Recycle Aluminum Cans:
A Fundraiser that Benefits Everyone

Soaring Can

I use aluminum every single day. You don't want to talk to me before I have my morning Diet Pepsi. If I had to guess, I would bet that you use it too. Even if you don't drink soda, maybe your pots and pans are aluminum, or perhaps your patio furniture. Do you line your oven with aluminum foil or wrap your potatoes in foil before putting them on the grill. How about the siding on your house? Often we don't even realize the many ways we use aluminum each and every day.

The really great news is that aluminum is is a material that can be recycled over and over again creating new products from the old without degrading it's quality. Saving manufacturers money and in turn, saving you money, AND helping the environment in the process.

So when you combine these incredible environmental and economic benefits with the opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause, you get a program that works for everyone. We can recycle aluminum cans and create a wonderful fund raising opportunity for any school, any team, any organization, anywhere. For a wonderful example of how recycling aluminum cans can be used to fund wonderful causes, please read the information on our site about the Cans for Causes program.

Using the same premise as a paper drive, we can collect and recycle aluminum cans in bins that we provide in several locations throughout our community. To get the word out, we print flyers, make phone calls, even take out a newspaper ad. Helpful folks can then deposit their cans in the appropriate bins (boxes work just as well) and our organization reaps the benefits in addition to helping the environment.

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