Is Glossy Cardboard Recyclable – Green Guide

Is Glossy Cardboard Recyclable guide

If you want to recycle something, like a piece of cardboard, you can usually grab it and pour it into your recycling bin. But what if there’s something shiny in there? If that doesn’t sound too weird, let me explain: … Read more

Is Foam Board Recyclable – Green Guide

Is Foam Board Recyclable guide

Foam board is made from several different types of foam materials, including polystyrene and EVA. Some companies recycle their boards, and some do not. Have you ever wondered what to do with your old foam boards? Maybe you took one … Read more

Is Garden Hose Recyclable – Green Guide

Is Garden Hose Recyclable guide

Garden hoses are made of plastic. This means they have a smaller carbon footprint than most other household items. Garden hoses are also quite inexpensive, as they don’t require as much raw material to produce, thus making them more affordable. … Read more

Is Egg Carton Recyclable – Green Guide

Is Egg Carton Recyclable guide

Recycling egg cartons are a great way to protect our natural resources. This allows us to reduce numerous pollutants and greenhouse gasses, helps conserve energy and saves trees from being cut down. Are egg cartons recyclable? It’s a key question … Read more

Is Baking Paper Recyclable – Green Guide

Is Baking Paper Recyclable guide

Recycling is a great way to save trees, reduce the impact of landfill waste on the environment and help save costs. But is baking paper recyclable? Baking paper is a unique material. It’s used in so many ways, and even … Read more

How To Throw Away Knives – Safety Guide

How To Throw Away Knives

Have you ever wanted to throw away some knives? Maybe it’s because you found the handle on your favorite knife too uncomfortable to hold. Or maybe you’re just ready for a new set of knives to take on your next … Read more

Woolworths Soft Plastic Recycling – What Happened?

Woolworths Soft Plastic Recycling

Kerbside recycling for most households in Australia is now limited to glass, clean paper and plastics. This means that soft plastics like chip packets and food wrappers are no longer collected from the kerbside with the rest of your recycling. … Read more

Are Glass Bottles Recyclable – Green Guide

Are Glass Bottles Recyclable

Glass bottles are among the common packaging for different kinds of beverages like soda, milk, wine, beer, juice and others. Over time, you’ll find that you have accumulated many of these and are now getting to the point where you … Read more