Reusing Your Trash:
Frugal or Environmental?

When I was young, my mother used to wash out the Ziploc bags from my lunch so that she could use them again. She could use a piece of aluminum foil until you could almost see through it.

I thought she was just being thrifty, but it turns out that she was acting in an environmentally responsible manner by reducing the amount of garbage that she created (whether she knew it or not) by reusing trash

As I got older and moved out on my own, I also reused my baggies and foil because I didn't have a great deal of money to be throwing around. But I also realized the importance reducing the amount of waste that I produced. 4 lbs of garbage

An average American generates more than 4 pounds of trash every day.  That's a lot of garbage! Each time you are able to reuse an item that you might normally immediately toss, you begin whittling down that 4 pound pile. And as an extra incentive, it can save you money!

I have compiled a list of some very creative ways that you can reuse many items that might otherwise end up on the curb in the trash.

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