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Scrap Alternator Price – Need To Know

Scrap alternator price is something that I pay close attention to as a metal recycler. Recently, the price of scrap alternators has increased, making it more profitable for me to collect and sell them. I’ve been able to make a good profit by keeping a close eye on the market and timing my purchases just right.

Scrap Alternator Price guide

Many people know that the alternator is a vital component in your car’s engine. It ensures that the battery has power and that you can start your vehicle.

Unfortunately, when a car is scrapped; the alternator can’t be reused from the vehicle’s engine.

This means it must be salvaged and sold for scrap metal.

The price of scrap alternators is relatively high because they contain large amounts of copper along with other important metals.

These are removed and used to make other products.

Materials that can be recycled from Alternator

An alternator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is typically made of a number of different materials, including:

  • iron: The alternator’s rotor and stator are typically made of iron or steel.
  • Copper: The alternator’s wire windings are typically made of copper.
  • Aluminum: The alternator’s housing and other parts may be made of aluminum.

All of these materials can be recycled. Iron and steel can be recycled by melting them down and using them to make new steel products. Copper can be recycled by melting it down and using it to make new wire or other products. Aluminum can be recycled by melting it down and using it to make new aluminum products.

To recycle the materials from an alternator, you will need to take it to a recycling center that specializes in metal recycling. These centers have the equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently recycle the materials from an alternator. It is important to check with your local recycling center to find out what materials they accept and how to properly prepare them for recycling.

How much is a scrap alternator worth?

Alternators are large and heavy, with a large diameter which is typically about 4 inches (10 cm).

The other part of the alternator is the stator which is located in the middle of the alternator.

It has two copper rings that are connected to it. The outer ring has a copper core while the inner ring has a copper coil wrapped around it.

The Copper core is the most valuable part of the alternator which is why it can be sold for a higher price.

Heavier alternators are more profitable to recycle because they contain a larger amount of copper as well as other metals.

For instance, most of them come with a steel case.

In addition, there are also internal parts that can be recycled as well.

The rotor for example is made of aluminum or steel, which also makes it a valuable scrap metal.

For the purpose of calculating the price of scrap alternators; they are usually split into categories depending on their weight.

The more weight an alternator contains, the more it can be sold for.

This depends on what type of case it has and whether or not they have an external diode or a core that’s made from copper.

Generally, the price of a scrap alternator can range $0.15 to $0.20 per pound.

What materials can be recycled?

The major scrap metal materials can be recycled with an alternator.

These include:

    • Copper- Copper is one of the most valuable metals that are used to make products. For example, it can be recycled and used to make wires, cables, and even electronics.
    • Steel- Steel is a commonly used metal that’s used to make a variety of products. It’s stronger than other metals, which makes it ideal for various uses.
    • Aluminum- Aluminum is easy to recycle and can be reused to make various products. The price of scrap aluminum can get volatile since the price changes frequently.
    • Iron- When people think of iron, they think about tools and other appliances. However, it is also a very popular material for making different types of products.
Part Material Percentage of Alternator Recyclable Price Range per kg in Scrap
Stator Copper 50-60% Yes $3-8 per kg
Rotor Aluminum 15-25% Yes $0.50-2 per kg
Housing Iron 10-15% Yes $0.05-0.50 per kg
Fan Plastic 5-10% Yes $0.50-2 per kg
Bearings Steel 2-5% Yes $0.05-0.50 per kg
Pulleys Steel 2-5% Yes $0.05-0.50 per kg

The other materials used to make the alternator, such as plastic and rubber can also be recycled.

These are usually separated from the metal and sold separately.

The price of a scrap alternator is often determined by the amount of copper it has; especially when there are large amounts of copper in its case and/or rotor.

Just like any other type of material; the price of scrap alternators can change depending on the demand and supply.

You should call around and ask some local junkyards to find out how much your alternator can be sold for before you decide which yard to take it to.

How to repurpose scrap alternator

It can be difficult to find a location for selling your alternator.

If you have access to an industrial area, then you can put it up for sale.

However, if you don’t have access to any junkyards or scrap yards then you will have to repurpose it.

Repurposing basically involves you converting the alternator into something useful in your home.

We’ve provided some examples of what you can do with your alternator below:

DIY generator to power your home

If you’ve got some hands-on skills to work with metal, then you can build your own generator for your home.

This will allow you to power various appliances and run any machinery that is used in your home.

To make a DIY alternator generator, you will need to convert the alternator into something that’s suitable for this purpose.

It will need to be able to produce a voltage that’s sufficient enough to power your appliances.

It will also need an efficient mechanical system that’s designed to generate electricity from the spinning alternator.

There are many different designs available on the internet which you can choose from.

DIY Wind Turbine

Wind energy is a great alternative source of energy.

You can generate power from wind turbines which are essentially large propeller blades that spin in the wind.

And who knew an alternator could power something like that?

You can build your own wind turbine from a scrap alternator.

With a few modifications, you will be able to convert it into a wind turbine by using armatures or generators that are used in wind turbines.

Convert it into a brushless motor

You can also convert the alternator into a brushless motor.

This will involve you modifying the alternator case so that it becomes suitable for use as a brushless motor.

You can use another part to replace the core in your alternator, which will make it suitable for converting it into a brushless motor.

Alternators should be made out of an aluminum alloy which is ideal for this type of conversion.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much a scrap alternator is worth, the next thing you need to do is to put this information to good use by finding a junkyard that can buy it from you.

There are many people who want to recycle and resell scrap metal, which makes it’s a good business.

However, you’ll need to make sure your alternator isn’t damaged so it doesn’t break apart during the transport.

And if you have several alternators, you can opt to sell them in bulk.

Once you’ve sold your alternator, you can go ahead and do what you want with the money.

It’s up to you how you will spend it.


How does an alternator work?

Alternators are used to generate power and this is done through a system of coils, magnets and a diode.

The magnet spins inside the coil which creates an alternating current (AC).

The AC is then converted by the alternator into direct current (DC) which charges the battery.

This process makes it possible for your vehicle to start and operate as it should.

Can you get money for an old alternator?

Yes, you can get up to $10 for a scrap alternator. The average price of scrap alternators varies depending on market conditions and the specific type of alternator. It is best to check current prices and compare offers from different buyers before selling scrap alternators.

The price for a used alternator can range from $0.15 to $0.20 per pound.

But this depends on the type of material it is made from and how much weight it has in its rotor and case.

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