating dust in the attic. But what to do with old comic books?

Whether you’ve outgrown your collection or you’ve inherited stacks you don’t know what to do with, I’ve got you covered.

tl;dr: If you have old comic books, you can sell, donate, craft, or preserve them. Each approach offers a unique opportunity, whether that’s financial gain, the joy of giving, artistic creation, or safekeeping memories.

Selling Your Old Comic Books

Value Assessment

Before selling, you need to determine the value of your comics. Condition, rarity, and demand play pivotal roles. For a comprehensive assessment, consult price guides, online marketplaces, or a local comic book store.

I recommend using tools like the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. Always remember to cross-reference.

Places to Sell

  1. Local Comic Book Stores: While they might offer lower prices to ensure they turn a profit, it’s convenient and quick.
  2. Online Platforms: Websites like eBay, ComicConnect, or Heritage Auctions can fetch better prices but require more work in terms of listing, packaging, and shipping.
  3. Comic Conventions: A fantastic venue to reach hardcore fans and collectors. You could set up a booth or just walk around with some high-value comics.

Donating Your Comic Books

Sharing the Joy

Comic books can be magical for readers of all ages. Consider donating them to libraries, schools, or children’s hospitals. This not only declutters your space but brings joy to others.

I recommend reaching out to local schools or libraries first. They might have specific donation programs or events.

Tax Deductions

If you donate to a registered non-profit, you might be eligible for tax deductions. Keep the donation receipts!

Note: Ensure the content of the comic book is appropriate for the place you’re donating to. Some might contain mature themes.

Crafting with Comic Books

Unleash Your Creativity

If you’re not concerned about resale value and want to get creative, old comics can be a goldmine. From wall art to custom furniture, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Comic Book Coasters: Use tiles, mod podge, and comic cutouts to create these.
  2. Wall Art: Frame your favorite covers or create a collage.
  3. Comic Book Furniture: Mod podge comic book pages onto tables, chairs, or dressers for a unique touch.

Preserving Your Comics

For those sentimental souls, there’s nothing like preserving memories. Old comics, especially if they’ve been passed down or signify important life moments, can be treasures.

I recommend investing in acid-free bags, boards, and boxes. Direct sunlight, humidity, and rough handling are the nemesis of old comics.

Digital Preservation: Consider scanning your comics and creating a digital archive. This way, you get to revisit stories without handling the physical copy.

Scientific Stats & Studies

A 2019 study in the Journal of Popular Culture mentioned how comics, being an integral part of pop culture, have seen a surge in value over the years.

The nostalgic factor, combined with the boom of superhero movies, has led to increased demand for vintage comic books. This only emphasizes the importance of preserving and valuing old comic collections.

Trading and Swapping Your Comic Books

Community Engagement

For those who love the thrill of getting something ‘new-to-you’, trading and swapping can be an excellent way to refresh your collection. Engaging with fellow enthusiasts not only provides a chance to obtain new titles but also fosters a sense of community.

I recommend joining online forums or local comic book clubs. Websites like ComicSwap or platforms like Reddit have dedicated threads for comic book exchanges.

Creating a Comic Book Display

Show Off Your Collection

For those who have an eye for design and décor, showcasing your old comic books can be a unique way to add character to a room.

Floating Shelves: These are sleek, modern, and perfect for displaying comic book covers.
Custom Frames: If you have particularly rare or cherished issues, consider getting them custom-framed.

Note: Ensure the display area is away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Recycling Comic Books

Eco-Friendly Solutions

If your comics are in poor condition and aren’t of significant value, recycling might be the way to go. But before dumping them in the blue bin, make sure your local facility accepts the glossy paper many comics are printed on.

I recommend contacting your local recycling facility or looking for specialized paper recycling programs.

Creating a Digital Database

Organizing Your Collection

A digital database doesn’t just refer to scanning. It’s about categorizing, organizing, and making your collection easily accessible. Software and apps like CLZ Comics or Comic Base can help catalog your collection, track values, and provide detailed information on each issue.

Note: Always back up your database to prevent data loss.

Upcycling Your Comics

Breathing New Life into Old Stories

Upcycling differs slightly from crafting. While crafting often involves breaking the comic down and using parts of it, upcycling is about enhancing and repurposing the comic without destroying its essence.

  1. Comic Book Lamps: Wrap a lampshade in comic book pages for a fun room accessory.
  2. Comic Book Bags: Old comic pages can be laminated and turned into unique bags or wallets.
  3. Comic Book Jewelry: Create pins, earrings, or necklaces with iconic scenes or characters.

Education & Research

Comics as Teaching Tools

Old comic books can serve as valuable educational tools. Historically, they have been used in classrooms to engage reluctant readers, teach art, or even dissect the cultural implications of the era they were produced in.

I recommend donating to educational institutions where they can be used as resources. Alternatively, if you’re an educator, think about integrating them into your curriculum.

Investment Opportunities

Seeing Beyond the Cover

While it might be a niche area, investing in comic books can be lucrative. Over the past few decades, certain issues have appreciated significantly in value. If you’re holding onto rare editions, it might be worth consulting an expert on their future value potential.

I recommend diversifying if you choose to go down this route. Don’t put all your financial eggs in the comic book basket.

In the vast universe of comic books, from superheroes to indie narratives, every old comic book has potential. It’s up to you to decide its fate – whether that’s through sale, trade, art, or simply cherishing its pages. With this guide in hand, the next chapter for your old comics awaits!


When it comes to old comic books, there are various avenues you can explore. From tapping into the collector’s market to donating or crafting, each comic book can find its new purpose. Whatever path you choose, remember that these are not just books; they are capsules of art, history, and memories.


How can I best preserve my comic books?

Use acid-free bags, avoid direct sunlight, and handle with care. Consider digitization.

Is it legal to craft with copyrighted comic material?

Yes, for personal use. Selling crafted items might infringe on copyrights.

How can I check the value of my comic?

Consult price guides, online marketplaces, or local comic book stores.

Remember, every comic book tells a story. What’s yours?


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