Does Goodwill Take Books – Whats Accepted

Does Goodwill take books

Whether you have a large or small amount of books, you know the feeling when you are done with them, but don’t want to part with them because they are still of value. But then you can’t possibly keep stacking … Read more

Does Goodwill take TVs – Depends on

Does Goodwill take TVs

There’s a lot of confusion out there in the world: what do people think is worth donating, and what shouldn’t be? When you’re thinking about donating your old TV or other electronics to charity, you might be surprised to learn … Read more

Origins Recycle Program – How it Works

how to use Origins Recycle Program

We all know that recycling is a necessary part of living sustainably, but not all communities have effective recycling programs. That’s why companies like Origins are stepping up to provide recycling for their consumers. Origins is a sustainable long-standing company … Read more

Is EVA Foam Recyclable – Green Guide

is EVA Foam Recyclable guide

When you have EVA foam on your hands, you may start to think whether it’s recyclable. The Earth is running out of resources, and we need to be responsible consumers. Pollution, toxic chemicals, and greenhouse gasses are becoming too prominent … Read more

Is Receipt Paper Recyclable – Green Guide

Is Receipt Paper Recyclable guide

Receipts are a key part of the shopping experience and are often filled with valuable information about purchases. You need a receipt as proof of your purchase, and retailers print them out for almost every transaction made in the store, … Read more

Is Insulation Recyclable – Dispose Guide

Is Insulation Recyclable guide

Is insulation recyclable? This is a question we get asked often. It is one of the first questions that come to mind when you start thinking about insulation and what it’s made of. One might think all insulation is recyclable, … Read more

Costco Recycle Program – How To Use

How to use Costco Recycle Program

Costco is a huge warehouse store with over 800 stores in the US and Canada. The store sells a range of products including food, clothing, housewares and electronics. Costco has been creating a buzz with its new recycling program. The … Read more