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The easiest and most convenient answer is curbside recycling if it is available in your area. Different locations handle this in different ways, but the method I have seen most often is that the recycling contractors provide you with a recycling container and in return for a small monthly or quarterly fee, you receive a weekly pickup of your recyclables. Just like your weekly garbage pickup. Don't be afraid of the fee I mentioned. In most cases it is insignificant and well worth the convenience of having your recyclables picked up.

Another common method of disposing of your recyclables is to take them to a center or a drop off point. In many areas grocery chains offer drop off containers for most recyclable products in their parking lot. These are convenient because you don't have to keep track of when the centers are open...the drop off containers are ALWAYS open. You can drop off your recyclables on YOUR schedule. Many schools also have drop off containers in their parking lots, but it is my experience that they often only collect newspapers.

The drop off containers in school parking lots are often used as a fundraiser for the school. You might want to consider using these options of where to recycle if you or your family members have school age children or if you work in education. Schools always benefit from extra funds.

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