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How to use A.P.C. Recycle Program – Eco Guide

A.P.C. is a French brand of ready-to-wear clothing founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou. The company is known for its simple, minimalist designs. A.P.C. also has a recycling program where customers bring in old A.P.C. clothing to be recycled and receive a discount on their next purchase. In this article, we will discuss everything about A.P.C. Recycle Program!

How to use A.P.C. Recycle Program

What Is A.P.C. Recycle Program?

A.P.C. Recycle Program is designed for recycling old and unused clothing and textiles. It accepts all clothing and textile items, including shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, sweaters, and shoes.

The A.P.C. Recycle Program is a great way to recycle old clothing and textiles that you no longer use. It is free to use and is available to people in the United States. If you have old clothes or footers you no longer use, consider recycling them through the A.P.C. Recycle Program.

How A.P.C. Recycle Program Works

The A.P.C. Recycle Program is a way for customers to recycle their unwanted clothes and get a discount on their next purchase. You can bring your unwanted clothes to any A.P.C. store and receive a voucher for your next purchase. The clothes will then be donated to a local charity or recycled.

The A.P.C. Recycle Program has two goals: to reduce textile waste and to provide clothing to those in need. So if you have clothes you do not want, bring them to your nearest A.P.C. store and help out a good cause.

What Can Be Recycled Through A.P.C. Recycle Program?

A.P.C. Recycle Program accepts a variety of items like clothes and shoes. You can either drop off your items at one of their locations or ship them to their warehouse. They will then sort and sell the items to consignment shops or donate them to charity. All the proceeds from the sale of the items will go towards A.P.C.’s various programs.

Materials That The Program Does Not Accept

While A.P.C recycles clothes, not all wears are acceptable. The A.P.C. Recycle Program does not accept materials such as

Thus, bring only clothes and footwear!

Tips For Recycling Through A.P.C. Recycle Program

A.P.C. also commits to sustainability, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. We have some tips for recycling your clothes. They are as follows:

  • First, make sure your clothes are clean and in good condition. It implies your clothes should have no stains, holes, or other damage.
  • You should ensure that your clothing is free of non-recyclable materials, such as buttons or zippers. These things are difficult to recycle.
  • Separate your clothes by category. A.P.C. accepts clothing for both men and women, but you need to separate your clothes into men’s and women’s categories.
  • Finally, sort your clothes by color and material. Once you have followed these tips, you can ship your clothing to the A.P.C. Recycle Program for processing.

The Benefits

A.P.C. Recycling Program has lots of benefits:

  • Environment: A.P.C. Recycling Program benefits the environment by providing a way to recycle clothing. The company accepts clothing of any kind, including clothes that are no longer wearable, and sorts them by type and condition. Then they are turned into new clothing and textiles into new products, such as insulation, rags, and carpet padding. This helps to reduce the amount of clothing and textiles that end up in landfills. It also helps decrease pollution and conserve resources, such as water and energy used to make new products.
  • People: It allows people to recycle their clothes and shoes instead of throwing them away. It also benefits people by giving them a discount on their next purchase from the firm. The program is also a great way to save money. So it is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet.
  • Economy: The program benefits the economy in several ways; it is a source of income for the company, creates jobs for people who collect and recycle the materials and saves the government money on disposal costs.

In addition, it can help save energy and resources needed to produce new materials. It is beneficial for people and the environment. That is a win-win!

The Future Of A.P.C. Recycle Program

It’s safe to say that the A.P.C. Recycle Program has been a resounding success. With over 1,000 participating stores and a 60% recycling rate, the program has saved millions of pounds of clothes from landfill.

What’s even more impressive is that recycling is only getting bigger and better. In the next few years, A.P.C. plans to expand its program to include more stores, recycling options, and education and outreach.

There’s no doubt that the A.P.C. Recycle Program is making a positive impact on the environment. And with its continued growth, it is obvious this program holds a brighter future for everyone.

NOTE: Remember that not all items are accepted. Be sure to check the list of accepted items before you bring anything to be recycled, and remember that items must be in good condition. Finally, a trademark or composition tag must be on eligible items for reward. This means that A.P.C. has the power to reject some materials.


In conclusion, A.P.C. Recycle Program allows people to recycle their clothes. This program is open to those in the U.S. The process is simple, easy to follow, and helps to keep unwanted clothes out of landfills.


How much does it cost to recycle my clothes through A.P.C. Recycle Program?

There is no fee to recycle your clothes through A.P.C. Recycle Program.

Can I recycle my bags and jewelry through A.P.C. Recycle Program?

No, the Program does not include bags and jewelry. You can read more on the acceptable materials via their website or page.

How often can I recycle my clothes and textiles through A.P.C. Recycle Program?

You can always recycle your clothes through the Program. However, it is simple and beneficial.

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