Can You Reuse Command Strips – 7 Alternative Uses

Reuse Command Strips

Command strips are handy tools for hanging things around the house without nails or screws. They feature a crafty adhesive that sticks firmly for however long you want and then easily peeled off without causing surface damage. We love for … Read more

Can You Reuse Keurig Cups – 4 Alternative Uses

Reuse Keurig Cups

If you’re like most people, you certainly love how easy it is to prepare your morning coffee with a Keurig machine. What becomes those plastic K-cups after you’ve finished using them, though? Can you reuse Keurig cups, or are they … Read more

Can You Reuse Head Bolts – 4 Alternative Uses

Reuse Head Bolts

Head bolts are an essential part of any engine, which can withstand a lot of heat and pressure. It means they are made from high-quality hardware that can withstand these conditions. However, head bolts are also quite expensive, and most … Read more

Can You Reuse Charcoal – Smart Alternatives

Reuse charcoal

Charcoal is a common thing you can find, if not in many homes but in the neighborhood at least. Since the beginning of time, it is used for various things, including art, medicine, and fuel. If you use charcoal to … Read more

How Is Nylon Recyclable – The Eco Guide

how Is Nylon recyclable

Wondering whether nylon is recyclable? The ever-growing world of plastics is often saddled with the unwanted idea that they cannot be recycled. This is largely due to the fact that their components have a high chance of becoming impossible to … Read more

How Is Mylar Recyclable – The Eco Guide

how is mylar recyclable

If you’ve used metallic balloons for a birthday party or any other event, then you’re most likely aware of Mylar. It is a highly durable material that is typically used in some party balloons, candy wrappers, cookie packaging, crackers or … Read more

How Is Zinc Recyclable – The Eco Guide

how Is Zinc Recyclable

Zinc is a metal and a mineral. Zinc is used in foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, paints, rubber, steel alloys and batteries. As the demand for recycled zinc materials has increased so has the numbers of businesses that offer recycling solutions … Read more

How Is Bamboo Recyclable – The Eco Guide

how Is Bamboo recyclable

Is Bamboo recyclable? Currently, bamboo products and packaging are on the rise. Its organic wholesomeness and sustainability are making it popular for everyday use. Not only does Bamboo grow almost anywhere in the world but also can be made into … Read more

How Is Youfoodz Packaging Recyclable – Easy Guide

Is Youfoodz packaging recyclable guide

The truth is a lot of people prefer to have their food delivered right to their door. But is Youfoodz packaging recyclable? As more people become conscious about what they’re eating and where it’s sourced from, companies like Youfoodz are … Read more