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Scrap Platinum Price – Updated Guide

Platinum is one of the rarest, most coveted precious metals on earth. Because of its costly nature, platinum is often used in more than just jewelry and desirable objects.

Scrap Platinum Price

It is also used in the highest-calibre coins and investment options and this metal typically goes for a hefty price, that’s why you must be aware of the scrap Platinum prices when thinking of purchasing or selling this precious metal.

Knowing the scrap platinum price is important for all sorts of reasons, including your ability to sell scrap platinum and make money. If you have pieces of precious metals lying around your house, or if you don’t know what to do with them, you’ve come to the right spot.

How much is scrap Platinum worth?

The Platinum scrap prices vary depending on its purity and the more the purity level, the higher the amount it can sell for.

Depending on the weight, it may sell for even more. However, you must be aware that the scrap platinum price is volatile and tends to go up and down a lot. The price of this metal is not set by one entity.

It’s dependent on the market value, just like other precious metals and as a result, its value can fluctuate depending on various factors.

These include the push and pull between buyers and sellers, as well as the supply of the metal. You may have an idea of what scrap platinum prices are in general, but you never know when these values will rise or fall.

The best way to determine how much scrap platinum is worth is probably by doing an online search.

As of November 2022, the current price of scrap Platinum is $995 per ounce. However, if you are looking for something more exact to your location or situation, there are many different methods you can use to determine the scrap platinum price.

Aside from doing an online search for scrap Platinum prices, you can also check with a local precious metals dealer in your area to see how much they are willing to pay for your scrap.

This will give you a good idea about its value in your location.

What materials can be recycled in scrap Platinum?

Scrap Platinum is made up of a number of different precious metals and alloys. The most common ones are 950 platinum, 960 platinum and 958 platinum.

These items are considered precious metals because they are much rare, difficult to obtain and therefore more valuable than most valuable metals. Platinum usually consists of a mixture of the three common alloys listed above.

Jewelry is also considered scrap platinum when it is made from this precious metal. In fact, it is much easier to recycle scrap jewelry than scrap platinum jewelry because the former has less alloy in it.

Recycling scrap metals, such as Platinum, is a useful process to get rid of unwanted items. The recycling process starts off by separating all the precious metals from the junk metal in your possession. These are then melted down and recast using the new metal.

The item is usually then made into a new jewelry or piece of craft material. If you have scrap Platinum, you can sell it to a metals dealer for cash.

Once they are able to confirm what the Platinum is, they’ll pay you based on its weight and purity level.

Recycling scrap platinum is useful because it’s less costly than mining platinum out of the ground and refining it into metal alloys.

How to repurpose platinum

You may have heard that scrap Platinum is useful for a number of different things. That’s because it’s resistant to corrosion, making it even more valuable in many ways.

The platinum Jewelry you own can be repurposed into something else if the metal is still in good condition.

Make earrings or cufflinks

One of the best ways to recycle scrap Platinum Jewelry is to create a new piece of jewelry from your old items. For example, the chain of your necklace can be taken out and used to make earrings or cuff links.

These reused items will look similar to the original ones you had before.

Create a piece of art

Platinum used in jewelry has been worn for thousands of years and as a result, it is more prone to wear and tear over time.

What’s more, the precious metal may get dull over time. Since this is a very common problem with Platinum jewelry, you may decide to re-use it.

After all, there are many ways to do so. You can make small sculptures or use it to create a new piece of jewelry.

Sell platinum as scrap

If you have a collection of Platinum jewelry, you may decide to sell this metal as scrap. You will find that the scrap price of platinum is much more than what it was originally worth when it was first made into jewelry.

In fact, there are many people who are looking for scrap platinum to use in making new products or to sell at a profit.

Final Thoughts

Scrap Platinum is a precious metal that is usually considered to be one of the more rare metals. Quality scrap platinum jewelry can also be used for other purposes, including recycling.

Know what your scrap Platinum price is before you start selling your jewelry or anything else that has platinum in it. You can sell this precious metal as scrap by becoming an online dealer of precious metals or by repurposing it into something new.


What does raw platinum look like?

Raw Platinum appears to be metallic-white or silver-grey in color.

How much is 1kg of platinum worth?

1kg of platinum can cost as much as $30,000 or more.

It’s a highly-valued metal and was resold at such a high price due to its weight and value.

Is platinum worth more than gold?

It depends on the value of both metals at the moment.

However, it is usually more expensive than gold.

Platinum diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are among the most expensive types of platinum jewelry there is.

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