Is Bubble Wrap Recyclable – Updated Guide

is bubble wrap recyclable guide

Bubble wrap is more than just the classic air packager for fragile packages. These plastic packets are still the go-to choice for wrapping and packaging fragile cargo, including artwork that is being stored or transported. Bubble wrap is multi-purpose and … Read more

Is Tissue Paper Recyclable – Complete Guide

is tissue paper recyclable guide

Tissue paper is a product that needs to be recycled, but It can’t be thrown away with your other trash. The paper, often used for wrapping gifts and as party decorations, is too delicate for regular recycling. Tissue paper can’t … Read more

Is Styrofoam Recyclable – 4 Enviromentally Friendly Ways

is styrofoam recyclable

You’re at a family barbecue, enjoying some tasty burgers and hotdogs. As the party winds down, you start cleaning up the leftovers and packing up the plates. Suddenly, you notice something that stops you in your tracks: a Styrofoam container … Read more

Is Leather Recyclable? – Everything You Need To Know

Is Leather Recyclable

If you have an old pair of leather shoes from your grandmother, leather jackets from the 70s, or old purses, bags and belts then you know that leather can stand the test of time. Even leather that’s been left outside … Read more