Is Yogurt Container Recyclable – Updated Guide

There is this unexplained euphoria you get when you take a scoop of sweet, chilled yogurt.

The feeling gets even more intense when you take a scoop of your favorite yogurt flavor, It is almost like tasting your first candy.

We like to think of the feeling as a mix of ecstasy and excitement.

But beyond this feeling of euphoria and excitement, there are other important things we need to focus on.

One of which is the effect that yogurt cups have on our environment.

Yogurt comes in a soluble state; to this end, they are often served in cups.

While the cups may look fancy, we are only interested in the content, and once we finish scooping it, we no longer find the cups useful.

Now the big question is, what happens after? Do you just throw it away as you do with other things, or is it possible to recycle yogurt cups?

Read on as we break everything down for easy comprehension.

Is it possible to recycle yogurt cups?

With how people drink yogurts, you’ll agree that there is a lot of plastic waste.

Every day, millions of yogurts are served in nice fancy cups.

But have you ever stopped to wonder where these cups end up?

Well, many of these cups end up in the waste bin or on the street.

Unfortunately, these don’t help the environment, which explains why there is a lot of emphasis on recycling yogurt cups.

So to answer your question, yogurt cups/containers can be recycled.

Yogurt cups are made from plastic materials categorized as number 5.

This makes yogurt containers fit for recycling.

Even though recycling yogurt cups has its issues, especially because they cost more to recycle, it is the right thing to do to protect our environment from the dangers of plastic waste.

How to recycle yogurt containers

Two of the most commonly accepted plastic types for recycling are categorized as #1 and #2.

Even though some communities like Raleigh, Rockville and Ann Arbor accept different types of plastics, including #5, many reject them because of how expensive it is to recycle them.

The good news, however, is you can recycle your yogurt cups at your local recycling center, as they most likely have a comprehensive recycling program, which includes recycling yogurt containers.

There is even a company called Preserve, which runs a comprehensive #5 recycling program called Grimme 5.

So if you ever want to recycle your used yogurt containers, you can always take them to the company, and they will be happy to take them from you.

The company collects nearly all types of plastics and uses them as raw materials for making consumer products such as food storage containers, razors and more.

Can you recycle yogurt lids?

While your community may agree to recycle plastic yogurt containers, they may not take the lids from you.

And that’s because most yogurt lids are made from a different type of plastic than the tub.

More so, it’s easy for the lids to get mixed up with paper, which may contaminate the products during the recycling process.

So before taking your yogurt containers to the recycling company, reach out to them to know whether they accept the lid that comes with your yogurt cups.

While there are very few details on whether foil yogurt lids are recyclable, we want to add that a few communities, including the likes of Portland, share that foil yogurt lids are recyclable just like an aluminum lid.

If you live in a community that accepts clean foil lids, speak to them to confirm if they accept yogurt container lids too.

Smart ideas to reuse yogurt containers

If you don’t want to recycle yogurt containers without going through the hassles of taking them to the local recycling centers in your city, you can simply use the container for other things.

Thanks to their design and shape you can reuse yogurt containers in a lot of different ways.

For instance, you can use yogurt container lids to store leftover foods and other food products.

You can also repurpose them into resealable containers, which can be used to store buttons and other craft materials like nails, hair ties, screws, and other tiny items.

Some creative ways for reusing yogurt container lids are using them as popsicle mold or drinking cups for your little ones.

You can even cut a small hole in the lid, attach a straw to it and allow your kids to enjoy their favorite drink from the cup.

If you love painting, you can use an old yogurt cup to catch paint drips or clean your brush after use.

For people who love gardening, you can use yogurt containers to grow your seeds.

At the end of the day, there are tons of creative uses for yogurt containers, so find a creative way to repurpose them.

Frequently asked questions

Are there reusable yogurt containers?

While there are different types of yogurt, it’s best to buy yogurt from brands that use reusable yogurt containers.

This way, you won’t discard the container when you are done with the content.

If like us, you care about protecting the environment; you’ll only buy yogurts with reusable containers.

So instead of just disposing of the container after scoping the yogurt, you can find other creative uses for the container within your home.

What can I do with empty yogurt containers?

There are many amazing things you can do with yogurt containers.

If you’re a dip lover, you can use yogurt containers for lunchbox amazement.

You can also use the container for seedling pots, making it great for gardening enthusiasts.

We have seen people use empty yogurt containers to make ice cream pops for homemade desserts.

What is the recycling number of yogurt containers?

Yogurt containers are classified under category #5.

This classification makes it a food-safe plastic.

Besides being used as yogurt containers, they can also be used to store other food items like beverages and even drugs.